Thursday, August 20, 2009

Whom God Has Joined Together, Let No Man Put Asunder

Melinda, Josh and Trenton asleep in the big chair at the Grandparents home in The Villages. They look so peaceful. They could have been a family. Why didn't the handful of people leave them alone, or help them but they chose to harass them.

When Melinda and Josh eloped and told Carla they were married at one of the DCF court hearings, Carla told Attorney Kimberly Schulte that she wanted to charge Melinda with a felony for breaking up HER family.

Here is Josh's own words on the police report about the harassment he and Melinda were receiving from his mother. There were many people named in the TRO. But you can see the reason for the harassment... Carla wanted Trenton. And, she wanted Josh.

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melissaturner1 said...

Josh & Carla seem to have a VERY unhealthy relationship. They're pulling this same stunt with another young woman. It almost seems as thought Melinda and this new young lady were nothing more than incubators for THEIR babies together. From what I've read about Ms. Massero she sounds like an evil vindictive woman , she resented Melinda for stealing her son so she would go through any lengths to destroy her.

Because James Duckett is on death row for allegedly raping and murdering a 12 year old girl she began see Josh as a replacement. Meaning he would take his father's place as the man is Ms. Massero's life. Josh is a liar but he has most definitely has a good teacher , meaning his mother. We may be too late to help Melinda but we can try save this other young woman from this family of sociopaths.