The Players

Melinda Marie Eubank Duckett
Set Up as Prime Suspect

Melinda Marie Eubank Duckett at ages 2, 6, 20 and 16

Joshua Ryon Duckett
This drug charged was dropped but doesn't mean it's not ongoing even today 
Carla Ann Roberts Duckett Boggs Massero

There's no other way to see Carla than being one with Josh...the very reason she was jealous of Melinda and any other female in Josh's life and wants custody of Josh's sons.

Jason Wayne Fort
Jason Wayne Fort with Carla at Dade City church. He has lived with Carla since January 2006 until present while she is still married to Kevin John Massero and lives in Kevin's house. Jason is the one Melinda named in her police report as the person she believed kidnapped Trenton.

Kevin John Massero

Kevin John Massero lived with Carla when Josh was 4 years old and married Carla in 2003. He left in December 2005. He believes Melinda innocent in this case and has affirmed that Melinda was set up for the baker act.

James Aren Duckett

James Aren Duckett married Carla Roberts July 1977 and has been convicted (wrongly) of the rape and murder of 11 year old Teresa McAbee in Mascotte Florida while he was a police officer there. He has been on death row since 1988 and has appealed the case many times. A daughter of a key witness in his case  contacted me to state that her mother lied putting the victim Teresa in his patrol car that night.  He has written me and I personally interviewed him at the prison and he  believes that Melinda Duckett was innocent of any crime concerning Trenton.

Laurie Ann Felgar Konnerth

Laurie Ann Felgar Konnerth inserted herself into the lives of Melinda and Josh. Her son Brian Konnerth rode dirt bikes with Josh and she appointed herself as the lone signatory on the Trenton Duckett Family Trust Fund after Trenton was abducted. She lent Carla a large sum of money to keep her flower shop open and pay for attorney fees. She put herself in charge of all the donations. She is also the one who led a campaign to smear Melinda's reputation. Her first act was bringing the "porn" information to the attention of Leesburg Police 2 days after Trenton went missing. She also appointed herself "head" of Team Trenton.  She made it a priority to infiltrate different crime sleuthing forums using many nyms appearing to have conversations with them painting a picture of Melinda Duckett as a Narcicist who hated Josh and hid Trenton or killed him.  She had the ear of Richard Giles since the night Trenton went missing saying "what has Melinda done now."  It is also rumored that Lauri and Rich Giles had an affair, which polluted the investigation of the case.  Her husband divorced her.

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