Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Right? His Answer YES!

(Excerpt from Billy Eubank's letter to DCF case worker Nicey Martin)

Joshua sat at the table in my house while you (Nicey Martin) completed our home study. You, Joshua, Nancy and myself were seated around the table and I said to Joshua, "You set Melinda up on 4/29/05 so you could get custody of Trenton. This would give you bargaining power to get back with Melinda, right?" His answer YES!

Another statement I remember very well when Joshua was pouring out all his 'I am sorry' was 'Now I will have to prove myself". Boy did he ever!
Many people did many things to help Joshua and I am sure he will spend many sleepless nights as he thinks about all the grief he has caused so many and the thousands of dollars and many hours of work wasted on his foolishness.

After all the heartaches and grief, we will continue to pray for Joshua and his family.


Nobody said...

If Josh had Trenton's welfare in mind, why would he want Trenton with strangers? Trenton did not deserve being bounced around from person to person. He was happy with his Mommy. And now Josh is suing for Shared Custody with the mother of his 2 year old son, that he hardly had any contact with over the past two years. Oh he puts pictures up on his Josh N Debi site but that's "just for show". Never on his Duckett64 sight, that might diminish the donations. The truth is he doesn't want to pay child support and this is his way out. Maybe he can put another tattoo on his other side ,to show how much he loves THIS son. If he truly loved this son, he would allow him to stay with his mother, visit him and PAY child support.

Justice said...

Unfortunately, this is the same type of behavior bestowed upon many families. One parent gets mad, and wants revenge, so they do whatever they can, however they can, never thinking of the long term consequences. The children get hurt, the other parent gets hurt, and those who are trying to help get hurt.

Melinda's grandparents have had nothing but heartache during the years that they should have been enjoying the fruits of their labor. Instead of enjoying life, they've not only spent what was probably their retirement savings on helping to defend Melinda against all these false allegations, but have also had to endure the stress and knowledge of knowing EXACTLY whats going on, but not really being able to do anything about it. How sad is that... These people didn't and don't deserve this. Although Melinda was their grandchild, they loved her and knew her better than anybody, and to see the horror that they've gone thru in trying to defend her is almost unbearable, even to the outside world that isn't there to witness everything. Having known Melinda as they did, even if she was their grandchild, I'd take their word over Joshua's word any day of the week!!!

I know life is not fair, and never will be, but in this case, what is it going to take to get people to listen, and see this whole story for what it really is. Joshua is a spoiled brat, an apple straight off his mother's tree, and unless and until someone makes him accountable for his actions, then and now, he will always be a proverbial thorn in someone's side. At age 24, you'd think he would have learned his lesson by now. As someone else said in a comment to one of your stories, his relationship with his mother very much appears to be abnormal. No 24 yr old man (and I use that term loosely) should be clinging to his mother's breast the way he does. By continuing to do this, he makes himself look like nothing more than a wussy, and not fit to be a father to any child, much less Trenton, or the other baby he fathered.

I pity any women he's able to woo in the future. Not only will they be up against a cheat and a liar, but eventually, they, too, will learn the hard/wrong way that these people ruin lives. They are like a small Melanoma, which if not treated, grows into full blown cancer. Life changing, and never far from causing death. The only difference, in this case, there is no death, only a lifetime of heartache, that never ends, making death really seem like the ONLY way out...

violetprincess said...

Is Josh paying any child support for this new son? Or...is he up to his old tricks , putting up constant obstacles, to avoid his responsibilities?

I hear there is a new girlfriend on the scene, with a ready made child for Carla to take control of...how long before this girl is pregnant & the cycle starts over again?

As an aside, I,m at a loss to understand what these pretty young women see in this big, dopey, Mommy's boy...with his sulky mouth, sparse bum fluff on his chin, & little boy lost look...if he inspires their mothering instinct to take care of him, they need to be ultra careful...theres a very large, vicious Mother Bear lurking, who will eat them up at the first sign of her position being usurped!