Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rest In Peace Melinda Duckett

Peacefully asleep as a family


Melinda Duckett's blood on the Bible above her slain body
May God forgive those who had a hand in destroying this family, who were maliciously obsessed with taking Trenton away from his mother, and blaming Melinda for what they did.

Was It Really Worth It?

Friday, September 6, 2013

Looking Back...Looking Upon the Crime

My email to Kay:


I put this on my blog and on You Tube. It is the last 14 minutes of FDLE agent Denise Nevers and Leesburg Police Detective Rich Giles questioning Melinda. However, they are not really asking her anything. They are telling her she did not put Trenton to bed that night and that she was protecting him from Josh by hiding him somewhere.
Rich Giles said he wanted to end the Amber Alert and put on the news that Trenton was safe and he wanted Melinda to help him do that.
She looked at them both in amazement. She asked if she could leave. Rich said that he was going to get the police who were still at her house and bring them in so they could go over her statement for the third time. She had not had any sleep and she was not allowed to have her attorney in the room when they were in fact accusing her.


I stood up and cheered when Melinda got up and walked out.

Kay's email to Kara Skarupa, Melinda's Estate attorney:
Dear Kara,
    Minutes after I sent you my last email, I watched this youtube video...that Liz made... of the last 14 minutes of Rich Giles, and Denise Nevers, questioning Melinda right after Trenton went missing, and I wept profusely upon watching...and seeing for myself...the CRIME that was committed against Melinda by the Leesburg Police Department....I watched it two times because I could not drink in the reality of what I was seeing because it was just so unbelievable to me...AND, for the first time, as a result of "looking upon" the crime that the Leesburg Police committed against Melinda, could I "feel" the grief...and righteous indignation...that has motivated Liz Lennon to spend hours and hours and hours...and years
..of her life in what has been her "mission" to try and right the wrong...the crime...that the Leesburg Police Dept...and Josh and Carla..committed against Melinda! By being able to "look upon" the crime...via looking at this brief video...I was able to identify with how, in fact, Liz has been able to "look upon"...and, therefore, "feel"...the crime that was committed against Melinda in the same way that I have been able to "feel" the crime that was committed against Melinda via "looking upon" the Nancy Grace Show!
    Prior to watching this video, I was already in awe of the kind of extensive, "genius", in- vestigative work that Liz has done on behalf of procuring His brand of  justice for Melinda ...going so far as to even set up her own blog site so that "the world" could "see" the crime that was committed against Melinda by her husband and well a by the Leesburg Police Dept...but this youtube video that she managed to put together has left me speechless without enough words adequate enough to express what is my admiration, and praise, of what she has done! Only one who knows that she knows that she knows that, in fact, in the end, "Truthwillprevail" would be willing to invest so much of herself into work that has had no financial gain...because Liz knows that His brand of dividends are far more valuable!
       Please take the time to watch this video...and, if you were allowed to show it in court, I should think this would almost be all you'd need to win your case! Upon my seeing this video, I understand now, more than ever, why Nancy Grace's pointing an accusatory finger at Melinda...ON THE HEELS OF WHAT RICH GILES AND DENISE NEVERS DID TO HER..was enough to push her over the edge!!!!                               In His Love, Kay


Monday, August 26, 2013

Friday, August 23, 2013

Thank You For Your Time and Concern - Melinda Duckett

When Trenton Duckett was 10 months old - which would put it around June 2005 - Melinda wrote to a Ms. Isham who was familiar with parental issues. 
Then one year later other issues arose and Melinda wrote a bulletin on MySpace to seek some advice.
This is the beginning of my 5th year presenting readers (over 160,000 have come to this site) with information concerning this case.  After reading these two pleas from Melinda, how can anyone come to the conclusion that she would hide her son Trenton or kill him. Where is the logic? Where is the motive?

Melinda Duckett loved her son.  So WHO were their enemies? Who had the history, the motive, and the vindictiveness to abduct Trenton and have Melinda blamed for it?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Last Birthday Party

Melinda Marie Eubank Duckett died at the age of 21. Her last birthday party was celebrated August 14, 2006. She was so excited. Finally she had sole custody of her son Trenton. She planned this great celebration August 3, 2006. She planned a combined birthday party for Trenton who turned two and herself.  She was looking forward to a new life with Trenton. She had many plans for their life.

This is the invitation she posted on her MySpace:

Here are some random pictures taken at the party:


Melinda wrote to James Duckett and included pictures of Trenton's birthday party. Here is James
Duckett's reply concerning the pictures:

Does this sound like Melinda Duckett was planning to hand Trenton off? That she was going to murder him to keep him away from Josh?

Here is your answer in the picture below.  This is the couch in Melinda's bedroom at her grandparents home. Look at all the toys next to where she "laid down for a quick nap". You can see the birthday balloon on top.  And the toys.  What you can't see is Melinda's body totally disfigured by a shotgun  blast to her face on the floor of her closet.

Of all the pictures I have, this one picture says it all. She had a life, Trenton had a life with his mother and someone stole it from her.  The Thief comes to steal, kill and destroy.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


This is part of the first counting book that Nancy Eubank bought for Melinda Eubank Duckett in 1987. I chose this page, as Trenton would be nine years old today. Trenton's picture is from his 2nd birthday party held at Venetian Gardens on August 14, 2006. Trenton, we promise that we will discover the TRUTH one day. God is able... and I will persevere.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mark O'Mara, Please Take On the Melinda Duckett Case

George Zimmerman's attorney Mark O'Mara on last's night's news after the acquittal of George Zimmerman made a dynamic statement that is a mirror image of what I have  been stating about how Melinda Duckett became the monster in the public eye.  Here is a clip of that news statement:
 Media Makes Zimmerman Monster

Just like Mark O'Mara stated that George Zimmerman was on the operating table and the MEDIA was the mad scientist sticking him with needles and creating this monster because of the information FED TO THEM by those people who wanted to make this a racial case and further their cause.  In addition, the other culprit was the prosecuting attorneys, who were politically led to win this case, with their so-called FACTS sprinkled with "couldbe's". 

Of all the testimonies in this case, defense witness Dr.Vincent DiMaio magnified the facts which absolutely proved that Trayvon Martin was on top of George Zimmerman.  And in order for George Zimmerman to be on his back (with grass all over his jacket) he had to have been sucker punched in the nose.

The other factor according to Attorney O'Mara was how the very system that George Zimmerman wanted to be a part of, the judicial system, was also against him.

How like Melinda Duckett who applied to the police academy to  become a police officer at the very same police department that named her their ONLY suspect, despite all the information that I have found and presented in this blog that the Leesburg Police Department could have uncovered for themselves had they NOT been so preoccupied with MEDIA.

Perhaps Dr. DiMaio could also look at Melinda's  gunshot wound and the second shot into the wall and determine once and for all if the death of Melinda Duckett was indeed a murder made to look like a suicide.

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Affidavit of Richard E. Giles

As part of Josh Duckett's attempts to have the Injunction for Protection removed from the court because it was prohibiting him from persuing a career in LE (he's a pest control employee) he asked lead detective (and family friend on facebook) to write a statement for the judge's approval.

This affidavit was part of the complete Injunction for Protection file. Here it is below with my notes:

Since the "post" was NOT a "post" but a PRIVATE MESSAGE that could only be seen on MySpace by the sender and the recipient (all of us who have Facebook and MySpace are familiar with messages as opposed to posts), I can't help but wonder...
How in Hell was Josh Duckett notified at his place of employment by a friend when the POST APPEARED ON THE NETWORK???????????

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence: Temporary Injunction

Here is the Temporary Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence with Minor Child(ren)signed by Judge Mark A. Nacke on July 5, 2006:


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence: Infomation on Respondent

This is the Lake County Sheriff's Office Information Sheet:

This is the information on the child:

Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence - The Petition

Here is the petition for the injuction, completed by Melinda Duckett.



Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence: The Docket

The Injunction for Protection against domestic violence was filed in the Lake County Circuit Court. the file consists of 92 pages.  I will post the information in segments. The first is the docket for case # 2006DR1323 with Melinda Duckett as Petitioner and Joshua Duckett as Respondent.

It is presented in most recent activity first.


1.  The petition for injunction for protection was filed July 5, 2006
2.   Served on Joshua Duckett by Lake County Sheriff Office July 6, 2006
3.   Hearing with both parties present July 12, 2006
4.   Order signed giving Melinda temporary custody and Josh NO contact July 13, 2006
5.   Evidentiary hearing set for Aug 4, 2006 recorded on July 18, 2006
6.   Josh hires attorney Mary Hatcher July 20, 2006
7.   Attorneys requested continuance due to court being delayed (Hatcher did not show up)
      August 4, 2006
8.   The remainder of the docket is the attempts by Josh to have the order dissolved.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Petition For Dissolution of Marriage: Duckett vs Duckett

The previous blog article was the Paternity Settlement Agreement.  The following is the 42 pages of the petition for dissolution of marriage, Lake County Clerk of Courts Case N0.2006-DR-1178. I am including the docket for the case as of 3/12/2013.

As you read the foregoing documents look at the dates that the documents originated as well as the dates recorded in the courts. The activity is from June 14, 2006 until the dismissal on September 14, 2006 because of Melinda Duckett's death.

Melinda was granted sole custody of Trenton Duckett on May 26, 2006. She was awarded child support which commenced on February 15, 2006 until such time that Trenton reached the age of 18.
She filed for divorce on June 14, 2006 which included the Paternity Settlement Agreement. Parenting courses for both Melinda and Josh were ordered on June 14th with copies sent to Josh's attorney Mary Hatcher. Service was attempted numerous times on Josh Duckett without success. Then the divorce papers were successfully served on Carla Massero at 4:55 PM on July 3, 2006.  That night at 8:15 PM the threatening email was sent to Melinda's Myspace account. 
Melinda filed a restraining order on July 5, 2006 after filing a police report on July 4. On July 7th, the attorney filed for motion to compel Josh to pay child support, owing for May, June and July at $403 each month and to be held in contempt of  court for non payment.

There was a court hearing held on July 13, 2006 and Melinda was successful regarding the restraining order against Josh on both hers and Trenton's behalf.

With the case at issue Melinda filed a request for a pretrial conference and non-jury trial and was granted a two hour trial to be held in Judge Lawrence Semento's chambers in Taveres, Florida on October 9, 2006 at 1:30 PM. This order was signed by the judge on August 23, 2006 4 days before Trenton was abducted. A copy of said order was mailed to Josh's attorney Mary Hatcher on August 24, 2006.

Then on August 25, 2006 Melinda's attorney filed a motion to consolidate Petition for Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence with Minor Child into the Dissolution of Marriage also sent to Josh Duckett's attorney. The Notice of Hearing was to be held before Judge Semento on September 13, 2006 at 10 AM in Tavares.

August 27, 2006 Trenton Duckett was abducted...not hidden from his father...not killed. Abducted.