Saturday, September 26, 2009

Petition for Protection

When Melinda opened her myspace emails, private messages, she opened them up on the morning of July 4, 2006. That is when she read the myspace email from Josh, a/k/a FF. She went to the police immediately, after printing it out.


Nobody said...

I want to apologize to the readers here for the lapse in information. I usually post every day but have been unable to post pictures/documents recently. Blogspot is working on it. The above documents took about an hour to post as I kept being booted off the internet.

I have much more on the threatening email.

princess_azure said...

No need to apologize , I have a bad ISP as well :-) On the weapons part of those documents the one that really stuck out to me was RIFLES. As in hunting rifles , I'm even less convinced that Melinda's death was a suicide. The fact that he passed a polygraph doesn't mean anything. Any sociopath can beat one of those tests.

I really hope that Trenton is alive and Joshua didn't kill him. I'm inclined to believe that this handful of people have him stashed somewhere. Had Nancy Grace investigated she would have found these documents; they clearly state that JOSH is the unstable one not Melinda. NG is just as much of a sociopath as Josh & Carla.

Nobody said...

I was researching today the interview with Melinda and Nancy Grace that was aired the day she died.

I isolated the transcript into 3 parts. Melinda's comments, Josh's comments and the "expert" comments.

Mark Lunsford had been with Josh Duckett on Sept 7, 2006 to support Josh as being a father of a missing child, as was Mark. Mark stated in an interview that a friend of his called him to get involved with this case. Later he said that the FBI contacted him to get the media ball rolling for Josh. One of his calls was to CNN and Nancy Grace producers invited Josh, Mark and Melinda on the show. Laurie Konnerth was very buddy, buddy with Mark Lunsford and was laughing with him after the Sept 7 interview, as how Melinda got eaten up by Nancy Grace. Laurie Konnerth also bragged on the different forums how she - Laurie - gave all the information to Nancy Grace about Melinda. She is the one who gave her the porn, the BOA, the DCF findings about Melinda (all unfounded) to paint the picture of Melinda as another Susan Smith.

It's also interesting to note that this year Mark Lunsford admitted that he has a son born two years ago October. The paper declares him a hero and they are so happy he has a son. I am sure when Josh announces his son (who was born one month after Mark's son two years ago) he will be "touted" as a hero for missing children and how glad everyone is that he finally has a son.

This would all be good if he was truly a good father who cared about his son. But instead, he is repeating his old patterns of NOT caring about his son but caring only that he has to PAY child support. He always dumped Trenton on others to take care of him when Josh had him. He did little to care for Trenton..or about Trenton IMO.

Nobody said...

You will also note that Melinda indicated that Josh had an alchohol problem. I have also heard from reliable sources that Josh also has a drug problem. Even injecting "special K".