Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Child Support Issue

Melinda was adopted. The most important person in Melinda's life was her own begotten son, Trenton. Melinda had a responsibility and she stepped up to the plate, unlike Joshua Duckett. Here is Melinda's quest for advice (put out on her myspace account as reported by FDLE,) sent out when Josh was behind 3 months in his child support payments.

Melinda also sought advice early on when DCF first became involved in her life. Here is what she wrote, again about Josh Duckett.

I guess that Joshua Duckett is STILL not responsible, even for paying  child support for his OTHER son.
It's interesting to note that he never uses his physical residence as his address, only a business address - like mother, like son.

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princess_azure said...

Josh knew Trenton would be gone soon. That's why he was 3 mos. behind in his child support payments.