Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nancy Grace - Prosecutor Turned Persecutor

Breaking News!  Bombshell!  Unleash the lawyers!


I was interviewed yesterday by the Ocala Star Banner's reporter Suevon Lee. The purpose of that interview was to ask my opinion of the outcome of the lawsuit against Nancy Grace and if I was disappointed that it didn't go to trial and if I thought Nancy Grace was responsible for Melinda's death.

I told her that the settlement pointed out the obvious fact that the New York Eubanks, Melinda's parents, were not money hungry but wanted to find Trenton. As long as money hungry Josh Duckett does not get any money from this settlement, it can be used for a professional private investigating company to look under every rock. However, I'm sure he is going to be paid for the documentary coming out in January.

I was disappointed that it didn't go to trial because I had hoped new facts could be released in this case. Maybe now that the trial did not take place, Leesburg Police will release the items taken from Melinda's apartment to her grandparents, including her computer that CNN requested from them.

As far as Nancy Grace being responsible for Melinda's death, my comment to Suevon was no. BUT - that was because I believe she was murdered.  If any evidence shows up that  conclusively proves that Melinda committed suicide, then I would say that Nancy Grace was the last straw of the long line of bullies that drove Melinda to commit suicide.

A thorn in CNN's side, and my dear friend Kay DeWitt, has this to say about the "persecutor" Nancy Grace:
Have you seen some of her commercials advertising her new show? THEY ARE HORRIBLE...although so appropriate for this "persecutor"! In one ad, they show guns going off in war...and the caption is something like "Justice in the.....century"...then in the next scene, the caption is "Justice in the 21st century" and Nancy draws her "gun" and she says "only faster!" Then in another one she says, "and heads are going to roll!" YOU TELL ME HOW, if she had a modicum of compassion for Melinda, those kinds of words could roll from her lips!!!!! I HAVE AN INDICTMENT AGAINST ALL WHO ALLOW HER TO CONTINUE TO PERSECUTE...and to allow her to, as your great definition states:

to harass or punish in a manner designed to injure, grieve, or afflict; specifically : to cause to suffer because of belief .......She sure did cause precious Melinda to "suffer because of (her) belief" that she was guilty of harming Trenton......I get soooo upset....even though I know that I know that our Lord is a vindicator............Love, Kay

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Josh Duckett's Statement on Settlement

I suppose now that Josh Duckett is out of work (he quit/lost his job as a "landscaper"  because of having to appear in court - his story) I guess he can't wait to get his hands on this money.  And to think that the New York Eubanks were being called the greedy ones, the ones after the money.

I hope Aunt Kathy uses the money to hire a professional private investigator with a record for solving crimes. Keep that money as far away as possible from Josh Duckett and his grubby hands.
PS Josh, pay your back child support and help mom pay her back property taxes. And btw, use money you really earn for a living like the rest of us. NOT donations.

Monday, November 1, 2010