Friday, February 18, 2011

FDLE - The Trash Pull from Melinda's Dumpster

Those of us, who have been following this case from its onset, most certainly have seen the "items in the trash".  Here is the link to the pictures released by Leesburg Police Department one year after Trenton's disappearance.

However, the pictures that were "selected" for the public to view, were part of the "manipulation" of the Media to paint Melinda as an uncaring mother who threw out precious items that would remind her of her son. This implied that Melinda must have done away with Trenton and didn't want any reminders of her dastardly deed around.

In all the public records that I purchased from FDLE the following pictures of the trash pull were included. Actually, there were TWO trash pulls. One the day after Trenton went missing and the second on September 5, 2006.  It seems quite questionable to me that there were many items displayed in the "trash dumpster" that were neatly folded, and carefully placed in suitcases (with paper wrapped around items to keep them from breaking). 

In the days following Trenton's abduction, Melinda told her grandparents that when Trenton was found she could never live in that same apartment. In fact, she was afraid to even go there. After Melinda died, there were still many of her things in the apartment, including Trenton's toddler bed. The grandparents removed these items after she died. They donated some household items to charity.

So the question is...who put those carefully packed suitcases in the dumpster as if they were meant to be thrown away?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Manipulation - Josh Duckett's Instructions to Lee Anthony

This was just sent to me. It is proof that Josh Duckett has manipulated DCF, the police, the media and the attorneys to set up Melinda Duckett. As Lee Anthony says to Casey Anthony on the phone in this July 2008 video Josh Duckett doesn't give a shit about Caley, Casey, Lee or anyone. But what Josh DID say that Lee found valuable was HOW TO MANIPULATE.

Listen to this video starting @ 8:03 mark. take note of Josh Duckett http://

Since the link no longer works here is the language from the video posted on this site

CASEY VISITATIONS: Lee Anthony Visits On July 25 - Part 2 of 3

This is jail visitation video of Casey's brother Lee visiting on July 25 - PART TWO. (12/05/08)

Monday, February 14, 2011

FDLE - Interview Matt Carlson

Matt Carlson, known on Melinda Duckett's myspace as "The Last Recidivist" became friends with Melinda through the internet. I looked over his current myspace and I for one appreciate the fact that he still keeps Melinda Duckett (Mee Kee Ong Lee) on his myspace friends list. It's been almost 5 years now and he only knew her a short time. Matt and Melinda met at his July 4th party, where Melinda also met Chris Pearce for the first time. Chris was watching movies with Melinda and Danny Bass at the apartment the night Trenton went missing.

Matt was invited to Trenton's birthday party held at the Venetian Gardens in Leesburg on August 14th. Trenton's second birthday was on August 10, but Melinda planned a combined party for Trenton and her 21st birthday on a Monday.  The grandparents and their friends and neighbors were there plus Melinda's coworkers from TruGreen. Chris Pearce was there and Matt Carlson barbecued. After the party, a group of them went to Wal*Mart. It was after this that Cara Mitchell stopped being friends with Melinda. As you will read in the interview, Matt Carlson and Melinda were sitting in the back of a car whispering to each other. Matt's explanation was that he was telling Melinda that he didn't want to have a relationship with her, but just be friends.  Phil Mitchell was invited to the party but he never showed up. His birthday was the next day. Melinda was confused as to why he didn't come.

Here are some more comments between Matt Carson and Melinda via their myspace:

The above was a comment Melinda made on the wedding reception picture showing Matt's friend "Ray" in a tux and Matt in cutoffs.

Here is the FDLE public records regarding the Leesburg Police Interview of Matt Carlson: