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James Aren Duckett - Correspondence 2

This is my second letter to James dated April 15, 2010:

James A. Duckett #112232

Florida State Prison G Wing
7819 NW 228 Street
Raiford, FL 32026-1160

April 15, 2010

Dear James,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. You mentioned in your letter that you would be writing me again over that same weekend so I have been waiting to receive your second letter. Since time has passed, I decided to write back to you, hoping that our letters won’t cross.

I realize that there is a lot to process in what I had written to you. Just as you have had time to process what happened to you these past twenty plus years, I have been researching this case since September 2006, for hours every day. While I find some answers, I keep finding more questions.

I would like to visit you and have called the prison. My understanding is that you have to send me the form, so I hope you will do that and I hope our conversation will be productive. I am only an hour’s drive from you, so it would be feasible.

I am in the process of going over hundreds of public records sent to me from different law enforcement agencies. It surprises me how much Carla and Josh go to the police over trivial matters. Someone brought it to my attention that Carla accused me of burglarizing her flower shop on Main Street in Leesburg. (Not the one she had in Bushnell and closed) I’ve never been to her shop. They also told me that Carla and “her boy toy” Jason Fort (Iris Tant Payne’s son) came to my house to scope it out. They also went to Melinda’s Aunt Cathy’s house in Virginia to ask her not to sue Nancy Grace.

I would be interested to look at Melinda’s letters to you. Also, to discuss what you all talked about concerning your case and the book The Truth Shall Set Him Free. She dog- eared the pages and mailed it to her dad in New York, but I haven’t seen her book.

And just to get everything straight in my mind, I’d like to know Carla’s relatives. Her dad is Carl Ray Roberts. He is married to Leola Irene Roberts but somehow I don’t think it’s her mother. There’s something strange there. She has a sister Susan Harrell now divorced and took her maiden name back (Roberts). She also has a brother Donnie whose son is Christopher Roberts. She married Brian Lee Boggs and divorced him. Then she lived with Kevin John Massero and did not marry him until Josh turned 18. She is still married to him but he has a cocaine addiction and lives with his parents in Ocala. Carla has been living with Jason Fort age approx. 28, since early 2006. Melinda also mentioned an Aunt Sharon Harrelson, but I am curious as to how she is really related to Carla and Josh.

I’d also like to hear your thoughts as to who could have committed the crime you are convicted of. It always boils down to who has the motive. The way the little girl was found in the water was too obvious. Someone wanted her found right away and have you blamed for the crime. I have some thoughts on this and we can discuss it at the time we meet.

Melinda had no motive to keep Trenton away from Josh and she would never hurt Trenton. She felt depressed because Trenton was, as she said, taken on “her watch”. Just like you felt guilt of changing the date of the visit, Melinda felt she was not a good mother because Trenton was taken and she didn’t/couldn’t stop it.

And like in your case, Melinda was set up. No doubt in my mind. Motive? Money and control/power.

I’m off on Sundays so I could meet you then.


Liz Lennon

And here is James' response to me on April 20, 2010:

And I noticed on page 6 of James' letter about Carla having an affair with a Bushnell cop.


princess_azure said...

Considering her family history, it wouldn't surprise me if someone related to Carla committed the crime Mr. Duckett is accused of. Definitely something to think about.

Nicole said...

I've been amazed by your fantastic investigation and reseach into this case. Admittedly I first heard of the case from Beth Holloway's "Vanished", and before I read your blog my mind was firmly set on the idea that Melinda Duckett was very "obviously" guilty of neglect, was probably mentally ill and most likely murdered her son- while Josh was an innocent, well meaning husband her his mother was a caring worried grandmother.
I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog- I have spent the last couple of days reading it post to post, and reading as many forum posts and comments about the case as I can.
Now I am absolutely convinced that my initial thought were wrong. I'm not sure absolutely everything you have posted here is the exactly what happened, but you certainly you have exposed many inconsistencies and lies. I also believe that one day you'll discover the truth, or as close to it as we can reasonably expect.
The thought that Josh and his family have manipulated the media and the minds of the public to such a degree is really beyond me. It upsets me to think that I was so easily convinced by him, especially when I rewatched the episode and couldn't help but see a distinct lack of urgency and an entirely relaxed manner. Thank you so much for opening my eyes and I really hope you succeed in finding the truth, clearing Melinda's name- and hopefully finding Trenton alive and well!

Two things that has really annoyed me when reading posts on forums is the assumption of Mindy's "suicide" logically meaning that she must have killed Trenton, and secondly that her seemingly acting "guilty" also means this.
I have never had a child kidnapped, or lost anybody close to me in such a way, but Mindy obviously loved Trenton more than anything. I can completely understand Mindy acting as though she felt guilty. She did everything in her power to protect Trenton. So to lose him from right under her nose must have been hell. Of COURSE she felt guilty. I can only image the "if only I had checked on him every half an hour, instead of after an hour" and "if only I had locked the window that night" going through her mind. On top of that right from the beginning everybody was so quick to point blame onto her. If somebody is being told they have failed their son and that it is their fault, I have no doubt that she felt guilty. If she did indeed kill herself (which I doubt somewhat) I could still completely understand why. She didn't know where her son was, what had happened to him, if he was suffering. She felt as if she could have done more (even though she did nothing wrong).
However, this in no way means that she harmed her son.

Just a quick question: I was wondering what your opinion is on the Statement Analysis of the Nancy Grace interview- it would be really interesting to hear your thoughts (Link Below)


Anonymous said...

I actually transcribed Jame's letter (not amazingly well, but still) since it was easier for me to read it in full that way. If you would like me to post it here or on the board I can..

Maytruthprevail said...

Thank you for your post. I noticed that the blog has had lots of new readers from the UK. Glad to have your input. I will take a look at the link (I just skimmed over it) and will post my comments as you requested.

At the current time I am working on another blog, somewhat related to this case...the saga of Trenton Duckett's grandfather (Josh's father) James Duckett who has been wrongly accused of the rape and murder of 11 year old Teresa McAbee in Mascotte Florida in 1987

If you find the Melinda Duckett case wrought with poor investigation, wait till you read about James' case. Witnesses were coached to say they saw the little girl get into James' police cruiser. Many people involved in this case are now dead. I can't believe the inconsistancies in the case yet the jury convicted on nothing but smoke and mirrors. If people were appalled at the Casey Anthony case and angry with the jurors when in fact the prosecution did NOT present evidence without a doubt, how much more should the public be angry with this jury who convicted an innocent man, again with NO evidence that could prove guilty without a doubt. And this man has been on death row for over 24 years.

Your words are very encouraging to me as it has been difficult to erase the picture painted by Josh and the media of Melinda Duckett as the crazy, uncaring mother. Your comment makes me see that I am at least accomplishing something.

On a positive note, I did receive a "tip" that there was a child here in Jacksonville Florida that really looked like Trenton. We contacted the Jacksonville police with the information I was given and it was not Trenton. The child was 6 years old, when Trenton would be 8 this summer.

My purpose here is to put out as much information as possible so that our readers will have the truth and perhaps will be the one to find Trenton. There is still a reward, though I do not know how much.

Maytruthprevail said...

Anonymous, Thanks. I don't think you can attach anything to a comment, but you can copy paste if you want in the comment, or if you like you can email it to me as an attachment to and I can put it on the blog. Also, I can check it against the original letter. I realize that it is difficult to read james' handwriting, but it's like an accent, once you get used to it, you understand it.

I do so appreciate the time you took to do this.

Just an aside, I post the jpg of the actual letter so that you, the reader, will know it's the real thing.

Maytruthprevail said...

Thank you to Anonymous who trascribed James' letter for easier reading. I checked it out and it is accurate with a few tweeks. i have to post it in two parts.
Part 1

Good Morning Liz!

Yes, I’m sorry I failed to write over the weekend as I mention in my 1st letter. The only excuse I have is my atty came to see me from Atlanta on the 2nd of April to discuss the denial of my Federal Appeal and to decide where to go next in the legal case… So when she left I got into my legal files trying to locate something that was said in a hearing in 97…never located it.. Issue is I now wonder why it wasn’t recorded. Anyway please forgive me for failing to write you as I said I would.. Will try to do my best not to sidetrack you again…
Hope this finds you doing alright and life going good. Me, hey one day goes into the next here.. Life in here is routine, you do the same thing most every wk. As well as every day. I’m in a single man cell and the only time I get out is twice a wk for yard, 2 hours at a time.. So got to play basketball and burn off some tension… Then the visits on the weekends…other than that stuck in the cell.. Thankfully have a TV and my radio too. Plus I read a lot and work case files as well.. I write a lot of letters to friends around the US and World. That’s my life here. As crazy as it sounds mostly it’s just boring!
Yes your 1st letter was a lot to take in for me. I have serious mixed emotions esp when it comes to my sons.. drives me crazy at times.. As you may know Joshua hasn’t been up to see me since Aug 2006. Shortly before Trenton came up missing he came up with my Middle Brother.. Then once FBI and Marion Co came to see me on Trenton/Melinda esp when FBI had the prison take all my personal property and copied all of Melinda’s letters/Pictures as well as the Money Receipts from when I had sent her Money out of my acct for Trenton.. They went and showed Joshua these and he got Mad as hell and cut off all communication.. Said I sided with Melinda against Joshua. Refused to see I was doing it because she had Trenton and was writing me saying Joshua was not providing any child support. So I sent her every penny I could when I could.. So I haven’t heard a word since August 2006 from him..
I do correspond with Justin/Carrie a little. They haven’t been here to see me since New Years Day 2006. Their choice.. Although they write and send a picture now and then of their Daughter.

Maytruthprevail said...

Part 2
As to Carla, what a piece of work.. No I have no contact with her.. Last time I saw her face to face was here on 12 Dec 1988 when came to tell me she was ‘in love’ with Brian Boggs and wanted a divorce! Told her to file it & in Jan 1989 I was served… Year later or so it was final. Haven’t seen her since Dec 1988. Did call her a lot when I would go to Lake Co jail on hearings but that was in oh 1995 I think was our last talk. From time to time I will write her but it’s more to aggravate her or her new boy toy.. As I know it drives them crazy.. Insecure men you know..
As I have often thought a lot of Melinda and wondered what the truth was.. I had heard or read about the video but wasn’t sure what it was or who was in it. Have you watched the video and certain Joshua was in it? As you know all I heard was Melinda was alone.. I agree if they (media) trash Melinda over it why not do Joshua? I do wonder why Joshua wasn’t upset about it when he mentioned it to me in Aug 2006? Interesting…
Yes I read all about when Melinda was Baker Acted and such.. How Carla clearly was behind this and how Joshua then reversed with the Affadavit naming Carla as the reason…

I wondered why Carla closed the flower shop esp with it being her only income.. she never got any support for the boys except for what little I could send her from time to time. My Family who tried to assist her and boys as much as they could until they were feeling like Carla was taking advantage of them.. I don’t know who this Laurie Konnerth is? You mention a “Family Friend” . not anyone I know at least.
I never saw any “Real evidence” the police said they had against Melinda. It just never made sense to me. True, I don’t know or didn’t know Melinda very long.. But what I did know is there is No way In Hell she would have ever hurt Trenton.. I just didn’t see that. In her make-up… So the whole mess didn’t make any sense to me as I read the mess. .

Maytruthprevail said...

Part 3
Melinda sent me a copy of the “E-mail” that you wrote on & I told her I don’t see Joshua writing such.. But having Little to no knowledge of computers/emails and how it works or can be traced.. I felt it would get worked out.. It was my understanding that FDLE traced it back somehow to a system Melinda had.. am I wrong? But then why her? I don’t know.. Could Joshua/Carla have had Melinda’s laptop?
Yeah always stuck in my head about Carla and Brian Boggs.. I was sent here 30 June 1988 She saw me the first time on her bday 5 Aug 1988.. was long after that she came to see and was crying and all and admitted she had sex with Brian, looking me right in the face.. said she thought he was ‘in love’ with her. .. I don’t know him may have seen him before I left home but unsure.. from what I hear he wasn’t the 1st she slept with by that time! Of course I heard this years later…
True. In the book the piece I wrote.. I had no reasons to mention Carla ..
Yes I heard about Ryder .. Never seen a picture of him, again Joshua’s choice. Recently found out in 2004 I wrote to Stephani’s grandmother in Croom… We corresponded for a year or two until she married that guy in prison and I stopped..
Guess Stephani recently found my letters to her Gmother and must have mentioned them to Joshua who I guess thought I was writing Stephani.. Hell I never even knew who or what Stephani’s name was umtil recently..

Maytruthprevail said...

Part 4
Oh doesn’t shock me about her and Carla!
As for carla’s family .. what a family to judge anyone.. How the whole bunch isn’t in jail is beyond me.. Is Carl Roberts a pedophile? If being caught in the shower with your best friend’s teenage son such, yes! If child molesting your own then yes.. if making comments of a sexual matter to your youngest Daughter.. then yes!
As for Christopher Roberts.. will someone explain to me how a man can admit to laying in bed in your boxer shorts and whoever the 6 yr old girl was was in bed with you and you put her on top of you and you get an erection and admit you rubbed it on her little panties etc.. and they confirm what the little girl says happened and Chris admitted it happened. So how does a jury not convict? Must have been a good atty! And does anyone think this was Chris’ 1st child? If you do this if your own home to a little girl who you were supposed to love and protect in your own bed.. what other child have you touched and where?

Maytruthprevail said...

Part 5
Your 15th April letter;
Again, sorry I didn’t write sooner..
Enclosed find the visit form.. Fill it out and return it to the address top right.. they will then notify me once you are approved. Sundays will be fine.. My only issue in my family comes up about every other once you approved I will provide the phone # to my Brother and ask you call him on Weds/Thurs the weekend you plan to come so they don’t make a trip up that weekend needlessly. Also as they visit on Saturday If they come then you try to come on Sunday you would get in as I can only have a sat or sun vist not both..okay?

Would love to go over all the records you have from your public records request.. oh no doubt for whatever reason Carla and Joshua has a steady report line to the police..
Interesting about Carla/Joshua accusing you of the flower shop burglary.. and asking Melinda’s aunt not to sue Nancy Grace.. what I can’t figure out is .. Joshua was legally married to Melinda.. under FL law HE is the legal next kin..and has stronger grounds for any lawsuit than Melinda’s family.. why is not a part or party to the suit? No one has said.. Makes no sense to me..
You know the same Federal Judge who just denied me on this case.. Also has the Nancy Grace Lawsuit..
I will have to send a request to go down to storage room and get them out of my legal files.. then I need you to help me with postage to send them to you. I hatr to ask for such but my money is limited now & I just can’t afford a lot of stamps.. but I will gladly send her (Melinda’s) letters to you..

Maytruthprevail said...

Part 6
Carla’s Relatives…
Carl Ray Roberts – Father
Leola Irene Roberts – Mother
Donald Roberts – oldest brother 2 sons Donnie and Chris Roberts and I think 2 step-kids.. forgot names
David Roberts – 2nrd oldest bro – 2 daughters
Betty Lee Radford – oldest sister – 4 kids – Christy, Amy, Thomas, and Adam
Susan Harrrell – middle sister 4 kids ,Grey, Laurie 2 others I forget
Carla – youngest
Question, why do you think Leola is not Carla’s mother? Rest assure she is! Now Carl has at least 1 other son outside the marriage.. I think his name is Allan.. Certainly could be more but this one I know about..
And why did Carla/Brian divorce? Because he caught her screwing a Bushnell Cop.. she said the cop forced it so he made her file a report to police in Bushnell.. when investigated, truth came out that Carla and cop had an affair on going and so Brian went and filed for a divorce.. The Cop was discharged and left the area I heard..
Was my understanding Carla/Kevin are divorced..At least that is what I was told.. This was after the FBI or the cops found out that Kevin had tried to seduce Melinda or they had relations.. once Carla was told she kicked him out.. any truth there?
As to this aunt Sharon Harrelson .. no clue who this is. Doesn’t even know of a Sharon in her family at least the Roberts Clan..

Maytruthprevail said...

Part 7
As to my Case.. you ask who do I think did this .. without a doubt.. Teresa went home.. after she left me at the K store.. The mother was not at home, by her own statement. She lived with a number of Mexicans.. Teresa’s own uncle Wayne Butler testified that at least one of them who lived there or often visited the house had molested or attempted to molest Teresa.. Had admintted “Being in Love” with her! In my opinion Teresa went home, mother gone, one or # of the Mexicans were there started to play, turned sexual, .. she got hurt, hymen was ripped one cm, Teresa says shes hurt and going to tell.. the Mex panic and chokes her unconscious.. Thinking she is dead. At some point Teresa’s shirt was taken off as my note described and a different shirt on her at 10:30pm than what she was found in…
At some point .. they take her down to the crime scene and either place her or throw her into the water.. without a doubt shortly before Dawn based on the Mother’s or Aunt’s police report they walked down to where the body is found..
Of course they found footprint of where the mother-aunt you could walk right up to the area where Teresa’s body was yet swears up and down they never saw the body. Impossible! Let me tell you.. I was there the day they found her, I saw where they stood and the body would have been seen. Unless – you knew the body was there and went to check on it.. then you have to deny you ever saw it.. zero doubt the mother-aunt saw the body!
Someone In Teresa’s home did this to her .. and more than one knows the truth that was in that house.
Well let me go.. Take care look forward to seeing you soon.
Keep up the fight!