Thursday, January 3, 2013

History Repeating Itself: New Victims

Dec 12, 2012


James A. Duckett #112232
FSP/G- Wing
7819 NW 228 Street
Raiford, FL 32026-1160

Hi James,

Having not gone to the post office during November, I just picked up your letter over the weekend. Glad you’re writing again as I could use your help as well.
I called station 51 Fox News and I could NOT even find the interview on the internet. They didn’t confirm as to which night the interview was aired, or even if there was a new interview at all.  Your letter was dated November 7th and Tuesday would have been the 6th which was election night coverage. But bottom line when I called the news office they told me I would need a subpoena for ANY transcript of their news shows. So we are out of luck.

 There was a mention of an interview of Josh on a forum in the first few days of November. But again, no link to the item.  My guess is that it was a clip from a previous interview. The only police officer from Leesburg that would have been making a comment would be Brian Cash.

There has been a lot going on in Bushnell.  As you know, Carla was super mad at you about the card you mailed her and she returned to you with “Go to hell and give this to your friend Liz Lennon”. Well she is going to be mad again but at a different ex-husband, but too bad.  I am meeting up with and have been talking to her third husband Kevin Massero. (They are NOT divorced). He left in December 2005 because he was on drugs, but Carla was trying to get him out of the house because she had Jason Fort waiting in the wings.  Just like she had Brian Lee Boggs waiting in the wings.

 We all know that Carla Massero and Josh Duckett lie. In fact, they lie all the time almost to the point of being pathological liars.  At the least, they are habitual liars, and here’s why.

Kevin Massero told me that he was present when Carla and Josh had then police chief Joyce Wells (Bushnell police department was disbanded due to many improprieties in April 2012) come to their house on Friday night with Josh putting his cell phone on speaker phone calling and calling Melinda. They had their court case coming up on Monday and they wanted to get Melinda baker acted so she couldn’t attend and they would get full custody of Trenton.  When Melinda was not saying anything they could use against her, they left together and went to the Bushnell Police Station still trying to bait Melinda. When she finally said “I want to end this” they used  those words to baker act her pretending she wanted to end her life and Trenton’s. It was a set up just like I said and Melinda’s grandparents said, confirmed by Kevin Massero an eye witness and married to Carla.

 Now we have history repeating itself. Only the victims have changed.
The new victims are Josh’s other son Ryder and Ryder’s mother Stephani.  Josh and Carla prevented Stephani from seeing her own son Ryder even though she is the court named custodial parent with 50% time sharing. They didn’t even allow her to talk to Ryder on the phone (he just turned 5 November 18 2012}.  When Josh married Debi Doster March 3, 2012, they all lived with Carla and Jason Fort along with Debi’s daughter Courtney and Ryder. But Carla took care of Ryder all the time.

 When Josh and Debi moved into their own home in Inverness in July they did not keep Ryder at all.  As I wrote to you before, I helped Stephani file an emergency pick up order and now the case is open since the end of June. During the last 5 months, Josh and Carla have been causing a lot of grief for Stephani.

 1)      They have been bad mouthing her all over town.

2)      They have called the police numerous times

3)      They have called DCF (dept. of children and families) 3 times accusing Stephani of

1.       Being on drugs (meth)

2.       Being a stripper in a club and prostitute

3.       Holding a knife to Ryder’s throat

They changed the daycare where Ryder was enrolled to a different one without telling Stephani because the previous daycare favored Stephani.  At the second childcare facility Debi changed all the pertinent information and emergency contacts. Debi crossed out Stephani’s name as mother and wrote in her own name. Debi crossed out Stephani’s father as the contact and wrote in Jason Forts name as grandfather. The daycare gave the papers to Stephani to bring to court with her. The judge was livid.

The judge was also livid about Josh calling DCF on Stephani 3 times, all unfounded.

 I called DCF and reported that Josh and Carla had made numerous false allegations against Melinda Duckett, all to get Trenton away from her, just like they are doing to Stephani.

 Since Josh moved, Ryder has NOT stayed with him. He goes to Carla’s during the 50% times. When the judge asked Josh about it, he stated that it’s because his mother Carla loves Ryder so much. The judge ordered that Ryder be with Josh and Debi during their time with him and NOT with Carla. She also ordered Josh to retake the parenting class and this time WITH Stephani like he was ordered to in July.

 Josh has been writing Stephani notes on his phone (texting) saying that he wants to get with her sexually. He sends her pictures of his boxer shorts and says she really wants it.  He grabbed her ass when they were alone during a child exchange and a neighbor came over and asked what was going on. And Josh has been married now for 8 months. I guess the “honeymoon” is over.

 Kevin has told me that Carla has many issues. And that she is a screaming bitch behind closed doors. Carla is very controlling and if things don’t go her way, look out.

 I have hooked up with (redacted) and we are gathering information to STOP Carla and Josh. I have ordered public records from Sumter County Court and the Sheriff’s department. I have interviewed the owner of the building where Carla had her flower shop in Bushnell. Carla owed her a ton of money when she closed her shop. The owners also looked behind the flower shop for Trenton’s body when he went missing. That should say something right there.

 Kevin Massero moved in with Carla (he met her in a bar) when Josh was 4 years old. He bought the mobile home that is on Carla’s property. He provided for them when they were growing up.

When Kevin told Carla that he was on cocaine, and he left, Justin disowned him and has not talked to him since 2006. (Kevin married Carla when Josh turned 18 but lived with her since Josh was 4 years old).

 I would still like to get those copies of the letters Melinda wrote to you; it’s nice to hear her own words.

Let me know, once again how I can get those copies. I never got the form from you for sending money orders so you can make copies.  You could mail them to me one at a time and I would make a copy and send it back, you have my word on that.

 One thing that Kevin was adamant about:  Do NOT allow Carla to get a hold of Ryder.

 Let me know the outcome of your most recent hearing.

Liz Lennon
PO Box 88
Reddick, FL 32686