Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jumping Through Hoops for Her Son Trenton


Nobody said...

Here's a quote from court document awarding sole custody to Melinda Duckett dated May 25, 2006:

"Recommendatons: Terminate supervision with Sole Custody to the following parent: Melinda Eubank Duckett and the Court Relinquish jurisdiction due to the custodial parent's substantial compliance with the case plan. With the father being out of compliance and having not completed the case plan. With the father being allowed to retain his unsupervised visitations as per court order.

Nobody said...

If Trenton was so valuable to Josh Duckett why did he not make any effort to complete his case plan? The same for his new son Ryder. He barely saw his son for almost two years now, but because the mother was awarded child support (a measely $53 per week) he is going after shared custody. He told the mother that he doesn't care that Ryder doesn't know him, that he'll just have to get used to him.

What a great father he is. NOT!

princess_azure said...

She was willing go through uneeded parenting classes , but Melinda didn't love her son? I hope that the lynch mob happens upon this post. I hope that Carla Massero and her wretched son are tortured for the rest of lives for what they did. As a far I'm concerned , these people and Nancy Grace are murderers. And the public ought to be ashamed of itself for mindlessly believing their lies without question.

I don't feel bad for referring to Josh as wretched; anyone who perpetrate something this evil deserves to be called such.

violetprincess said...

Wretched is a good word, for the whole damn family!
As are vile, deplorable, despicable, contemptible, tainted, foul, obscene!!!
Anyone who comes into their orbit would do well to remember that if you lie down with dogs, you WILL get fleas!