Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vanished: A Portrait of Dorian Gray

Since the television show Vanished hosted by Beth Holloway featuring Joshua Duckett was only available to view until July 13, 2011 I captured still shots from the show for those of you interested. Actually, these are more telling than the show itself...especially since I added the last picture (which I found among Melinda's personal things tucked away at her grandparents' house).

As you view these pictures keep in mind that once again the media is portraying Josh and Carla as loving and supportive toward Melinda Duckett while Melinda was the selfish mother who wanted to hurt Josh by keeping Trenton from him. They used the media to paint a picture of Melinda much like that of the portrait of Dorian Gray...

Trenton Duckett
 Main Street, Leesburg, Florida

 Melinda and Josh 2003

South Sumter High School

Joshua Duckett
Carla Massero

Josh and Melinda
Josh and Melinda
Cierra Bacon talked about Melinda being pregnant in high school.
Melinda and Josh
Hospital where Trenton was born 2004
Trenton Duckett
Josh Duckett and Beth Holloway
Baby Pictures of Trenton
Josh and Melinda
Windemere Apartments
Josh and Trenton
Trenton Duckett

Trenton Duckett with Carla Massero
Josh and Melinda at the motocross race
Josh and Melinda
Wedding Picture
Josh with Trenton and Melinda's High School Picture
This is NOT Melinda and Josh
This is Detective Brian Cash who does NOT return phone calls
This is the headquaters for bias
Same expression as mug shot on left and this was his prom picture

The narrative stated that this was Josh Duckett's house when the police came to report Trenton missing. However, this is a Leesburg Police car and Sumter Sheriff Office came to their house. Also, this is Melinda Duckett's apartment complex. Josh lives in a double wide mobile home in a wooded area.
Trenton Duckett
Supposedly this is Josh Duckett in Leesburg Interview room
Melinda Duckett
Melinda Duckett after Trenton went missing
Not Josh Duckett taking polygraph - no "Trenton" tattoo

Why would Cierra Bacon of all people talk about the threatening email. She stated that it had to be somebody who knew BOTH of them. (Gee, SHE knew both of them)
Someone retyped it for the show. It doesn't match the REAL email.

The reenactment picture does NOT give the true interpretation of what Trenton's room looked like. The window was a lot lower and the bed could have easily been reached by leaning in that window...especially if the person is as tall as Josh Duckett or taller like Jason Fort.
Trenton's room at Carla's house - a room full of memories

But apparently Josh forgot some "memories" when he talked about Melinda Duckett's porn  career.

This "jenny lind" crib was what Carla kept at her house for Trenton. Melinda had a light oak crib. The carpet is the same in all three pictures as is the painted walls. Hmmmm. I wonder where the porn pictures were created? I wonder WHO took those pictures?

"You'd think you'd remember details like that"...Brian Cash.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Witch Hunt Trials: Speculation NOT Evidence

"The witch trials have become a symbol of what can go wrong when mobs of ignorant people go crazy, especially when egged on by just as ignorant and/or power hungry leaders" from this article by Austin Cline.
I know of 12 people who agree with me, that there was no conclusive evidence to support the charges against Casey Anthony. There was plenty of speculation but no real "without a doubt" evidence. The jury did their job.
A trial is not a popularity contest. Just because someone perceives something or someone in a particular light does not make it so. The fact is that Caylee Anthony died. But, the prosecution did not prove how, when, where, what or who killed Caylee. It is very possible that this was a tragic accident. There are many tragic accidents involving children that are just that...accidents. Casey has paid the ultimate price. She no longer has her child, and according to most witnesses in this case, Casey loved her child. 
Why are we as the public so eager to condemn mothers of children who have died or are missing when the truth is unknown? Is every mother likened to Susan Smith? The mother who confessed to strapping her young sons in their carseats and letting the  car roll into their watery grave while she watched?
The State of Florida prosecution looked only at Casey. They never checked the cell phone records of George Anthony - why not? It was stated that Casey didn't report her child missing for 31 days. Caylee wasn't missing she was dead. Did George lose it because he didn't want Cindy to find out? Then hid Caylee's body (prepared for burial like he did his family pets)?  "It was an accident that snowballed out of control".
They had money problems - George lost thousands on a Nigerian scam. George didn't have a job. Missing children bring in donations.
People who believed that the prosecution in this case didn't show any proof of Casey being guilty have been afraid to open their mouth - for fear of the mob mentallity prevelant in this case. Nancy Grace stated that the jury was "kooky". So I suppose not only does she want to be "Judge" and don robes, but now she wants to be the jury as well.
Speculation- NOT evidence - is what the prosecuting attorney presented to the jury. There was absolutely no evidence showing who, what, where and how Caylee died. I am ashamed of the lynchmob drooling to string up Casey. I am proud to be an American who lives in a country that guarantees the accused to be held innocent until PROVEN guilty by a jury of his/her peers. God bless the jury and God bless America.