Saturday, May 26, 2012

James Aren Duckett - Correspondence 2

This is my second letter to James dated April 15, 2010:

James A. Duckett #112232

Florida State Prison G Wing
7819 NW 228 Street
Raiford, FL 32026-1160

April 15, 2010

Dear James,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. You mentioned in your letter that you would be writing me again over that same weekend so I have been waiting to receive your second letter. Since time has passed, I decided to write back to you, hoping that our letters won’t cross.

I realize that there is a lot to process in what I had written to you. Just as you have had time to process what happened to you these past twenty plus years, I have been researching this case since September 2006, for hours every day. While I find some answers, I keep finding more questions.

I would like to visit you and have called the prison. My understanding is that you have to send me the form, so I hope you will do that and I hope our conversation will be productive. I am only an hour’s drive from you, so it would be feasible.

I am in the process of going over hundreds of public records sent to me from different law enforcement agencies. It surprises me how much Carla and Josh go to the police over trivial matters. Someone brought it to my attention that Carla accused me of burglarizing her flower shop on Main Street in Leesburg. (Not the one she had in Bushnell and closed) I’ve never been to her shop. They also told me that Carla and “her boy toy” Jason Fort (Iris Tant Payne’s son) came to my house to scope it out. They also went to Melinda’s Aunt Cathy’s house in Virginia to ask her not to sue Nancy Grace.

I would be interested to look at Melinda’s letters to you. Also, to discuss what you all talked about concerning your case and the book The Truth Shall Set Him Free. She dog- eared the pages and mailed it to her dad in New York, but I haven’t seen her book.

And just to get everything straight in my mind, I’d like to know Carla’s relatives. Her dad is Carl Ray Roberts. He is married to Leola Irene Roberts but somehow I don’t think it’s her mother. There’s something strange there. She has a sister Susan Harrell now divorced and took her maiden name back (Roberts). She also has a brother Donnie whose son is Christopher Roberts. She married Brian Lee Boggs and divorced him. Then she lived with Kevin John Massero and did not marry him until Josh turned 18. She is still married to him but he has a cocaine addiction and lives with his parents in Ocala. Carla has been living with Jason Fort age approx. 28, since early 2006. Melinda also mentioned an Aunt Sharon Harrelson, but I am curious as to how she is really related to Carla and Josh.

I’d also like to hear your thoughts as to who could have committed the crime you are convicted of. It always boils down to who has the motive. The way the little girl was found in the water was too obvious. Someone wanted her found right away and have you blamed for the crime. I have some thoughts on this and we can discuss it at the time we meet.

Melinda had no motive to keep Trenton away from Josh and she would never hurt Trenton. She felt depressed because Trenton was, as she said, taken on “her watch”. Just like you felt guilt of changing the date of the visit, Melinda felt she was not a good mother because Trenton was taken and she didn’t/couldn’t stop it.

And like in your case, Melinda was set up. No doubt in my mind. Motive? Money and control/power.

I’m off on Sundays so I could meet you then.


Liz Lennon

And here is James' response to me on April 20, 2010:

And I noticed on page 6 of James' letter about Carla having an affair with a Bushnell cop.

Friday, May 25, 2012

James Aren Duckett - Correspondence

Since Melinda Duckett had been corresponding with Josh Duckett's father James Aren Duckett (he had over two dozen letters from her), I decided to write James myself. Here is the first letter I wrote to him.

James A. Duckett #112232

Florida State Prison, G-wing
7819 NW 228 Street
Raiford, FLA 32026-1160

March 30, 2010

Dear Mr. Duckett,

I have become aware of your case through my research these past almost 4 years of searching for Trenton Duckett. I have also contacted your friend Jeanne Bragg and we have had some very interesting telephone conversations, although I have not spoken to her recently.

I have read her book “The Truth Shall Set Him Free”. Jeanne Bragg became your public voice to “present the other side”. I am a public voice as well. I am presenting the other side for Melinda Duckett. Like you, Melinda was set up. And like you, I believe she was set up by the same person…Carla.

I have the last letter you wrote to Melinda. She was to have visited with you that fateful Sunday when Trenton was taken from his bedroom. She wrote it down in her agenda and had arranged for a babysitter. When she was notified that your brother was coming that weekend, she crossed off “James” on Aug 27th and marked her agenda “James” for September 3rd, 2006. And then your last letter to her stated that you had made a mistake and hoped she would come after all.

Melinda believed you were innocent of your crime. I know how the press can misrepresent the truth. But sometimes, they are given this misinformation and do not bother to check it out. An excellent example of this is the Nancy Grace show, which has covered the missing Trenton case in 18 airings. However, they have portrayed Melinda as a monster, a crazy unfit mother. This is due to your son Joshua Duckett spewing lies about Melinda. One such lie was that Melinda was in videos of a not so nice nature. This was shown all over the internet. What was missing from this information however was the fact that Joshua Duckett himself appeared in this same video as the starring male role. It’s not about the video, it’s about the LIE about the video.

The other event was when Melinda was baker acted in hopes of portraying her as an unfit mother so Carla and Josh could gain custody of Trenton in April 2005 in order to avoid paying child support, and to receive child support from Melinda. Melinda’s grandparents spent over $16,000 defending Melinda and ultimately she was awarded sole custody of Trenton. Josh Duckett filed a sworn affidavit with the Sumter County Court that he lied when Melinda was baker acted, that she never threatened to harm Trenton nor herself and that he was ‘INDEED INFLUENCED BY HIS MOTHER CARLA”.

Another interesting fact is that Carla closed her flower shop, the Monday after Trenton went missing. This was a business she had as her only income for over 10 years, (besides the child support for Justin and Josh and whatever other government aid she got). Why would she close her only source of income? She even borrowed money from a family friend Laurie Konnerth to keep her business going not too much before that. This same Laurie became the Trenton Duckett Family Trust Fund sole signatory.

The police believed that there was damning evidence against Melinda at the abduction crime scene. They found what they called a sonogram in the trash, a picture of Trenton in Melinda’s uterus when she was a few weeks pregnant. However, they were wrong. It was NOT a sonogram at all, but they wanted the public to believe it was a sonogram. It was a photograph taken at the hospital of the monitor screen and it showed the forearm, hand and finger of a nurse pointing at the monitor screen. Melinda had ALL her sonograms in her meticulously kept baby book. I believe Carla had that picture and placed it in the trash (loose next to the dumpster) to implicate Melinda.

On July 3, 2006 Melinda received a threatening email from Josh’s myspace. On July 3, 2006 Carla signed for a subpoena served holding Josh in contempt of court for non payment of child support. It also included the divorce papers which asked for alimony until the child support was caught up. I believe Carla was slightly angry at this and had a friend of hers help her send the email to Melinda.

I also received a letter typed from “Joshua Duckett” however, the handwriting on the envelope was definitely not his, and was Carla’s handwriting.

Getting back to your case, I think it is quite coincidental that Carla had Brian Boggs, who was age 17, waiting in the wings when you were convicted. She also made the statement to Melinda’s grandparents that she was fed up with you and got even. I noticed that in the chapter of the book that was devoted to your thanking people in your life, Carla was not mentioned. I totally understand.

You have another grandson, his name is Ryder. The young mother Stephani was only 17 when Josh impregnated her. And Trenton was just missing 6 months at the time. Stephani lived with Josh and Carla for a time. She said that she could not live with Carla, that she was too controlling of her baby and slapped Stephani in the face. Stephani also said that Carla told her that Carl Ray Roberts was a pedophile. I believe Jeanne Bragg told me that Carla was abused as a child. Carla’s nephew Christopher Roberts was charged a couple years ago for the same thing but he was acquitted after the second trial.

Trenton is still missing, but I don’t think he will be found until the investigators start looking in another direction. They have only suspected Melinda thanks to the campaign to make her the prime suspect. Melinda was set up for the baker act. She was set up for the threatening email. Melinda was set up for the abduction of Trenton. Melinda was set up for the damning evidence in the trash (sonogram) and Melinda’s death was set up to look like a suicide.

Jeanne Bragg and I have something in common. Hers is “He’s innocent”. Mine is “She’s innocent”. It resonates within me. It is a cry for justice.

Please help me prove Melinda was set up. It may just be the answer you have been waiting for yourself.

Liz Lennon
PO Box 88
Reddick, FL 32686

PS I have a website devoted to defending Melinda. It’s called: “Was It Really Worth It?” I write as Maytruthprevail.

And here is James Duckett's first response letter to me: