Saturday, April 13, 2013

Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence: The Docket

The Injunction for Protection against domestic violence was filed in the Lake County Circuit Court. the file consists of 92 pages.  I will post the information in segments. The first is the docket for case # 2006DR1323 with Melinda Duckett as Petitioner and Joshua Duckett as Respondent.

It is presented in most recent activity first.


1.  The petition for injunction for protection was filed July 5, 2006
2.   Served on Joshua Duckett by Lake County Sheriff Office July 6, 2006
3.   Hearing with both parties present July 12, 2006
4.   Order signed giving Melinda temporary custody and Josh NO contact July 13, 2006
5.   Evidentiary hearing set for Aug 4, 2006 recorded on July 18, 2006
6.   Josh hires attorney Mary Hatcher July 20, 2006
7.   Attorneys requested continuance due to court being delayed (Hatcher did not show up)
      August 4, 2006
8.   The remainder of the docket is the attempts by Josh to have the order dissolved.

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