Friday, August 21, 2009

The Mall Incident

After Melinda and Josh were married July 3, 2005 and filed a TRO against Carla Massero in Lake County Florida August 5th, 2005, DCF was still involved in their lives and Melinda and Josh went to Christian Counseling for their marriage. While there Melinda and Josh were both instructed to walk away from each other when an argument ensued. That would give them time to cool down and work their problems out. They went for an outing with Trenton and that's when the "mall incident" occurred. The first document is Josh's version to DCF. The following 4 documents is Melinda's handwritten version of the incident, and verified by her grandparents and neighbor Skip, and the Lady Lake Policwoman who came to the grandparents house. They took pictures of Trenton with no marks and pictures of Melinda with bruises on her arms from where Josh twisted her arm behind her back. Here is the account.

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Maytruthprevail said...

Here is a quote from the I-team on Wesh News:

"Also, the missing child's father, Joshua Duckett, said that in November 2005 he reported to the Florida Department of Children and Families that his estranged wife had been making porn films in her apartment.

"I went to them and I approached them with me and my family there, and I told them that I had gotten word and I had the proof there that Melinda had been doing pornographic videos and pictures, and they simply put it to me that porn is not illegal," Duckett said.

Grace said she finds it disturbing that in some of the alleged porn video, Trenton reportedly can be seen and heard in the background.

A private investigator (PA Turner) hired by Team Trenton said he's been working to identify who may have appeared in the X-rated videos."

Notice AGAIN the timing of the report. Retaliation by Josh and the handful of people with their Plan in Motion.