Sunday, September 6, 2009

In Memory of Melinda

Click on the title "In Memory of Melinda" and watch the slideshow.

This is the last memory Nancy and Bill Eubank have of Melinda.


Justice said...

Someone should make a huge poster of this picture and send it to Joshua each & every day of the week, for the rest of his life. He needs a daily reminder of how his lies and game playing ended the life of such a beautiful and promising young woman, who had so much to live for. The world has been cheated from having someone who could have made a difference in this world!!!

Anonymous said...

Someone should make several copies of this picture in several sizes and attach them very neatly all over their car and follow Josh around in his car that he made for (yeah right) the missing children.

princess_azure said...

I came across this today; Not only was threatened and harassed by Team Trenton but he believes that Josh murdered Melinda. On this same thread a woman said that she was banned from websleuths for defending Melinda.

I think Josh needs to be investigated for murder.

princess_azure said...

Look closely at that photo. If Melinda ended her own own life why is there no blood on the walls? It looks like she was pinned to the floor and shot. We are to believe that Melinda laid down on her side , with the shotgun positioned to the LEFT of her chin when was right handed and pulled the trigger?

The more that I look at this picture the less I'm convinced that this was not a homicide. This why I'm thinking may there was something fishy about the autopsy , I believe the results were altered. Because the crime scene photos clearly show foul play IMO.

Older shotguns are particulary heavy and someone Melinda's size would not have been able lift this firearm to her chin. And LE wants us to believe that Melinda basically laid down at an odd angle hugged the rifle to her chin. FDLE dropped the ball everywhere on this one.

Have you emailed this to the Atty. General? If not , then you should.