Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why Didn't Nancy Grace Believe Melinda?

MELINDA DUCKETT: I can remember perfectly well where I went that day.

From the Nancy Grace transcripts about that Sunday:

GRACE: So where had you been that day?

MELINDA DUCKETT: We had been all through Lake county and up into Orange.

GRACE: Doing what?

MELINDA DUCKETT: Basically just shopping, going around driving.

GRACE: Shopping where?

MELINDA DUCKETT: Well we didn`t go anywhere specific.

GRACE: Well I mean if you went shopping you had to go into a store. What store did you go into on Sunday?

MELINDA DUCKETT: We went throughout the county.

GRACE: Any store? I`m thinking of video cameras Melinda. I mean maybe they have a picture of someone watching you, following you back out to your car. I mean what store did you go to, Wal-Mart, JCPenney`s, what?

MELINDA DUCKETT: I`m not going to get in any specifics.


MELINDA DUCKETT: Because I`m not dealing with media very well.

GRACE: Well can you remember where you were that day?

MELINDA DUCKETT: I can remember perfectly well where I went that day. Just like I have spoken to the FBI with it. But as far as anything else goes we haven`t had very good dealings with any of them.

GRACE: Well don`t you think it would be a great idea, for instance if you were at a local JCPenney`s or Sears Roebuck to tell the viewers right now this is where we were. Did you see anything? Did you notice anything? Here`s your child`s picture? Here`s my picture. Help me. Where were you? Why aren`t you telling us where you were that day, you were the last person to be seen with him?

MELINDA DUCKETT: And we have already gone out and distributed the fliers and spoken to --

GRACE: Right, why aren`t you telling us and giving us a clear picture of where you were before your son was kidnapped?

MELINDA DUCKETT: Because I`m not going to put those kind of details out?


MELINDA DUCKETT: Because I was told not to.

Why Didn't LE Believe Melinda?

Sunday Timeline

I've compiled the data from the Police Timeline, the cell phone tower pings, Melinda's myspace, witness accounts and put it in an excel format.


Back on 441, Melinda was heading north toward Ocala. On her map she had handwritten the name of an old boyfriend Gary Vinson, a/k/a John Gary Vinson. He lived in Altoona when she dated him, not Ocala. The Community College of Central Florida is between SR 200 and SR 40 near the Paddock Mall. Perhaps he attended there, or worked in the area.

On her way she passed Wendy's and purchased lunch. The time that the witness saw Melinda and Trenton corresponds with the cell phone pings and Melinda's hand drawn map.

The way the Wendy's drive-thru is situated, the cashier and the customer are at eye level, especially how Melinda's car was so close to the ground. It would have been very easy for the witness to see Melinda's tattoo on her upper left arm, and to see Trenton inside the car in the back seat. It was like sitting across the table from one another.

The witness's account was corroborated by her manager. They both past lie detector tests.

Google Map Directions

Round trip driving directions from 1416 Griffin Rd, Leesburg, FL 34748 to TD Waterhouse in Orlando FL.
178 mi – about 4 hours 20 mins
Suggested routes

1416 Griffin RdLeesburg, FL 34748

1. Head east on Griffin Rd toward N 14th St 466 ft
2. Take the 1st right onto N 14th St 0.5 mi
3. Turn left toward N 14th St 0.1 mi
4. Make a U-turn 0.1 mi
5. Take the 1st right onto N 14th St
Destination will be on the right 194 ft

0.9 mi – about 4 mins
900 N 14th StLeesburg, FL 34748

6. Head north on N 14th St toward Citizens Blvd 0.7 mi
7. Continue onto Citrus Blvd/FL-25 N/US-27 N/US-441 N
Continue to follow FL-25 N/US-27 N/US-441 N
Destination will be on the right 5.7 mi

6.4 mi – about 10 mins
413 U.S. 27Lady Lake, FL 32159

8. Head northwest on FL-25 N/US-27 N/US-441 N toward Griffinview Dr 0.8 mi
9. Turn right at Co Rd 466/Lemon St
Continue to follow Co Rd 466 2.9 mi
10. Turn left at French Rd
Destination will be on the right 0.1 mi

3.8 mi – about 8 mins
39824 French RdLady Lake, FL 32159

11. Head south on French Rd toward Griffin Rd/Lake Griffin Rd 0.1 mi
12. Take the 1st right onto Co Rd 466/Lake Griffin Rd
Continue to follow Co Rd 466 3.0 mi
13. Turn left at FL-25 S/US-27 S/US-441 S 0.8 mi
14. Make a U-turn at Oak Hill Rd
Destination will be on the right 459 ft

4.0 mi – about 10 mins
413 U.S. 27Lady Lake, FL 32159

15. Head northwest on FL-25 N/US-27 N/US-441 N toward Griffinview Dr
Continue to follow US-27 N/US-441 N 6.8 mi
16. Turn left at SE 165th St/Co Rd 42
Destination will be on the right 374 ft

6.9 mi – about 10 mins
9945 SE Hwy 42Summerfield, FL 34491

17. Head west on SE 165th St/Co Rd 42 toward SE 99th Ave 374 ft
18. Take the 1st right onto SE 97th Ave Rd 0.3 mi
19. Turn right at SE 162nd Pl 387 ft
20. Take the 1st right onto State Hwy 25/State Hwy 500/US-27 S/US-441 S 0.3 mi
21. Take the 1st left onto SE 165th St/Co Rd 42
Continue to follow Co Rd 42 3.8 mi

4.6 mi – about 10 mins
Weirsdale, FL

22. Head west on Co Rd 42 toward Co Rd 25/FL-25 N/Ocala Rd
Destination will be on the right 3.9 mi

3.9 mi – about 8 mins
9945 SE Hwy 42Summerfield, FL 34491

23. Head west on SE 165th St/Co Rd 42 toward SE 99th Ave 374 ft
24. Take the 1st right onto SE 97th Ave Rd 0.3 mi
25. Turn right at SE 162nd Pl 453 ft
26. Turn left at State Hwy 25/State Hwy 500/US-27 N/US-441 N
Continue to follow State Hwy 500/US-27 N/US-441 N 8.0 mi
27. Turn left 92 ft

8.4 mi – about 14 mins
10410 SE US Highway 441Belleview, FL 34420

28. Head northeast toward FL-25 N/US-27 N/US-301 N/US-441 N 92 ft
29. Turn left at FL-25 N/US-27 N/US-301 N/US-441 N 9.3 mi
30. Turn left at W Silver Springs Blvd 2.0 mi

11.3 mi – about 19 mins
W Silver Springs Blvd

31. Head west on W Silver Springs Blvd toward SW 30th Ave 0.7 mi
32. Turn left to merge onto I-75 S toward Tampa 23.8 mi
33. Slight left at FL-91 S (signs for Orlando)
Partial toll road 42.2 mi
34. Take exit 265 to merge onto FL-408 E toward Orlando/Titusville
Partial toll road 9.4 mi
35. Take exit 10B to merge onto I-4 E toward Daytona Beach 2.1 mi
36. Take exit 83B toward Amelia St/Centroplex/US-17/US-92/FL-50 0.2 mi
37. Merge onto N Garland Ave 39 ft
38. Turn left at W Amelia St
Destination will be on the left 0.3 mi

78.8 mi – about 1 hour 16 mins
600 W Amelia StOrlando, FL 32801

39. Head west on W Amelia St toward N Parramore Ave 463 ft
40. Take the 1st right onto N Parramore Ave 0.3 mi
41. Turn right at W Colonial Dr 0.4 mi
42. Slight right to merge onto I-4 E 8.0 mi
43. Take exit 92 for FL-436 toward Altamonte Springs/Apopka 0.1 mi
44. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Casselberry and merge onto E Altamonte Dr/FL-436 E 0.9 mi
45. Make a U-turn at Palm Springs Dr
Destination will be on the right 0.1 mi

9.8 mi – about 12 mins
Altamonte Mall - Altamonte Springs, FL

46. Head west on E Altamonte Dr/FL-436 W toward Essex Ave
Continue to follow FL-436 W 7.6 mi
47. Continue onto E Main St/US-441 N 0.8 mi
48. Make a U-turn at S Central Ave 361 ft

8.5 mi – about 18 mins
U.S. 441Apopka, FL

49. Head east on E Main St/US-441 S toward Co Rd 435/S Park Ave 328 ft
50. Make a U-turn at Co Rd 435/S Park Ave
Continue to follow US-441 N 30.9 mi
51. Turn right at N 14th St 0.1 mi
52. Turn left at Griffin Rd
Destination will be on the right 0.1 mi

31.2 mi – about 56 mins
1416 Griffin Rd Leesburg, FL 34748

Lost in Ocala National Forest

Melinda's map indicates that after she went to Brent's house looking for directions to the firing range, she tried to find it on her own. She took SR 42 toward Wiersdale, however, she should have taken SR 40 a/k/a Silver Springs Blvd to the firing range. When she didn't recognize anything familiar, she turned around and headed back toward 441. Then she headed north and stopped at Wendy's in Belleview.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


My heart is very heavy. Last week 7 year old Somer Renee Thompson was abducted and killed walking home from school... a distance of one mile. Her body was collected by a garbage truck and brought to a dumpsite in Georgia and found within a couple days. There was only a short window of time from when she left her siblings and ran ahead toward home, which she never reached.

Today's news stated that all 161 registered sex offenders within the 5 mile radius of her home were eliminated from suspicion. But...there are unregistered predators out there watching.

Having 11 grandchildren of my own, and born just last week my first great-grandchild, I fear for our children. But I believe there is a way, that we can learn from the animals to protect our children from predators. We have crimewatch in neighborhoods, maybe we should start a protective children watch, call it The Herd.

Click on the title "Predators" to watch an award winning eye-witness video. It's time for us to learn from the animals.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Melinda Duckett's Sunday Drive B - D

Melinda noted on her hand drawn map "Sunoco". Then afterwards, she wrote down Brent. He had taken her to the gun range in Ocala. Here is an excerpt from her Myspace:
Mee Kee ong Lee Brent 12-Aug-2006 20:06 Honestly I didn't get into any trouble and letting someone know what line
NOT to cross is not a bad thing. We should go to the range together,
maybe you could show me a few things. Scott called about the project
and said he got all the materials together. You know, it's not fair to have
him do it all. Call me when you get a chance. Take care until then doll.

Mee Kee ong Lee Brent 16-Aug-2006 13:11 Hey, sorry about your nose hun, hope it didn't swell up. Be proud
though, you got your truck out, that's something to be proud of. I did
have fun out there and I actually did good with the glock, which was a
change from the shot gun. Maybe next time the range won't be closed.
Well, I hope the dealership fixed everything for you, keep in touch, and
have fun with the girlie girls. (hehehehe) PS- tell your bud I said hey.

Brent Mee Kee ong Lee 17-Aug-2006 09:37 thanks. but it wasnt my nose. it was my jaw. its gonna be ok though. and
the dealership was scared shitless when i walked in bleeding
everywhere. they are gonna fix everything free. so im ok now.

Bill Eubank called Brent Compton (pictured here)and spoke to him last year. Brent said he was not home that Sunday. It makes sense that Melinda would go to his house, looking for directions to the gun range. He wasn't home so she tried to find it herself. She went on State Road 42 but then turned around because nothing looked familiar. She should have gone on State Road 40 to get to the gun range. The next notation on her map was Gary Vinson. She must have stopped at the Wendy's on the way to visit him. On her agenda she notated that she was going to a wedding with Gary, late in September.

Melinda Duckett's Sunday Drive A to B

Melinda Duckett drove from her apartment with Trenton Sunday August 27, 2006. She stopped at the SunSquare SunTrust Bank to withdraw $40. This was notated in her check book. The transaction time was 10:49 AM according to media reports.

The approximate drive time was between 4 and 6 minutes. I called the bank, they do not have a drive-up ATM machine, only a walk-up. LE reported that the cameras did not see Trenton. However, Trenton is only 3 feet tall and if he was standing next to Melinda and if the cameras show the person's face and shoulders they could not capture Trenton's image. I worked at a bank in the drive-up. Our cameras only recorded shoulder high to get a good view of the person's face.

Melinda's Sunday Drive

Melinda drew the above map for her attorney Kimberly Schulte. Leesburg police theorize that Melinda did not take that drive Sunday August 27, 2006 but another day. However, her cell phone pings correspond with her handdrawn map, as well as the Wendy's witness stating that she saw Melinda with Trenton that Sunday. But again, Leesburg police choose to believe that the Wendy's witness also had her days mixed up.

I will post the Sunday Drive in a series of articles. Beginning with the handdrawn map and the cell phone pings. Melinda notates her destinations on her map. There is the SunTrust Bank, Sunoco gas station, Brent (Brent Compton the friend who previously took her to the gun range in Ocala), the futile search for the gun range via SR42 (incorrect, should have been SR 40), Wendy's (per the sighting), then to Gary Vinson (Leesburg high school sweetheart before Josh Duckett), then toward Orlando and the TD Waterhouse.

Melinda had arranged to take her same drive with FBI Agent Marty Egan, another attorney suggested by Kimberly Schulte, and another LE/FBI person. She removed the car seat from her car and brought it into the grandparents house to make room for everyone. It was suppose to take place Sunday, September 10, 2006.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Pushed Over the Edge

Bill Eubank drew a diagram of their home showing where Melinda died.

The Autopsy

Because there are some questions raised in the comments on this blog, I am posting the copies of the autopsy report.

Here is the autopsy in pdf format: