Tuesday, May 11, 2010

FDLE - Trenton Duckett Sighting

This is very disturbing to me. A young 14 year old girl comes forward and states that she actually hugged Trenton the day AFTER he was missing.  She said she did not know Josh Duckett however she picked out Josh Duckett from a "lineup" of pictures and said that was the person she saw Trenton with at the Croom-A-Coochee Park that Monday after Trenton was taken. The young girl is Kristen Cabbage. She goes by Kristiey. She stated that she recognized Trenton as being a child her girlfriend Ashlee Jacobs babysat. However, when FDLE interviewed Ashlee (age 13) she and her mother stated that she did not babysit Trenton but another child who had blonde hair. Although it was not stated if the blonde haired child had the same name of Trenton.  And since Trenton is Asian/Caucasian and not blonde I can't see how Kristiey would be so mistaken. Actually I believe Kristiey saw Trenton Duckett that day.

Upon looking up some info I discovered that the Cabbages lived only a short distance from Carla Massero's home in Webster at that time.. The Jacobs also lived in the neighborhood. I also looked up Croom-A-Coochee State Park and they do have a swimming hole.

Upon looking up some info I discovered that the Cabbages lived only a short distance from Carla Massero's

Edit June 21, 2013:  I took a trip to the area earlier this year and discovered a swimming hole within 11 minute walking distance from Carla's house. The picture is below:

While Kristiey stated that the person with Trenton was "a little taller than her", she being 5"2" at the time, and Josh being 6'4" , it doesn't state if he was in the swimming hole or standing up next to the water. If Josh was in the water she wouldn't have seen any tattoos on his stomach.

I am sending this article as a message to Kristiey's myspace. I hope to hear her side of the story. Again, why would the child respond to the name Trenton and how would she have picked Josh out of a lineup of who she saw that day. I think she was right...that she saw Trenton Duckett.

Here are the FDLE reports:

Thursday, May 6, 2010

FDLE Interview Breah Russell

Breah Russell worked with Melinda Duckett at TruGreen ChemLawn in Fruitland Park. Days after Trenton went missing Melinda spent a night at Breah's apartment. Breah dyed Melinda's hair back to its natural color to help lift her spirits. This met with a bevy of uproar from the Melinda bashers who stated how could a mother whose child was missing be so...vain.

It wasn't that Melinda believed that Trenton was taken by a stranger, a pedophile, or a human trafficker. Melinda knew who "friggin" took him. When she filed the police report she asked Lucas Brown what was Jason Fort's (Carla Massero's boyfriend) last name. Melinda believed Josh and his family took Trenton. That was why she wasn't so worried that Trenton was in danger. She became worried when Josh was able to "pass" the lie detector test, and that he was convincing the police to point the finger of guilt at Melinda.

There were rumors flying around that Trenton's body was found in the grandmother's freezer. When I first heard that rumor, I thought he was found in Carla Massero's cooler at her flower shop in Bushnell. Then there was the rumor of Trenton's body found in a dumpster behind t he hospital. Here is one capture of a post on Sticks of Fire regarding that rumor:

Here is the public record from FDLE of their interview with Breah Russell pictured above.