Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Thief Comes to Steal, Kill and Destroy

Tomorrow is the anniversary of Melinda Duckett's birthday. She would have been 24. She would be alive today had it not been for the sheer meanness and outright campaign to eliminate her by a handful of people.

What did she do? What crime did she commit? She became pregnant with Joshua Duckett's son, Trenton John Duckett. And that was just, I suppose, unforgiveable.

For three years now I have been following this sad case. Two year old Trenton Duckett missing from Leesburg, Florida on the evening of August 27, 2006. A screen in his bedroom window had been cut down, over and up the other side, with the window open and Trenton taken from his bed. Twevle days later, Melinda is found with a shotgun blast to her head in her grandparents' home, in what was once her bedroom's closet.

If that in itself were not bad enough, these same handful of people wanted to make sure that Melinda's reputation was totally destroyed. The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. But Jesus said that He came to bring life. And He is the Light that shines in the darkness.

Three years of delving into the life of Melinda Duckett has shown me that she is innocent, that she is the victim, and has been wrongly accused. I believe that her son is alive, and hidden by this same handful of people.

I intend to describe events from 2005 until the present time concerning Melinda Duckett. I will post letters, pictures and public records for viewing. These are all contained in my Duckett Bucket, hence the name of my blog.

And Was It Really Worth It? Here is a song I wrote to the handful of people:

Was it really worth it?
To cause the anguish and the pain?
Was it really worth it?
Merely for your gain?

How will you explain it?
To those trusting child eyes
How will you defend it?
What by telling him more lies?

Was it really worth it?
To cause the anguish and the pain?
Was it really worth it?
Merely for your gain?

So you really fooled the world
You must feel so proud
Now that his mother is destroyed
Lying in death's shroud

What did you accomplish?
Did you finally win?
What did you conquer?
Certainly not sin.

But the One who died for sin
Has accomplished everything
And when you finally face Him
He will ask you but one thing...

Was it really worth it?


Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry to read about your friend. Did police think she kidnapped her son? I don't understand the 'set up' part.

3 women die every day from domestic violence in this country. In the world, I've seen estimates placed at 1.5 to 3 million a year - domestic violence, honor killings, stoning, etc. Women are becoming objectified and disposable on this planet. On a more positive note, it's being recognized as the public health epidemic and human rights violation that it is.

Best wishes to you,

Media Misses blogger

Nobody said...

Melinda is a "friend" that I've never met. The Leesburg Police told Nancy and Bill Eubank, her grandparents, that they believe Melinda killed Trenton in a rage of anger over something as simple as a dirty diaper (Per Scott Bolin, FBI agent in an interview with the elder Eubanks) Nancy retorted, "If Melinda killed Trenton then you would have found her dead at his feet instead of in my closet".

Please continue to read here, I will explain the "set up" in one of my future articles. This case is about Money - and control.

Because of your concern over domestic violence, one that I also share, I will skip ahead and tell you this. The Ducketts accused Melinda of abuse toward her son, putting a knife to his leg, dangling him over water, squeezing him, all UNFOUNDED. They were just accusation after accusation. Not a word of truth. You see, the Ducketts used the DCF system, who removed this happy child from his happy home, and made DCF the ABUSER. They did not have to provide proof, Melinda had to defend herself against lies.

Somewhere down the road, I hope to be part of some legislation that would require DCF to look at the accuser and make them accountable. In this case the accuser had everything to gain, the Ducketts wanted custody of Trenton. In order to do that they lied. I will post Josh Ducketts Affidavit filed with the court that he lied to DCF about Melinda.

Glenn's Cult? said...

Please keep me updated through my email also if you can :-) I want to work on this legislation as well.