Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vanished Episode 5 - Trenton Duckett Video

click here  This is the episode on Vanished hosted by Beth Holloway aired June 13, 2011 about Trenton Duckett.

After watching this video, please note the discrepancies. The main one is that Melinda and Josh Duckett were fighting for complete custody. They were NOT fighting. Melinda had SOLE CUSTODY in May 2006. Josh had standard visitation.

The other interesting item is the appearance of Cierra Bacon on the show. She is the person who was sent the message from Josh's Fuckface myspace account minutes after the threatening myspace email was sent to Melinda. 

 Why haven't the investigators looked into this. It is very suspicious that a friend of Cierra Bacon was the "someone that knew both of them". Perhaps that person was Amanda Scott, the very same one who was the last comment on Josh's Fuckface Myspace and the one who commented on Josh's picture on June 18, 2006 "Always gota be flicking someone off".

Another interesting statement made on the show by Josh was his whereabouts the night that Trenton went missing... he was with friends in Tampa.  Also Carla Massero also stated that they were all asleep when the police came. Here is what Josh had to say from the Nancy Grace transcripts:

Josh Duckett’s comments on Nancy Grace Show Sept 8, 2006

Welcome, Josh. Thank you for being with us. You just told us that you cooperated with police and they checked everything out, and they clarified and cleared where you were that night. Where were you?

JOSH DUCKETT, MISSING BOY`S FATHER: I was actually in Bushnell with some friends. And all of the friends that I have, they`ve got contact numbers, names of every person that I was with throughout the night. And then I was back home before 9:00 o`clock.

GRACE: When did you learn Trenton had been taken?

JOSH DUCKETT: Around 9:45 -- between 9:45 and 10:00.

GRACE: That evening?

JOSH DUCKETT: Yes. Sunday evening.

GRACE: Now, on a Sunday evening -- what did do you when you first learned he was gone?

JOSH DUCKETT: I immediately started asking questions, and the officer that notified me had no information to give me, so I got dressed and left straight from my house and went straight to the Leesburg Police Department.

GRACE: You got dressed. Why were you undressed?

JOSH DUCKETT: I was in bed. I mean, I was ready for bed.

GRACE: Where do you work?


GRACE: Where do you work?

JOSH DUCKETT: I work for Doneright (ph) Electric in Wildwood (ph).

GRACE: Do you get up early in the morning to go to work?


GRACE: What time do you get up in the morning?
JOSH DUCKETT: I normally leave my house by at the latest 6:00 o`clock."
The other thing that Josh said that just made me think of him as another Casey Anthony was when he stated that he watched Trenton 24 hours a day because Melinda worked away from the house.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Josh Duckett - When Trenton Was Missing Six Months

Tonight they aired "Vanished" with Beth Holloway as host featuring Josh Duckett talking about his missing son Trenton, who has been missing for almost 5 years.

When Trenton was missing six months, the media interviewed Josh. Here is a link to that news video:

What most people don't know?  During the same time frame that this interview was recorded, Josh was busy impregnating a 17 year old high school senior. You may read about it in this article

It was very disturbing to view the pictures of Melinda's suicide. I thought that was quite unnecessary for the show and very upsetting to Melinda's family. They have never seen these pictures. I would expect Beth Holloway to have had more empathy for the family and not showed those pictures.