Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Josh Duckett Child Support Payment History

Josh was late February, March, and April. He didn't pay May and he didn't pay June. He was served with contempt for non payment papers along with his divorce papers on July 3, 2006 (actually subserved on Carla Massero, she must have been really mad)

Wasn't it that evening that "someone" wrote the threatening email to Melinda? July 3, 2006? It sure was.

And because there was a hearing on July 12, 2006 concerning this said email from the created myspace account, did Josh catch up on his child support payments?

Then why, please tell me why, would Josh Duckett, who was previously in contempt for non payment, made up the May and June payments, but DID NOT MAKE THE JULY AND AUGUST PAYMENTS?

Was Josh expecting Trenton Duckett to be missing?

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