Saturday, September 19, 2009

Timeline of Threatening Myspace Email

The FF myspace page was created one day before the child support hearing. The first comment was from Kyle on February 1, 2006.

The myspace email was sent to Melinda at 8:15 PM on July 3, 2006.

Here is a comment from Amanda Scott on June 18, 2006 commenting on the FF picture - before the email was sent. This picture was taken from Amber Spurlock's photobucket. It was taken in April 2006.

Here is a message sent by FF myspace to Cierra on July 3, 2006 at 8:26 PM just minutes after sending the email to Melinda.

Here is the actual myspace of Cierra Bacon, the pictures were deleted but the comments remained.

Here are comments on the Duckett64 myspace that was opened July 10, 2006. See Amanda Scott and Cierra Bacon's comments.

Amber Spurlock moved into Josh's bedroom, when he moved back to Melinda. Carla gave her Josh's cell phone. She had access to all of Josh's things, including the computer. She would have known Josh's passwords. On July 3, 2006 Carla was served with the child support and divorce papers. That night the email was sent out.

Amber was friends with Amanda Scott and Cierra Bacon. They went to South Sumter High
together, along with Josh and Melinda.

The police report stated that there were two witnesses who heard from "others" that Melinda admitted to sending the email to herself. I wonder if those two witnesses were Amanda Scott and Cierra Bacon?


princess_azure said...

Don't read the usleuth board , it's just one big Joshua Duckett love fest *pukes*. That theory about Melinda sending the email to herself didn't make any sense. One word of advice to you MTP;I would be careful because if Carla Massero discovers this blog she may start a smear campaign against you. Sociopaths get angry when they're exposed.

Nobody said...

Read an article that was published marking Trenton being missing 3 years. The article interviewed Richard Giles the lead investigator, now retired (?) at age 51 from the Leesburg Police Dept. In the interview Giles states that if he made any mistake in the Trenton case, it was that he got too close to the family. (Family being Josh and Carla) and rumors have it very close to Lauri Konnerth. He wasn't the detective named on the original Amber Alert from Leesburg Police, it was Detective Brian Cash. Giles was from the burglary division. He was the one who "investigated" Melinda in the BOA alleged theft.

Since his retirement he has joined Equisearch. No one wanted Equisearch to be involved in the beginning. Now he wants them to come and look for Trenton's body, as Giles is convinced that Melinda killed Trenton in the apartment. In the article it mentions how her cell phone pings that night pinged off the Leesburg tower. Melinda's family feels she was home that night. The police found some paint brushes in the sink on Sunday when they came to investigate, and noted that she had painted. She probably painted Saturday night. But Giles thinks that the DNA on the pillow - the dirty pillow found in the trash - was used to suffocate Trenton. Why wouldn't Trenton's DNA be on that pillow and all the pillows in his room. I'm sure my DNA is on my pillows in my room. The police brought dogs to the scene that night. There were never any reports about the dogs' findings. Melinda was alive for 12 days. If the dogs found something, Melinda would have been arrested.

The police ONLY poly'd Josh Duckett. The police stated that it was unnecessary to poly Carla, Justin, Jason Fort, and two others because they were ALL together. I guess they believe in poly by proxy. Which detective decided that?

Back to the email. Of course it didn't make sense that Melinda sent the email to herself. It's obvious she didn't. Why her ISP? People with knowhow can zero in on ISPs. Melinda was not the only one who knew Josh's passwords. And there was NO RESIDUE found on Melinda's hard drive. Amazing!

Josh would have been tried for purgury had he gone through the courts again, he was told so by the Bushnell judge. So why not retaliate and come up with something to appear like Melinda committed purgury - the email. Set up. Set up. Set up.

Someone mentioned earlier, who is driving this campaign?

Anonymous said...

"OCTOBER 13TH 2006"

Amanda posts she is terrified on this date. What was going on in the news right before this was posted? Why is she terrified??? What did she/they do? What is she privy to?

"What have you guys been up to???"

This is not your typical what have you been up to post.

Anonymous said...

I hope that someday soon Giles realizes he was played. If he ever finds the remains of Trenton it will not be because Melinda did it!

Nobody said...

I researched the forums for October 13, 2006. On October 12, 2006 I found this from Wesh news:

"LEESBURG, Fla. -- Trenton Duckett's father is taking charge in the search for his son.

Six weeks after the 2-year-old disappeared, Josh Duckett told WESH 2 News reporter Kathy Marsh that he's opening his own command center to field tips on what happened to Trenton.

"I feel, if anything, she stashed him somewhere. Somebody has him. It's just a matter of finding him," he said.

Duckett said he never believed his son was abducted or that he is dead. Now, he's announcing bold new moves to find the child, including hiring a private investigator.

"It would give somebody that hasn't been directly involved in it, who's got a fresh view and fresh opinion on it. I think it could definitely help," he said.

Duckett said more money has to be raised before the private investigator can come on board, but he's willing to work on it. Thanks to cash donations so far, Duckett is opening an office next week to take tips on Trenton.

"Mainly it's to give the community another phone line away from law enforcement to contact anonymously and give their tip," Duckett said.

Duckett, his family and friends are going to open up their own command center in Leesburg. Starting next week, anyone can walk into the Team Trenton Headquarters and give them a tip. They also set up a Web site,, to solicit tips."

Anonymous said...

I just started readings this blog......I no I'm late ,but has anybody notice the song on ff's MySpace page on the picture above (shot in the head) it gives me chills don't no if it hit me wrong or is it tellin US something

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry correction to my last post not (shot in the head) said (bullet in the head) its on the left middle side of page in song choice on the ff MySpace page. creepy imo