Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Melinda Duckett's Letters to Melissa Jones

In a previous article (click here) FDLE interrogated Melissa Jones a friend of Melinda's who was incarcerated for dealing drugs. It mentioned that Melinda had written letters to Melissa.

I have refrained from publishing Melissa's letters to Melinda as they contained very foul language and she was extremely jealous of her boyfriend Mike Dingus and falsely accused him of having sex with Melinda. Mike said it never happened, and Melinda's list of men in her life did NOT contain Mike's name. Here is the myspace reference to her friends in jail.
 And here is the letter she wrote the same day as the myspace posting.

It appears that a page is missing from this letter that was provided by FDLE. I wonder if the money that Melinda was trying to "dig up" from friends was to help bail this girl out of jail. Also she talks about Lucas Brown in that she was thinking of the possiblity of having a future with him. Doesn't sound like she was "NOT OVER JOSH" and was trying to get even with him by hiding Trenton.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Child Support Issue

Melinda was adopted. The most important person in Melinda's life was her own begotten son, Trenton. Melinda had a responsibility and she stepped up to the plate, unlike Joshua Duckett. Here is Melinda's quest for advice (put out on her myspace account as reported by FDLE,) sent out when Josh was behind 3 months in his child support payments.

Melinda also sought advice early on when DCF first became involved in her life. Here is what she wrote, again about Josh Duckett.

I guess that Joshua Duckett is STILL not responsible, even for paying  child support for his OTHER son.
It's interesting to note that he never uses his physical residence as his address, only a business address - like mother, like son.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Leesburg Police Department Investigation - Melinda Duckett Interview

This is only one of the interviews. It is 60 pages long. I wanted to divide it into segments but the best presentation is in its entirety.  Melinda Duckett was badgered. Every time she brought up her suspicion that Joshua Duckett and his mother Carla Massero took Trenton, detective Richard Giles and his partner Jim Dunnegan would steer the questioning away from Josh. They basically TOLD Melinda that SHE took Trenton. This wasn't an investigation. This was a persecution.  Melinda Duckett, Danny Bass and Chris Pearce ALL heard a car door slam during the first movie and a motor (Melinda described it as when a refrigerator comes on). The private drive runs right next to her apartment. Melinda walked out of the interview all right, but not until "page 60"...to see her attorney in the lobby. The same attorney that Leesburg Police would NOT let come see Melinda.