Friday, February 26, 2010

Biological Psychological Evaluation Requested by DCF for Joshua Duckett

Earlier on this website, I posted the article The Mall Incident, which you can view here

Below is the Lady Lake Police Report regarding this incident as to when Josh Duckett came to take Trenton once again from Melinda. This time, after having gone to the day care center with no luck, he went to the police station in Lady Lake and made a statement that Melinda threatened to harm Trenton, that she grabbed the child by the neck and threatened to break it. He said that the only place Trenton would be other than the daycare was at the grandparents home.

Also note that in this report, the police found NOTHING. They notated bruises on Melinda's arm and NO marks on Trenton. They also took pictures as did the Eubanks. Once again, Josh lied.

DCF stated to the detective in this report that the mother (Melinda Duckett) MUST take anger management classes and the father (Joshua Duckett) MUST take a BIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION.

Where is THIS EVALUATION?  What mental issues does Joshua Duckett have that has been kept hidden?  It seems it's alright for Melinda's evaluations to be spread all over, but NOT Josh's? Sounds like he and Nancy Grace have a lot in common. It's okay for everyone else to be embarrassed...just not them.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Words of Encouragement - God Sent

I have received a lot of emails that have encouraged me as I continue to write this blog. Some have thanked me for finally hearing what they have determined to be Melinda Duckett's voice in all this tragedy.

But earlier today I received the following email and I take it as words of encouragement...God sent.  What's even more amazing about the timing of this email, is tomorrow is Bill and Nancy Eubank's 57th wedding anniversary. I am happy to share this with you.

"Because I am a personal friend of Nancy Eubank's, I want to thank you for not only posting this beautiful picture of Nancy with her grand daughter but for also posting with it the beautiful poem that Melinda wrote about who her grandmother "is"...I so appreciate the fact that you did this because I don't know of a godlier woman than Nancy Eubank!

Her husband, Billy, is as godly a man as Nancy is a godly woman, and, together, they make one of THE most godliest couples I've ever had the privilege of meeting because their love for one another is the very kind that Christ intended should exist between a husband and a wife...and the reason that Nancy and Billy share this kind of Christ-like marriage is because they are both in love with Jesus Christ...which is the only kind of self-less love a marriage can be built on if it wants to be a godly marriage that bears witness to the fact that one's marriage is "in Him"....

I firmly believe that, had it not been for Nancy and Billy's faith, they never would have been able to deal with not only their heart wrenching loss of their grand-daughter, but with what was also the trauma of their nightmare of having to visually "see" their "slaughtered" loved one when they opened their closet!

Maytruthprevail, I appreciate all the work you have done, on behalf of vindicating Melinda and on behalf of endeavoring to make her death be a little less in vain by trying to make others aware of the fact of the very real crime that was committed against Melinda by her husband, and mother-in-law, and by Nancy Grace.

It tore my heart out to see the picture of the closet that Nancy and Billy so often speak of, but I am glad that you have posted it on your web because, just maybe, if others' hearts are as broken, as mine was, upon having to "look upon" the tragic way Melinda died they may be moved to try and take a stand against what caused her tragic death!"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Window - Someone Didn't Do Their Homework

From the airing of the Nancy Grace show Sept 27, 2006

"GRACE: Trenton reportedly went missing. Steph, what have you learned?

STEPH WATTS, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: Well, Nancy, a couple of interesting things. The first thing is, as I was at the house today, I wanted to tell you that it`s really the perfect place to commit a crime, but it`s also the perfect place to stage a crime. And I`ll tell you why.

The window was about chest height for me. So somebody could actually get in and out of the window. And there`s an empty parking lot or an empty lot right beside the house. And one thing I want to clear up is, it`s not an apartment, Nancy. It`s a condominium. It`s a single-story dwelling at the end of the row of units, so there`s a lot of privacy. And the garbage can is about 100 feet in the front of the house where they found some of Trenton`s items.

GRACE: Steph Watts is with us. He is one of our show`s producers. Steph, tell me about this window. How far up off the ground is it?

WATTS: Well, Nancy, it`s about chest height on me. I`m about 5`10", so it would be about I would say about five feet off the ground. But there is an air-conditioner right beside the window that`s about two feet off the ground. So you could get up on the air-conditioner and see right in the window or get in the window.

But the window is right beside the sliding glass doors into the living room. So it`s unlikely that you would be up on the air-conditioner or in that window without hearing it in the living room because it`s a small unit."

Sorry, Steph Watts, but you get an F on your homework.
That was Melinda's bedroom not Trenton's.

First of all the aparment complex is made up of "five" plexes, not a condominium which here in Florida would normally be a "high rise" consisting of 100 units where people own their own apartment.

Secondly, and most important is you were peering into Melinda's bedroom at the back of the complex. Trenton's bedroom is in the front on the right of the front door.  There is no airconditioning unit in the front and the glass sliding doors are to the living room in the back.

You were right about being able to access the bedroom through the window, but you wouldn't need an airconditioner unit to stand on. You could simply stand on a "friend's" knee. or a 6"4" - 8" person could lean in through the 10" x 32" opening and pull Trenton out.

Monday, February 22, 2010

What Else Has Josh Lied About? Melinda the Mutilator

"J. DUCKETT: Yes, I mean, that`s basically what went through my mind all hours of the night and day. I mean, if she`s willing to do that to herself, what`s she willing to do to somebody else?"

From the September 27th, 2006 Nancy Grace Show

"GRACE: Liz, let`s take a look at the time line about what we know tonight. Bit by bit, this time line has been pieced together, but this is what we know about the custody case. And, Josh, tell me if any of this is incorrect.

April 6, `05, Josh accuses Melinda of self-mutilation and threatening to harm Trenton. What did you mean by that -- was that to the police or to Department of Family and Children Services? What do you mean by self- mutilation?

J. DUCKETT: To both of them, to the police department and the DCF offices. I mean, self-mutilation, she -- self-mutilation as far as cutting herself.


J. DUCKETT: I have no idea. I mean, to me, to destroy your body is - - I mean, that shows some signs of instability. I mean...

GRACE: Did DFCS, Department of Family and Children Services, know about this?

J. DUCKETT: They knew about it. I told them. There`s reports of it. I mean, I told them everywhere that she had scars from it. I mean, her hips were covered in scars, her legs, her arms. I mean...

GRACE: When you went to bed at night, did you just lay there wondering if Trenton was going to be OK?

J. DUCKETT: Yes, I mean, that`s basically what went through my mind all hours of the night and day. I mean, if she`s willing to do that to herself, what`s she willing to do to somebody else?"

So just because Josh Duckett, says it's so, it's so? 


This has been the problem from the getgo.  Josh painting a picture of Melinda...Melinda the Mutilator...
There`s reports of it. I mean, I told them everywhere that she had scars from it. I mean, her hips were covered in scars, her legs, her arms. I mean...

Two pieces of EVIDENCE shows that Josh lied. The Autopsy

and the Naked Truth about the Porn

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine Card - Love Always Trenton

Today I spent time looking through Melinda's momentoes that she placed meticulously in her special keepsake box. I came across this valentine card that Trenton made at daycare for his Mommy.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dear Carla - An Editorial

I received a letter to my mailbox from Wildwood, Florida dated December 9, 2009. The return address was Joshua Duckett and the envelope was written in large print, more like Carla’s writing (Josh’s writing is very tiny) and the letter was typed, with a lot of misspelled words, but basically it was accusing me of being hateful toward him and to please stop writing the blog. It was not signed but "Duckett" was misspelled so I feel it wasn’t written by him, but perhaps by his current girlfriend who loves him and who works with his mother at their new flower shop in Wildwood.

I believe the same reasoning applies here as it does for the outrage about Nancy Grace not wanting to be embarrassed by her deposition being viewed by the public when in fact she embarrasses not only her subjects but her guest experts as well!

For over three years now the Ducketts have allowed ugly, untrue things to be put out there about Melinda. The same lies keep manifesting themselves into a false picture of who Melinda was. Basically the public think that Melinda killed Trenton to keep him away from Josh, that they were having a bitter divorce, and fighting for custody. None of that is true. Melinda had sole custody, Melinda had child support, Melinda filed for divorce and Josh was to have visitation just like it stated in the final report dated May 26, 2006. Even in her will she named Josh to be guardian of Trenton in the case of her demise.

The Ducketts and their supporters have had their say to DCF, the police, and the media for over 3 years. Now it’s Melinda’s turn to have her “voice” heard.

This is my answer to your letter I just received,  but this letter was written over a couple years ago, but never sent.

Dear Carla,

First of all, I didn’t start out thinking you were involved, I only knew that a little boy was missing. Then his mother committed suicide. And I started looking for more information to seek the truth…hence, my name Maytruthprevail. Then when I saw the vicious attacks on Melinda’s name I knew there was a destroyer out there and I wanted to find him. I started to write to people, I did public searches, court documents, I talked to people in the area, and I went to Leesburg many times, more searching. I am a perseverer. I am a doer. Sometimes I step on people's toes. Well too damn bad. There is a little boy out there NOT where he belongs. And his mother is dead. And in all my searches, IMO the only motive that makes sense points to you.

All be it, Melinda didn’t take a lie detector test because she was advised by her attorney not to. Why? Because she was stressed out. And the detector detects stress. Josh passed his but so did Ted Bundy. It’s meaningless. You didn’t take one either, but the most perplexing thing about that is you agreed to take one only if it was given by the Leesburg Police and if you were asked the same questions they gave to Josh…and you told the investigator: “SO YOU WOULD PASS!”

Well I have some questions for you. Not that I expect you to ever answer them, but…

Carla, I am a mother and a grandmother. My grandchildren are part Japanese. How did you feel about your daughter-in-law being South Korean?

How did you feel when your son came home and Melinda came over to your house and told you she was going to have Josh's baby? Your words, I believe were,” Get out of my house you bitch". Then you called Melinda's family in New York, screaming at them too. What a nice way to break the news. Did you think she'd get hell for it? Well her grandparents sat her down and put their arms around her and Melinda told them, you know Nanny and Poppy I can’t give up this baby? And they answered lovingly, “We know child”.

But I wonder what you did to Josh after you kicked Melinda out of your house. Did Kevin Massero beat him up then too? Like when he left to marry Melinda? Did you wail him again?

So why did you want to hire an attorney to get custody of Trenton when Melinda was only 4 or 5 months pregnant? I mean that's what you told her family, screaming again at them. How did you know what kind of mother she would be? Oh that's right she was Korean. Right Carla? Not good enough? Not even good enough to be the mother of a cockroach?

And why would you want custody of Trenton so much? I agree, he is absolutely delightful but I believe all children are a delight. I thought at one point you didn't even believe that Trenton was Josh's son? And why would you want to start a family all over again? Your sons were grown! Didn't the flower shop bring you in enough money without the child support payments now that Josh was 18?

Also, why were you and those you told, the only ones who thought Melinda was abusing Trenton? I talked to many people and they said that Melinda was always protective of Trenton. Where did you get this idea that she was abusing him? I thought you personally stated that you never saw Melinda abuse Trenton? Josh signed a court document stating that Melinda was not crazy and she was a fit mother and that he had lied because he was influenced by you Carla. Maybe you were abused as a child? I heard that you told someone in confidence that your own father was a pedophile. Even your nephew Christopher Roberts was charged with child molestation, but he got out of that after a mis-trial.

However, it was observed that when Trenton would return from your house, he would scream when anyone wanted to take off his diaper. And he would walk around with his little head drooped down to the side against his little chest. And he would lie on the floor and cry. Why didn't he do this after being at daycare or with his mother? Why Carla?

With all the accusations that Melinda put a knife to Trenton's leg, squeezed his chest, the audio tape that DCF supposedly lost of Trenton screaming for 6 hours? (What monster would make a tape of Trenton or any child screaming for 6 hours?)  DCF FOUND NO PROOF!! Why Carla? Maybe because Melinda never hurt Trenton? Didn’t Josh state in his court affidavit that Melinda was not crazy and never hurt Trenton? And that he was influenced by you, Carla to make those accusations?

When did you hire an attorney to file all those papers to get custody in April 2005? It had to have been before the arson on your shop? Did you need more "evidence" to make Melinda out to be the "unfit mother of the year"? Why didn't you use the porn video you had then? Oh that’s right, Josh was the costar. Or maybe Josh didn't tell you about that one? That was pretty nifty. You get rid of Melinda for the arson, get custody of the baby keep Josh at home in your house, and have Melinda pay child support to you?

But the arson didn't work so you had to come up with something fast. Oh yes, the book by Marshall Frank "Call Me Mommy". Fake that Melinda is crazy and have her baker acted! But, Melinda was not the one with mental problems so they didn't keep her. But why did Joyce Wells keep her purse? For days. Did you guys think that her car keys were in it? And that she couldn't get to the court that Monday with no car and no ID? Whose idea was that? Too bad DCF let the cat out of the bag. (That sounds familiar) You remember, when James Duckett your husband who’s been on death row for over 20 years was accused of killing that little girl and the police told Marshall Frank that you kept the paper bag with the toy and “bloody panties”, you know the one your sister threw out?

And why would you call DCF in April to say that Melinda was harming Trenton, when it was Josh who would always fight with Melinda, push her into walls, usually over money, his dirt bike and his attachment to you, then he'd leave taking Trenton away from Melinda, not showing up for days, keeping Trenton away from her. But the first time, that Melinda gets a little spunky and calls her state trooper friend Paul Curtas to come to the apartment so that Josh doesn't take Trenton again, the very next day you decide to call DCF? Are you used to calling DCF in other instances? Isn't that the last thing a parent or a grandparent would do to their grandchild? Or didn't you realize you were doing harm to your grandchild, but were only concentrating on doing harm to Melinda? It was as if you hated Melinda more than you loved Trenton. I know you must have been very happy to have Josh leave her and come back to you?

And why did you close the flower shop in Bushnell - Loves Creations - the day after Trent went missing? It would have made a great headquarters for Team Trenton and was your only income. It was your only income right? Or maybe with the FBI and LE investigation you didn’t want them around your “business”?

Let it be known, that I don’t hate you or anyone. What I hate is what was done to Melinda Duckett and ultimately to Trenton. Just like Trenton was plucked out of Melinda’s arms the night of the conspired baker act, to leave her in a “jail” of a mental institution based on false accusations (perjury I might add) in order to “kidnap” her son to gain custody of him so as NOT to pay child support but to receive child support, (fraud) how can no one even consider that the abduction of Trenton on August 27, 2006 is not history repeating itself?

And the last question Carla,,, Was it really worth it?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Melinda's Short Story - Josh's Tall Story


Melinda enjoyed writing. She wrote about everything. She wanted to write a book one day. When she found out she was pregnant with Trenton in her senior year of high school, she penned this, a draft of her story. I will type it below, as it is difficult to read.

Melinda’s Short Story

1. Ringing alarm clock. Melinda rolled over in the bed. Her outstretched arm, she managed to push

2. the clock over the edge of the night stand, instead of hitting the snooze button as she had intended to. After a few moments of self pity, Melinda managed to fumble out of the warm and inviting sheets, slip into her fuzzy slippers and stumble into the bathroom, one which she only had to share with herself.

3. “A week and a half late” was the only thought running through Melinda’s head. “I’ll have to pick up a test”. Melinda had been with her boyfriend, Joshua for almost a year and throughout that time it was simply standard procedure for her to take a home pregnancy test whenever her period was late. It seems that when you are a teenager, you never believe that anything drastic will ever touch your life, but it was typical to act like it could. It’s the knowing that you need to stop somewhere to fill your car up with gas. You know that it could die in the middle of the road, but you don’t actually believe that that will happen to you.

4. Finishing her usual morning habits in the bathroom, Melinda returned to her bedroom, got dressed and headed out. She hopped into her 1998 white Dodge Neon and began her hour drive to school. Melinda was a senior and had transferred schools at the end of her junior year. Now she attended the same as Joshua, but don’t be misconsieved, she did not transfer high schools with the simple minded idea of going to the same school as her boyfriend. Contrary to that myth, the new school she had decided to attend offered better programs for her. With Florida schools in session from August to May, Melinda and Joshua were now in the middle of their twelfth grade year.

5. Her car pulled into the parking lot of Joshua’s mother’s flower shop. Melinda saw Josh sitting forlorn (?) in his truck. This was their meeting “spot” before leaving for school, but it was certainly not his typical personality. Getting out of her vehicle Melinda knocked on the passenger’s side window. Looking up after burying his face in his hands, Josh’s eyes were red and swollen as if he had been crying all night. Josh reached over and unlocked the door to his Mazda, flashing a mild smile to pass as a greeting.

6. “Hey Puppy, are you alright”? Melinda greeted Josh using their affectionate nicknames for each other. “My mom was yelling at me for not cleaning the shop good enough yesterday. I don’t know what the big deal was…I did whatever the hell she wanted me to.”

7. Climbing into the truck, Melinda hugged Josh tightly, trying to make him feel better in any way that she could.


Here's from the  Nancy Grace show aired September 29, 2006

GRACE: Here on the set with us tonight, Trenton`s father, Josh Duckett.

When you think back on when you first met Melinda, you told me the other night you still have feelings for her, you still love her. What made you stay with her, through all of these outbursts, and anger management, and self-mutilation, the problems with Trenton? Why?

J. DUCKETT: I guess just the hope of trying to make a family and not having to have a family split up. I mean, because she`s still the mother of my child, regardless of the bad blood and everything that`s happened. I mean...

GRACE: Did you guys plan to have Trenton?

J. DUCKETT: No, not at all. I mean...

GRACE: So he was a surprise?


GRACE: How long had you known each other before you got married?

J. DUCKETT: Almost a year or two years.

GRACE: Do you (remember) the first time you ever saw Melinda Duckett?


GRACE: What was it?

J. DUCKETT: I seen her out in public just walking around. And then I didn`t really -- I didn`t talk to her at all that night. And a couple of my friends ended up running into her the next day, and they introduced me to her, so it kind of went from there. I mean, we talked one night and then were together ever since then.

GRACE: Did she want to have the baby?

J. DUCKETT: I guess, to an extent, she did, but then to an extent she didn`t.


J. DUCKETT: She told me later, after she had already had him and everything, that she had gotten pregnant on purpose because we were having trouble, and we were on again and off again. And she told me she got pregnant on purpose as a way -- she knew my beliefs, as far as not leaving her if she was pregnant. And so that was a way to kind of trap me.