Tuesday, August 25, 2009

To Get His Own Way

"We hope we never spend another year like 2005" - Billy Eubank

Here is Billy Eubank's letter to Kimberly Schulte, Melinda Duckett's attorney.

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Nobody said...

In this letter, Bill states that they spent $10,000 defending Melinda against Josh's accusations, unfounded accusations, and as of August 2006, they spent over $16,000.

Since DCF found nothing and awarded sole custody of Trenton to Melinda, why didn't DCF try to recoup some of it's money from Josh Duckett? Why isn't Josh Duckett required to pay back some of the money to the Eubanks, especially since he recanted those accusations?

It's like someone shouting FIRE in a crowded movie theater, causing havoc in everyone's life, maybe even people getting physically hurt and costing the theater loss of money.

Why is this not the same thing?

And it continues to this day. He is perpetrating the portrait of Melinda as an unfit, crazy mother. Yet he claims he never bashes Melinda. I have copies of statements to the press and media where Josh bashes Melinda.