Dear Carla - An Editorial
I received a letter to my mailbox from Wildwood, Florida dated December 9, 2009. The return address was Joshua Duckett and the envelope was written in large print, more like Carla’s writing (Josh’s writing is very tiny) and the letter was typed, with a lot of misspelled words, but basically it was accusing me of being hateful toward him and to please stop writing the blog. It was not signed but "Duckett" was misspelled so I feel it wasn’t written by him, but perhaps by his current girlfriend who loves him and who works with his mother at their new flower shop in Wildwood. (updated information: His girlfriend married him  3/2012 and is now divorcing him 2013 because of his "sick relationship with his mother").

 I believe the same reasoning applies here as it does for the outrage about Nancy Grace not wanting to be embarrassed by her deposition being viewed by the public when in fact she embarrasses not only her subjects but her guest experts as well!

For over three years now the Ducketts have allowed ugly, untrue things to be put out there about Melinda. The same lies keep manifesting themselves into a false picture of who Melinda was. Basically the public think that Melinda killed Trenton to keep him away from Josh, that they were having a bitter divorce, and fighting for custody. None of that is true. Melinda had sole custody, Melinda had child support, Melinda filed for divorce and Josh was to have visitation just like it stated in the final report dated May 26, 2006. Even in her will she named Josh to be guardian of Trenton in the case of her demise.

The Ducketts and their supporters have had their say to DCF, the police, and the media for over 3 years. Now it’s Melinda’s turn to have her “voice” heard.

This is my answer to your letter I just received,  but this letter was written over a couple years ago, but never sent.

Dear Carla,

First of all, I didn’t start out thinking you were involved, I only knew that a little boy was missing. Then his mother committed suicide. And I started looking for more information to seek the truth…hence, my name Maytruthprevail. Then when I saw the vicious attacks on Melinda’s name I knew there was a destroyer out there and I wanted to find him. I started to write to people, I did public searches, court documents, I talked to people in the area, and I went to Leesburg many times, more searching. I am a perseverer. I am a doer. Sometimes I step on people's toes. Well too damn bad. There is a little boy out there NOT where he belongs. And his mother is dead. And in all my searches, IMO the only motive that makes sense points to you.

All be it, Melinda didn’t take a lie detector test because she was advised by her attorney not to. Why? Because she was stressed out. And the detector detects stress. Josh passed his but so did Ted Bundy. It’s meaningless. You didn’t take one either, but the most perplexing thing about that is you agreed to take one only if it was given by the Leesburg Police and if you were asked the same questions they gave to Josh…and you told the investigator: “SO YOU WOULD PASS!”

Well I have some questions for you. Not that I expect you to ever answer them, but…

Carla, I am a mother and a grandmother. My grandchildren are part Japanese. How did you feel about your daughter-in-law being South Korean?

How did you feel when your son came home and Melinda came over to your house and told you she was going to have Josh's baby? Your words, I believe were,” Get out of my house you bitch". Then you called Melinda's family in New York, screaming at them too. What a nice way to break the news. Did you think she'd get hell for it? Well her grandparents sat her down and put their arms around her and Melinda told them, you know Nanny and Poppy I can’t give up this baby? And they answered lovingly, “We know child”.

But I wonder what you did to Josh after you kicked Melinda out of your house. Did Kevin Massero beat him up then too? Like when he left to marry Melinda? Did you wail him again?

So why did you want to hire an attorney to get custody of Trenton when Melinda was only 4 or 5 months pregnant? I mean that's what you told her family, screaming again at them. How did you know what kind of mother she would be? Oh that's right she was Korean. Right Carla? Not good enough? Not even good enough to be the mother of a cockroach?

And why would you want custody of Trenton so much? I agree, he is absolutely delightful but I believe all children are a delight. I thought at one point you didn't even believe that Trenton was Josh's son? And why would you want to start a family all over again? Your sons were grown! Didn't the flower shop bring you in enough money without the child support payments now that Josh was 18?

Also, why were you and those you told, the only ones who thought Melinda was abusing Trenton? I talked to many people and they said that Melinda was always protective of Trenton. Where did you get this idea that she was abusing him? I thought you personally stated that you never saw Melinda abuse Trenton? Josh signed a court document stating that Melinda was not crazy and she was a fit mother and that he had lied because he was influenced by you Carla. Maybe you were abused as a child? I heard that you told someone in confidence that your own father was a pedophile. Even your nephew Christopher Roberts was charged with child molestation, but he got out of that after a mis-trial.

However, it was observed that when Trenton would return from your house, he would scream when anyone wanted to take off his diaper. And he would walk around with his little head drooped down to the side against his little chest. And he would lie on the floor and cry. Why didn't he do this after being at daycare or with his mother? Why Carla?

With all the accusations that Melinda put a knife to Trenton's leg, squeezed his chest, the audio tape that DCF supposedly lost of Trenton screaming for 6 hours? (What monster would make a tape of Trenton or any child screaming for 6 hours?)  DCF FOUND NO PROOF!! Why Carla? Maybe because Melinda never hurt Trenton? Didn’t Josh state in his court affidavit that Melinda was not crazy and never hurt Trenton? And that he was influenced by you, Carla to make those accusations?

When did you hire an attorney to file all those papers to get custody in April 2005? It had to have been before the arson on your shop? Did you need more "evidence" to make Melinda out to be the "unfit mother of the year"? Why didn't you use the porn video you had then? Oh that’s right, Josh was the costar. Or maybe Josh didn't tell you about that one? That was pretty nifty. You get rid of Melinda for the arson, get custody of the baby keep Josh at home in your house, and have Melinda pay child support to you?

But the arson didn't work so you had to come up with something fast. Oh yes, the book by Marshall Frank "Call Me Mommy". Fake that Melinda is crazy and have her baker acted! But, Melinda was not the one with mental problems so they didn't keep her. But why did Joyce Wells keep her purse? For days. Did you guys think that her car keys were in it? And that she couldn't get to the court that Monday with no car and no ID? Whose idea was that? Too bad DCF let the cat out of the bag. (That sounds familiar) You remember, when James Duckett your husband who’s been on death row for over 20 years was accused of killing that little girl and the police told Marshall Frank that you kept the paper bag with the toy and “bloody panties”, you know the one your sister threw out?

And why would you call DCF in April to say that Melinda was harming Trenton, when it was Josh who would always fight with Melinda, push her into walls, usually over money, his dirt bike and his attachment to you, then he'd leave taking Trenton away from Melinda, not showing up for days, keeping Trenton away from her. But the first time, that Melinda gets a little spunky and calls her state trooper friend Paul Curtas to come to the apartment so that Josh doesn't take Trenton again, the very next day you decide to call DCF? Are you used to calling DCF in other instances? Isn't that the last thing a parent or a grandparent would do to their grandchild? Or didn't you realize you were doing harm to your grandchild, but were only concentrating on doing harm to Melinda? It was as if you hated Melinda more than you loved Trenton. I know you must have been very happy to have Josh leave her and come back to you?

And why did you close the flower shop in Bushnell - Loves Creations - the day after Trent went missing? It would have made a great headquarters for Team Trenton and was your only income. It was your only income right? Or maybe with the FBI and LE investigation you didn’t want them around your “business”?

Let it be known, that I don’t hate you or anyone. What I hate is what was done to Melinda Duckett and ultimately to Trenton. Just like Trenton was plucked out of Melinda’s arms the night of the conspired baker act, to leave her in a “jail” of a mental institution based on false accusations (perjury I might add) in order to “kidnap” her son to gain custody of him so as NOT to pay child support but to receive child support, (fraud) how can no one even consider that the abduction of Trenton on August 27, 2006 is not history repeating itself?

And the last question Carla... Was it really worth it?


Anonymous said...

I was told that the flower shop was not closed the day after Trenton went missing. I was told a family member was running the shop. So are you sure it was actually closed?

Maytruthprevail said...

According to her landlord it was closed. Carla wasn't paying her rent. Just like all her other flower shops.