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April Antics

Cara Mitchell, later to become Melinda's best friend and Trenton's Godmother named in Melinda's will, had this to say on her Xanga (her personal blog) on April 10, 2005. Here is an excerpt:

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Melindas ex-boyfriend is a complete a$$hole. She is 19 and has an 8 month old baby..(Trenton) the one i watched, he is soo adorable and he is such a good baby. He's an a$$hole, that explains him, I can't believe some of the things he does..blahhh!! But anyways, she is a good mommy and she is doing well. All that matters.

This was just days after DCF Ms Crews and Ofc. Vaughan of the Bushnell Police Dept. came to investigate abuse of Trenton. Melinda was hanging out at Cara's and her family. Cara's dad Guy Mitchell spoke to Melinda about filing for child support. Melinda talked to her mother Beth Eubank in New York and she advised the same thing. So on April 18, 2005 Melinda filed for child support.
Joshua Duckett worked for his mother Carla Massero. She owned a flower shop in Bushnell called Love's Creations. She ran the business for about 10 years and it was their "only source of income" in a statement to the press by Joshua Duckett.

Two incidents happened during the latter part of April 2005.The officer who made the wellness check on Trenton was accused of having sex acts with Melinda and ultimately fired from his job by way of being transferred to another agency. His boss was Bushnell Chief Joyce Tamara Wells, a friend of Carla Massero. This never happened. It was all prefabricated to make the DCF report look as if it was cleared because of a sexual favor by Melinda. I absolutely know that this never happened because Melinda kept a very detailed list of any intimacies she had. Vaughan was NOT on that list. Since nothing came of this incident to get custody of Trenton, something else had to be devised.

On April 25, 2005 there was a "fire" at the flower shop, to the back porch area. There was some damage but it was not enough to close their business. Josh accused Melinda and her friends for setting the fire, but then he "recanted" the accusation. One of the statements made to the press was by Josh's best friend Jeffery Scott, an old school chum. Scott told the press that Melinda threatened to harm Trenton all the time.

After Josh's plan didn't work for DCF to take Trenton away from Melinda when he called in the alleged abuse, something else had to happen. Now that he received the notice for the child support hearing, his mother was paying all his bills, so she certainly didn't want to PAY child support, especially TO Melinda. She didn't have the money for an attorney but she had a friend, Lauri Konnerth who loaned her $8.000. Lauri later named herself as the sole signatory on the Trenton Duckett Trust Fund and as the key person on Team Trenton.

Then on April 28, 2005 Carla and Josh had the attorney, Mary Hatcher draw up papers to seek paternity, custody and child support FROM Melinda. But it would be doubtful that Josh would win custody and child support unless they proved Melinda to be an unfit mother.

About this time a new novel was released by Marshall Frank. He had tried to vindicate James Duckett, believing he was railroaded for raping and murdering a 12 year old girl, Theresa Macabee on May 11, 1987. Marshall interviewed James in 2003 but decided that he was guilty after all. Marshall knew Carla Massero.

His novel titled "Call Me Mommy" was about a husband who wanted custody of his son. The husband devised a plan where he made the mother look crazy and had her baker acted and was sucessful in gaining custody. This novel came out March 2005.

April 2005 Melinda Duckett was baker acted.

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