Sunday, August 16, 2009

Daddy Leaves and Doesn't Want to Be a Family

Melinda wrote this in her Baby Book. Josh had left many times before, what made it different this time? They usually fought about Josh spending money for bike racing, and other usual couple spats. They also fought about his mother. Usually after these fights, Josh would put Trenton under his arm and march home to his mother. Sometimes for days. Josh knew that Melinda would make up with him because Josh had Trenton.

This night, Melinda was not going to let that happen again. She called a State Trooper friend, Paul Curtas, to her apartment in Bushnell, where she and Josh lived together on and off. When he came over, Josh did not take Trenton, but left.

The very next day, Josh called DCF and stated that Melinda was abusing Trenton. Officer Vaughan and Ms Crew from DCF visited Melinda and Trenton. And they found NOTHING to indicate abuse.

This was the beginning of "The Set Up".


Glenn's Cult? said...
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Glenn's Cult? said...

I KNEW there was more than met the eye. I wish the silence was not forced on us victims. Then we could all tell our stories and be heard and the women and children victims would no longer suffer - in silence. Keep up the great work MTP!!!!