Saturday, September 5, 2009

As a Mom?

"We call it the Trenton bug tree. Ever since Trenton's come into the world and had Christmas, he's had his own tree every year, a live tree," Massero said.
All around the home there are signs of a regular family Christmas, but reality creeps in as Massero said she knows the holidays can't wipe away her fears.
"Not knowing where he's at, not knowing if he's being taken care of right because, as a mom, you know nobody can take care of your child like you can," Massero said.

If Carla Massero really believed what she said, then why did she not believe that Melinda Duckett could take care of Trenton? Or does she consider herself the only mother who could take care of Trenton?

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princess_azure said...

Trenton is alive , they have him and yet they're continuing to collect donations for Trenton. No one has questioned the fact that they seem to be making money from this little boy's disappearance.