Saturday, October 31, 2009


Back on 441, Melinda was heading north toward Ocala. On her map she had handwritten the name of an old boyfriend Gary Vinson, a/k/a John Gary Vinson. He lived in Altoona when she dated him, not Ocala. The Community College of Central Florida is between SR 200 and SR 40 near the Paddock Mall. Perhaps he attended there, or worked in the area.

On her way she passed Wendy's and purchased lunch. The time that the witness saw Melinda and Trenton corresponds with the cell phone pings and Melinda's hand drawn map.

The way the Wendy's drive-thru is situated, the cashier and the customer are at eye level, especially how Melinda's car was so close to the ground. It would have been very easy for the witness to see Melinda's tattoo on her upper left arm, and to see Trenton inside the car in the back seat. It was like sitting across the table from one another.

The witness's account was corroborated by her manager. They both past lie detector tests.

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