Monday, October 24, 2011

One Day...August 23, 2006

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 Melinda wrote in her agenda:
Run (keeping in shape for the police academy)
One Stop Referrals (job search)
Straighten out Avon/Olympia (Melinda was Avon Rep)
Billy Eubank wrote in later that Melinda had lost her daycare assistance - because she had lost her job at TruGreen. Now she had to pay the $125 in full without any reimbursement.

This was found in Melinda's trash

Here is Melinda's myspace for August 23, 2006

Here is an excerpt from Melinda's myspace from "Jason":

Here is Melinda's reply to Lissa about Friday night. Apparently Melinda was going to a party in Clearwater and wouldn't be back in time to hang with Lissa. (this was a girl she worked with at the Bank of America, along with Nikole Diaz)

Here is the Lake County Circuit Court information on Melinda's divorce from Josh Duckett. Note the dates:

Here it is  Wednesday, only four days before Trenton goes missing.  There is a "very mad crowd at Melinda" over there in Sumter County where Josh Duckett lives. Josh had been to see his father in prison on August 12, 2006 and found out that Melinda showed James Duckett the copy of the threatening email, and that his father was paying money to Melinda for Trenton's child support because Josh was not paying. Josh caught up the child support for the July 12 restraining order hearing, but did NOT pay July's payment nor August's payment. Why wouldn't he pay? Especially since he was in contempt for non-payment before? Why was there such a "mad crowd" over in Sumter County? Melinda was having "issues" with Josh since August 12 (and the threatening email July 3, 2006 when Josh's mother was served the contempt of court for non payment of child support papers).  Melinda was trying to go by the "book". She had her attorney file papers incorporating the restraining order with her divorce.

Melinda wanted to hire someone to "talk some sense into Josh", but it never happened. She kept Trenton close to her at all times. And in her own tearful words to Billy Eubank, "I was suppose to protect him (Trenton) but he was taken right out from under my nose".

Why can no one see what really happened here?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One Day...August 22, 2006

Tuesday, August 22, 2006 Melinda's agenda:
Call Int of Publics (Publix?) for deadline on apps (application?)
One Stop before 10 - jobcore
John? (Fiveash) 7:30 pm Ramsh. (Ramshackles Restaurant)

Melinda Duckett's Myspace entries for August 22, 2006

This is a myspace posting to Kyle Bowden from Chen's sister Anna telling him she was coming to Florida around the time Trenton went missing. Police believed Melinda handed Trenton off to Anna but they were mistaken.

Melinda wrote in her agenda that she was meeting John at Ramshackles. This is John Fiveash who worked with her delivering newspapers for the Villages Sun. He was one of the many people she contacted to get $5,000 to protect her and Trenton because she was having issues with Josh Duckett. (She was contacting any and everyone after August 12, 2006 when Josh had visited his father in prison)  Fiveash told Melinda he wanted to meet up with her to discuss it face to face. He suggested Ramshackles as he remembered she told him she lived in that area. Melinda then told him to just come to the apartment.  Here is John Fiveash's statement to Leesburg Police on August 31, 2006:

Then on September 6, Fiveash went back to the detectives and gave an additional statement.

After reading the statement and listening to the actual audio recordings of John Fiveash, I noticed that he worked in Ocala, Florida within a short distance from where I live. Here is what I wrote on a private forum regarding my meeting with John Fiveash.

I have spoken to John Fiveash a number of times. He says he was curious as to why Josh Duckett wasn't showing any "urgency" in finding Trenton. He wanted to discuss this with the Leesburg Police but they basically blew him off.  During the Casey Anthony trial he called me again and wanted to arrange a meeting but it never happened.

His comment about Melinda having a friend in the Navy (Nicole Diaz in her statement to Leesburg Police mentioned Nick Kristaf in New York).  Melinda had another friend in the military Stev Wilson. I published Stev's letter to Melinda in this article

I contacted Stev Wilson on his facebook account and he sent me this email. He also called Billy Eubank and stated the same information to him on the phone. Here is that email:

Then also on the 22nd she wrote to Rybear (Ryan Misener) on his myspace account. Here is that post that talks about "bad news".

  I also contacted Ryan Misener on his facebook account and here is his message to me.

"I just know she talked about him like he was her everything"