Saturday, August 15, 2009

Damning Evidence? or Set Up?

The "sonogram" found in the trash is not even a sonogram. It is a picture of someone pointing to a monitor (circled in red)showing the ultra sound. Unless of course we are to believe that Melinda had a hand and forearm inside her uterus.

Melinda's sonogram is pasted in her Baby Book which she meticulously kept. If she was trying to eliminate all memory of Trenton, then why did she still have her Baby Book? There are other sonograms in her book as well.

Now, I would suppose that Trenton's father Joshua Duckett had sonograms. He mentioned on the Nancy Grace show that he had ALL his sonograms. But this is a picture, not a sonogram, that is in the trash. Someone was with Melinda at the hospital and took the picture.

Melinda also has the picture of Trenton that is in this collage found in the trash. She also has her newspaper clipping of their wedding announcement. It's very peculiar, but why did Josh Duckett's attorney write to the elder Eubanks, requesting of all things, the newspaper clipping of their wedding announcement?

How easy it could have been for the handful of people who took Trenton out the window, to drop "damning" items to be later found in the dumpster...not in Melinda's garbage bags, but loose, in the dumpster?

The Leesburg Police have said that the abduction looked "staged". It was staged all right, but not by Melinda.

Why would she implicate herself, and so blaringly at that?

But this was not the first time that Melinda was set up by these handful of people.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog. I've been thinking that Melinda was set up since Trenton first went missing. The MRAs were salivating because they thought it was another case about a "murderous mom" (pardon the crass language). Then , that dreadful woman Nancy Grace lead the lynch mob. She bombarded her with ridiculous questions; the fact that her son was missing was hard enough for her but she also had this evil woman bagdering her.

After Melinda killed herself; in typical sociopathic prosecutor fashion , Ms. Grace NEVER once apologized to Melinda's family. The media was just went on and on about what a "nice guy" Joshua Duckett is. I don't know if you're aware of this fact; but someone who knew the Ducketts stated that Joshua has threatened to kill Melinda and Trenton. Anyway , I'm sorry for rambling and I look foward to reading more of your posts.

Nobody said...

Appreciate your comments and support. There are a few of us who have been defending Melinda against those "handful of people" who set out to destroy her reputation. They hung out at the police station from day one, my opinion was that they were there to run interference to any tip that would implicate Josh. Melinda and the grandparents could not go to the police station without the "crew" being there. I will report about this in a future blog. But again, thank you. And, pass the word.

Justice said...

Josh was such a nice guy, that he badgered Melinda with anything & everything for 2+ years before Trenton was reported missing. False DCF allegations, falsely Baker Acting Melinda to keep her from attending court, the threatening email, and in the end, Trenton disappeared and his mother is dead. Yea, what a nice guy, NOT!!!

Had the media continued to follow this story, they would know that history is once again starting to repeat itself, another young girl who got pregnant just 6 months after Trenton's disappearance, another baby, more refusal to pay child support, and threats.

I look forward to seeing this whole story come out, this time, with all the facts, as they were, and are...

Glenn's Cult? said...

Justice if you know this new MOTHER please have her do a search for CUSTODY so she can PREPare and not be blindsided like Melinda was. We might not have been able to save Melinda and Trenton, but we can surely save this other precious child.

This reminds me of another missing baby and of course there are allegations of domestic/spousal/partner abuse in that case too. And just like this one - no press...

Justice said...

Glenn's Cult: The only thing I can say about your response is that she has been "well prepared" and even though I fear for her, I honestly believe that if she follows the instructions that she has, her and the baby will be just fine. The big question is "IF", as a young mother, she will continue to stay on guard and follow the assistance given to her!!!