Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Multi-Tasking Mother Picture

Anonymous said...
For some reason I was thinking of Trenton tonight and I Googled Melinda and found this site...

Lemme ask you 1 question...

What about the pornographic pics showing her engaged in sex acts near her son? How does this paint her in a good mom light?

September 18, 2009 8:10 PM

My written answer was this:
September 18, 2009 8:10 PM
Nobody said...
That was a photoshopped picture. It wasn't Melinda but another young woman named Mes who came forward. That picture doesn't even look like Melinda. (her nose is too wide) and Josh in an interview on Nancy Grace (when he NEVER BASHES MELINDA) stated that he was 110% sure that was Trenton. It wasn't Trenton and later debunked. The police know it wasn't Trenton and that the picture was a fake. As far as the porn video, the Palm Beach attorneys have a copy of the porn video, (It was sent to them) and Josh was part of that home made video. Probably done at Carla's really nice double wide. That was the video that Laurie Konnerth brought to the Leesburg Police station and stated on one of her forum posts " the detective practically skipped when I handed him that video.". Talk about someone driving the story. This is the same person that Bill Eubank mentioned in his letter he handed to Josh in the attorney's office in March 2008. How she was so certain that Melinda being on the Nancy Grace show would back her into a corner and then she was capable of doing anything. I will be posting all those comments by Laurie Konnerth in a later article on this blog.

September 19, 2009 12:11 AM

I just wanted to address this comment with a picture. Here is the picture of the person in the photoshopped picture.


princess_azure said...

You may already be aware of this but Beth & Jerry Eubank were supposed to give an interview on CNN (correct me if I'm wrong) but "someone" stopped the interview. These people made sure that Beth & Jerry were portrayed as greedy opportunists cashing in on their daughter's death. The next time I see Carla or Josh on TV I hope that they're being hauled away in handcuffs.

I'm sure even if they discover this blog the e-mob will still swear that Melinda is guilty.

Anonymous said...

This lawsuit stopped anything and everything having to do with finding Trenton. Da-- this lawsuit.

Justice said...

Anonymous: Just how would the lawsuit have stopped "anything & everything" having to do with finding Trenton? This statement has been used over & over again relating to this case, and to me, it sounds like just an excuse for somebody...

Trenton is still a missing child, which means a crime was committed by 1 or more people. Afaik, there aren't any laws on record that would prevent a proper investigation from going forward, not even a lawsuit.

Maybe I'm missing something here, but you'll have to explain this one, as it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. It's getting a bit old reading the same excuse over & over without any further explanation. But hey, that's moo...

Nobody said...

I want to post the comment made by Laurie Konnerth about the porn. You can view it at

"Friday October 20, 2006 7:44 PM
Also, I didn't mean to be rude the other night when I didn't answer this..... without looking back and reading, I know someone asked me about the porno thing. The answer to that is yes, I do know all about it. I actually provided that information (print out of site with photo) to the FDLE at the end of August. I swear....the investigator practically skipped into the PD he was so happy to get it. At that time they were finding out more and more about Melinda and were still amazed with her multi-faceted abilities!! Also, just about everything that you see on NG, is info that I have given her... so with that in mind, she hasn't had a chance to do anything on the porn yet, so I would like to wait until this evening to see if she is able to get it into the show tonight. Don't want to upstage her, she has been so good to us! Also, I have not given any of the porn stuff to the local media ---although I was tempted at times!!"

Laurie provided that info "at the end of August". Trenton went missing August 27th. So in four days Laurie "found" the porno.

Are you starting to "get the picture here?"

princess_azure said...

Also , I'd like to add something else about Melinda's suicide. How come the autopsy report wasn't released to the public? Does it show that the gunshot wound wasn't self inflicted?

And isn't Carla good friends with someone on the force? Furthermore , why would Melinda want to kill herself BEFORE her son was found? I didn't know her personally but from what I've read about Melinda she would have WANTED to be alive if her little boy was returned home. The notes that were released to the public didn't read like suicide notes IMO. Melinda was under 5 feet tall and weighed about 80 pounds , a hunting rifle is EXTREMELY heavy (I've held a shotgun before , I needed my grandfather's help) so how was she able to align this firearm properly in order to take her own life? My theory is that someone (Josh) shoved Melinda into the closet and shot her in the head. This person fired into the ceiling to make it look like suicide. Then when the deed was done Carla had her friend cover it up. It's possible that Carla's chief friend may have had the examiner disposed of the autopsy results. Josh couldn't have pulled this off by himself because quite frankly he's as dumb as a brick (seriously , have you watched his interviews?). I think that along with Trenton there needs to be investigation into Melinda's death. I don't think that she killed herself and I'm becoming less convinced of the suicide theory the more I read about this case. I know that this was long winded but I had to share that with you.

Justice said...

Princess, you bring up some good questions! And these are the same questions that many have wondered about. Melinda's suicide, for many people, was the "icing on the cake", in making up their minds that Melinda "must have" disappeared Trenton, because what mother could possibly kill herself when her child was missing, unless she had something to do with it?

From the research that I've done, several significant things happened on the day of Melinda's death. The 1st one being the NG interview, which we've all seen. IF Melinda didn't have anything to do with Trenton's disappearance, that interview in and of itself would have been enough to push her over the edge. NG's harsh accusations to Melinda, and Melinda trying to tell NG that "she was told" not to discuss these things, painted Melinda out to be a horrible person who probably did indeed do something with Trenton. No matter how hard Melinda tried to answer the questions, NG just kept pushing & pushing until Melinda handed the phone over to her grandmother. Melinda tried to tell Nancy the screen was cut up both sides and the bottom, but Nancy kept interrupting her. Melinda tried to tell Nancy that she was told not to take the polygraph by her attorney, and told to only talk to the FBI, and told not to put some info out to the public, and then NG began to pound on the desk, accusing Melinda of holding back info.

And then there was the rumor mill of Leesburg. The same day as Melinda's death, is the same day that someone started the rumor that Trenton had been found in a dumpster, and that rumor spread like wildfire. It was posted all over many forums and sites carrying info about this case. We do know that in the beginning, Melinda had posted to one forum, telling them that they had their info wrong, that Trenton did not have any permanent marks on his head, as their site had stated. So its very possible that Melinda was aware of this rumor. It's also possible that someone even called her and told her about the rumor. If that was the case, and personally this is what I believe, then what more did she have to live for if her son had been found dead in a nearby dumpster?

As far as the suicide goes, I guess there will always be questions. 2 shots being fired is odd, but it has happened before. Other questions that interest me is why did the 1st autopsy say she was "white" and that her grandparents id'd her by her tattoo? But later that was changed to her correct ethnicity and that she was identified by her teeth. Just more & more questions with no real answers....

Anonymous said...


You missed the point. And just how is my statement an excuse for anybody? Humor me, show me an example. Your statement is an empty accusation aimed at...who?

As far as YOU know there aren't any laws on record that would prevent a proper investigation from going forward, not even a lawsuit. That's rich! WHAT INVESTIGATION? NEWSFLASH, THERE ISN'T ONE! HELLO! Let alone a proper investigation!
Were you responding to me here with this statement? Did I say anything about laws?
"Trenton is still a missing child which means a crime was committed by 1 or more people". Really? Could have fooled me, Melinda and Trent have not been in the news SINCE THE LAWSUIT!

You are sooo missing something here! And why do I have to explain? It does too make sense! Your response to what I said does not make sense! It gets old reading the same excuse over and over? Excuse?
What the XXXX are you talking about Excuse?

The lawsuit BROUGHT IT ALL TO A SCREECHING HALT! Know it! Too bad the lawsuit could not have waited A LITTLE BIT!

My Opinion Only

Justice said...

Anonymous, how about I just quote the examples that you gave yourself, and then give my opinion...


2. Melinda and Trent have not been in the news SINCE THE LAWSUIT!


Firstly, I am not and have never been in favor of this lawsuit. IA with you, IF there had to be a lawsuit, it should have waited. I don't like NG, and I don't agree with what she did, but there would have been a proper time and place for this later!

Secondly, you understood exactly what I was trying to say. Just why did the lawsuit "stop everything"? Almost anything and everything to do with this case is either done without reporting about it, or is not done at all. There's been very little coverage of the case in the media, except a small story here or there, mostly on anniversaries of events that happened during the case.

LE never speaks about the case, and won't release ANYTHING they have to show why they believe as they do. Even with the liberal "Sunshine Laws" of Fl, nobody has any idea what went on in that investigation. There was one recent article and video on Click Orlando. They interviewed Rich Giles, who was the lead detective when Trenton disappeared, but has since retired. In the interview, he says he's still looking for Trenton, but he feels Melinda killed him in her apartment, because Trenton's DNA was found on the pillow in the garbage. Uhh, HELLO!!! I would bet you, that my own DNA is on EVERY pillow in my house, as I DO LIVE HERE!!!. THAT is an EXCUSE!!! ( (In the video for this interview, at the end, it says that they will have another interview with Rich later on this same night. To date, that interview hasn't been on their site...)

Also, this former lead detective states in his interview, that his only regret about this case, is that he might have gotten to close to the "family"... Uhhh, ya think? And he is talking about the "Duckett" side of the family, because he doesn't give info to "Melinda's side". Why would that be? Why can't he stay in contact with Melinda's grandparents? And why did he just assume that since Carla was Josh's alibi, that Carla didn't need a poly? Marion County wanted to give her a poly, but oh Rich decided it wasn't necessary. This goes along with other statements he said in that interview. While "HE" believes that Melinda is guilty of probably killing little Trenton, this is not what Trenton's family or some of the other detectives believe. Ok, well, everybody believes something different, but there is no evidence that Melinda killed or handed off Trenton, and there's no evidence that she didn't, so just exactly WHAT evidence do you really have???

And one more thing. Way back at the beginning of this case, Equusearch was called to assist in the search for Trenton. Joshua had no problem with them searching, but Equusearch leader Tim Miller needed the ok from LE, and LE decided not to use this great resource. Well a lot has changed since Rich Giles retired, or so it seems. Rich has now decided to volunteer his services and has trained to actually work for Equusearch volunteering his time, so now he has no problem with them coming in and searching for Trenton. WTF? YES, ES has a good track record, but why wait 3+ years to change your mind Rich?

And Anonymous, it appears from your writing, that I might have upset you. I should have explained myself a little better, but you did a great job of catching my drift. Sorry if I got under your skin a bit, but Thanks for giving a better explanation of what I was trying to say...

Anonymous said...

she had something to do with this childs disapperance and for you not to think so is freakn crazy. what mother throws all her kids stuff out the day after they have gone missing and what mother kills herself while her child is missing. a guilty one thats who.

Justice said...

Wow, did I strike a nerve with you "anonymous"?

This case has been talked to death already, until one by one, each and every place there was to talk about it just stopped. The same results happened each time. One little group decided long ago that Melinda was guilty, and Josh was God, end of story. Lie after lie was put out there to destroy Melinda, and it still continues. So far there's been NO proof Melinda did anything sinister with Trenton. So it's time to put all the cards on the table...

We can play "he said, she said" all day long, but that hasn't gotten this case anywhere. So now, all the documents that have been gathered over the past 3 yrs are going to be put out there for the whole world to see. IF you can disprove any of the documents posted here, go right ahead. Otherwise, people can make up their own minds when they see it all in black and white, instead of a handful of people spreading God awful rumors and lies, threatening and harassing those who believe Melinda might be innocent. People will always talk a good game, but in the end, "PROOF" and "TRUTH" is all that matters...

Nobody said...

" what mother throws all her kids stuff out the day after they have gone missing and what mother kills herself while her child is missing. a guilty one thats who." - Anonymous

On the surface, that's what people think, because they were duped.

Go back and look at the items in the trash, and compare them to the items in the Baby Book. Then ask yourself, was Melinda the ONLY person who had pictures? Did Josh, Laurie, Carla, have any pictures? Did this group have any of Trenton's clothes? Toys? The cards in the trash, did they have a signature? Were they from Laurie? Carla? Iris? Why did Trenton have a PINK Teddy Bear?

Read about the sonogram. It wasn't a sonogram. It was a picture of the monitor of the ultrasound with a hand pointing at "Trenton".

Melinda had "Trenton" tattooed on her ankle. Read the autopsy report.

Melinda did not do drugs, was not pregnant, did not have any cutting scars on her body (Like Josh stated) - read the autopsy.

Everything in this puzzle makes sense when you realize that Melinda was set up. It was all to prove her crazy, unfit, and get custody of Trenton, so Melinda would not have control over Josh's feelings and so THEY (Carla and Josh) would get custody and NOT pay child support. Carla controlled the purse strings. How did Josh get all his bikes and trucks and entrance fees to racing and gear? Carla. His last bike that he had when he left Melinda in October 2005 he owed over $4,000. Who paid that bill? Not Melinda.

So Anonymous, please read here and grasp what this is all about. The Eubanks tried to tell the media but they wouldn't print what they said. So they stopped talking to the media.

Melinda was set up with the false reports to DCF. Set up for the arson of the flower shop. Set up for the phony sex acts with the police officer. Set up with the Baker Act. Set up with the Mall incident. Set up with the BOA theft. Set up with the threatening email. Set up with the abduction of Trenton. Set up with the items in the trash. And the more I think about it, set up to LOOK LIKE A SUICIDE.

Why didn't she just cut her wrists with her knives. She had plenty there. Why didn't she bring in her own loaded shotgun from the car, when she "put her suicide notes in her car". Why did she leave her laptop on the floorboard of her car in the front passenger seat? Why did she have $900 that she withdrew from the bank in her car ashtray? Why did she pay her car payment and her car insurance payment the day before she died? Why did she rush so fast, that she grabbed the shotgun, that hadn't been fired in over 20 years, grab a fork from the kitchen to get the clip out and put in correctly, and then hide in her closet with the gun. Look at the angle on the drawing of how the gunshot went into the ceiling/wall? Why would she take a practice shot at that angle? Why even take a practice shot? How did she even know how to fire that particular gun?

And why would she pick a time that would only give her a short window to accomplish all this?

And why would she bother to write a sticky note to her Nanny and Poppy saying she was taking a nap and would eat when she got up.

Seems to me like the intruder didn't see the note.
And I think she recognized the intruder and ran for the gun to protect herself. She probably knew it would be useless to call 911.

But that's my opinion. I think that CNN should look into this whole thing of Melinda being set up. Because I believe CNN was set up too. Where did they get all their information? And if Melinda was murdered, wouldn't that change things!

Anonymous said...

Just for the record there is more than 1 anonymous posting here. I did NOT post that "what mother throws all her kid's stuff out the day after they go missing..." on October 10 2009 at 12:20pm.

This anonymous is not buying that story that has been put out there about the trash.
Common sense about what was in the trash tells you why it was there. It is not because Melinda was heartless and just trashed his things. And it seems that a few things were added to her trash. I wonder why??? Sounds like someone trying to manipulate an outcome. And that someone was not Melinda.

This case needs to be reopened. Everyone just ASSUMED it was Melinda.

I am the anonymous that posted about the lawsuit and the timing of it. Although after reading the previous post, I too think CNN should look into where they originally got their info from and how they were baited.

Anonymous said...

Can this blog be laid out in a simpler format? It is kind of a pain to read. Sorry, it just takes too long to check posts. Thank you.

Nobody said...

The above Anonymous,

I just started this blog Aug 13, 2009 my first experience with a blog. I will check into the format as I find it hard to locate the last comment posted as there are so many articles. Now that I have to monitor the comments, because of ugly posts, I do get to read them first, but it doesn't tell me which article it posted under and like you I have to "search". And yes "it is a pain".

Make up a name to add your comment(s) and use that name for all your posts.

I am taking a few days off, but will find a way to check in and publish everyone's posts.

I am currently working on Melinda's hand drawn map and will publish it along with an actual map of the area. Her map is very accurate. I have the addresses of the people she visited that day, Brent Compton and Gary Vinson, both listed on that map and the reason she went to visit them. The Leesburg police are trying to say that she went there another day. And the Leesburg police are also saying that the Wendy's witness saw Melinda a different day.

princess_azure said...

I typed Josh Duckett into google and came across this sickening interview;

Here's part two; What's troubling about this interview isn't that Josh is unemotional (because I understand that people respond in strange ways to traumatic events) but it's that if you watch this video closely he seems like he's on the verge of laughter. I don't think this it;s because he thinks that this situation is humorous but it's a smug "haha , they fell for it" kind of laugh.

It's strange that people were ready to finger Melinda as guilty because she seemed "frigid" in her interviews , but were all to eager to defend this. Don't read the comments on this video , ugh! What's even more disgusting is that he's eating this up. Does Florida have any safe haven laws? The reason I ask is that Josh may have given Trenton to a friend of his and that person may have left Trenton at a hospital or church. Then from there , Trenton was placed in foster care. I know that was disjointed MTP , but I just had to share that with you.

Nobody said...

At one point a group of us posting on a forum about this case thought that Trenton would "show up' when Nancy Grace came to Leesburg. You know, to boost ratings. Also around that time, Sinfully Sweets, a restaurant on Main Street in Leesburg, posted a statement in their window that whoever had Trenton could return him to the police station, the fire station or even Sinfully Sweets, with no questions asked. How convenient.

I personally believe that they don't know how to return Trenton and blame Melinda at the same time. They were counting on the public buying into the picture they painted of Melinda but those of us who defended Melinda became a persistent thorn in their side.

On Megan Nesvacil's myspace she posted "They Found Trenton". That was January 2007. Megan is Josh's cousin, James Duckett's niece.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for starting and maintaining this blog. More and more the secrets will come out. Eventually the Ducketts will have to answer. That will be the day we find out what happened to Trenton.