Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Melinda and Trenton

Trenton loved his sandals. He didn't want to take them off at bedtime. Sometimes he would wear them to bed.

Trenton was just learning to pray at the table. He would put out his little hands and they would form a circle of prayer and say the blessing together.

When he went to bed at night, he had to give a stuffed giggle bug to his Nanny and then he would have his favorite stuffed animal a small blue doggy that his Nanny bought him at the Cracker Barrel and they would pray and sing Jesus Loves Me and then he would kiss Nanny on each side of her cheek and then she would kiss him on each side of his cheek and he would hug his doggy and go to sleep.

He dearly loved his airplane that he could sit in. And his wagon that you build blocks on. And he would build them with Poppy and then knock them down and he would laugh. He loved books especially one called "Grandpa and Me" and it had pictures of him and Poppy. And he loved to talk to the motorized snowman Frosty. And the piano with the snowmen that danced on top. The grandparents kept it out even after the holidays just for Trenton when he came to visit.

He adored chocolate milk and strawberry yogurt. It would make him giggle. He also liked peanutbutter crackers and he'd lick the peanutbutter off then eat the cracker.

One day Poppy was going to take Trenton for a ride on the golf cart but he started to cry. He marched inside the house, and told Nanny (by the refrigerator) to "open it" and Nanny fixed him a sippy cup with chocolate milk. Then he tucked it under his arm and went back down the steps and was ready to go on the golf cart.

There were many things that he wanted to touch, but they were "pretties". He knew he couldn't touch those. But sometimes, he would get to keep one of the "pretties" and take it home with him.

When Melinda went to the Chinese Panda Express, even after Trenton had his dinner, he would crawl into her lap and eat more. And if he saw her leave, he would run to the door and cry.

But what, you ask, did he love most?

Trenton loved his Mommy.

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