Thursday, September 3, 2009

United States Army Reserves

One of the rumours put out on the internet was about Melinda's military record. Some even went so far as to say that she outright lied and never was in the reserves. Here is one quote which was supposed to be the "authority on this subject":

"Melinda went to basic training until she was told that her military recruitment date was screwed up & couldn't stay. She could; however return in several months, BUT during that time off she got pregnant & couldn't return."

Melinda suffered from asthma. In basic training she ran the mile but a few seconds over the required time. So she retook the test, poured on the steam, made it, but collapsed and woke up in the hospital.


Nobody said...

Melinda joined the Army Reserves after they came to her high school (Leesburg High) when she was a junior. She wanted a college education more than anything and the recruiter told her she would be guaranteed a college education.

Anonymous said...

Proof, from Regional Support Command.