Monday, October 5, 2009

Pushed Over the Edge

Bill Eubank drew a diagram of their home showing where Melinda died.


Nobody said...

If I were to view Melinda's death as a murder, this is how I could see it happening.

Melinda was being watched. She left her phone interview with Nancy Grace, leaving her grandmother on the extension phone in the bedroom. She left because she had an appointment with Andrew Vita. She met him at Walgreens and then he followed her to the grandparents home. He stayed there for quite a while, consoling her and talking privately with Melinda.

That evening Melinda stayed on the porch writing. Bill came out and tried to coax her inside, but left putting the light on so she could see better.

The next morning, Friday September 8, 2006, Melinda was still in the same clothes she had on the day before. It was her normal routine to take a shower early in the morning. Bill could see she was very depressed. They tried to coax her to eat, she only had a little orange juice. She told her grandparents to go ahead to the Cracker Barrel and to bring her back something to eat. She liked their macaroni and cheese.

The grandparents went to lunch very worried about Melinda.

I believe then, after they left, their house was being watched. It was noticed that Melinda did not go with them.

I believe Melinda was exhausted and decided to lie down and take a nap. She wrote a note (a yellow stickie post it note) and placed it on the kitchen counter. It said "I'm taking a nap. I'll eat when I get up."

Then when she went to lay down, she noticed someone coming. She was scared and the adrenilin started pumping. She ran into her grandfather's closet to look for the shotgun. Her gun was in her car. Bill had only just shown her his shotgun when she brought him her gun. She had never seen it before.

She ran into the closet, pulled out his gun case. Threw it open on the bed. Dug through the night stand to get the bird shot. Put the clip in backwards. Ran to the kitchen to get the fork (found on the floor in the GP's bedroom) to get the clip back out and put it in correctly. Then she ran to her closet to wait for the intruder.

That person came in full force, and met her at the closet door. She had the gun. He lifted the barrel of her gun with the force of his right hand/arm and the gun went off (one shot) into the ceiling/top of the wall in the closet. He then pushed her down on the floor, held her down with his foot and shot her under her chin on her left side. He then placed the gun to look like she committed suicide. There was a blood smudge on the wall.

It doesn't make any sense to me that she would shoot the gun as a practice shot, with the police nearby and up into the wall. Why not into the floor?

And it doesn't make sense that she left a sticky note on the counter and her "suicide notes" in the car.

Nobody said...

Also, they found money in Melinda's bra - over $100 - and her driver's license in her pocket.

Nobody said...

One other note of interest. Their neighbor was away visiting her son in another state. The house was empty. The police had already searched her house for Trenton. Whoever was watching her could have used the house next door to hide and then make their getaway.

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