Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Picture Worth A Thousand Tears

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I just got off the phone with the grandparents, as today marks the day Trenton disappeared 3 years ago. I told Nancy I put up this picture of Melinda that she had sent me.

Nancy explained that this picture of Melinda holding Trenton was taken early in June by the Advocacy Center personnel. This was the very first time she saw Trenton after 6 weeks of not being allowed to see him. This was her baby. She wasn't even allowed to be with him on her first Mother's Day. Trenton was staying with Carla Massero (Trenton's new mommy) and Josh at their home and the flower shop in Bushnell.

Melinda went to the Bushnell Advocacy Center and found the door locked. She called DCF and Norman Naas told her they had changed it to Leesburg and they didn't tell her or Josh. Naas told her to just go to Carla's flower shop (Love's Creations) to see him. If she did she would have gone against DCF's ruling. She had to wait until the next week.

Look at her face as she looks at her baby. Look at her hands as she grasps his body. Do you see the pain? Do you see the emotion?

She is holding back the tears, that I cannot, even now as I type this comment after three years.