Tuesday, February 23, 2016

History Repeats Itself

(Ellis Rubin).  This is why the gale of controversy today for our country is sweeping the nation. We the people want TRUTH.

As in the Trenton Duckett case, history repeated it self in the lives of the players. The same devious schemes against innocent people, the failure of the government to act judiciously, and the media reporting lies and prefabrications to follow a hidden agenda.

But now there is something far more devious that affects ALL of us, not just a few. Our  current government led by the liberals/socialists/communists/unbelievers in God have infiltrated our schools, our government, our media, and are trying to destroy the very fabric of our nation. That is why  the people of America are so angry and have decided to be silent no more. And thank God we have found a leader who will fight for us. As he said "I am you and you my fellow American is me". We couldn't ask for a better man. Finally, the American people have a voice in Donald J. Trump.

In 1960 John F. Kennedy was president and communism loomed just 90 miles from our borders. I was a senior in high school and felt the threat of war.  An attorney from Miami, Florida came to our auditorium and spoke to us about the dangers of communism. I was so impressed with his words, that I just had to find out more of this threat. That attorney was Ellis Rubin.

Here is a letter to me from Mr. Rubin July 27, 1960.
 I wrote my senior term paper for which I received an A+ and a nomination for the Silver Knight award from The Miami Herald.

Here is my term paper. You will be shocked as how much this is EXACTLY what is happening today.