Sunday, August 23, 2009

Joshua Duckett: I Was Indeed Being Influenced

When Joshua Duckett filed his affidavit with the court, he wrote this letter to his attorney asking her to file a voluntary dismissal of his case with DCF. He states that Melinda Eubank is not crazy and is not, nor has she ever been, an unfit mother.

This was the purpose of the Baker Act, to make Melinda out to be an unfit mother. This was the purpose of all the allegations to DCF stating she was crazy and an unfit mother. All to get custody of Trenton and not pay child support.

And this is the SAME STORY being fostered on the public since Trenton disappeared - To direct and influence the public to believe that Melinda sold Trenton, gave him away, or even killed him...a crazy, unfit mother.

But what or who prompted Josh to make these allegations?

His words: "Overlying that fact the primary force, directing and influencing me at the times of my accusations was my mother, Carla Massero."


princess-azure said...

Reading this , I'm starting feel sorry for Joshua. He was so feebleminded that his mother was able to influence him to such an extent. On one hand , he's an adult who at anytime could have said no to his mother. He's choosing to pull this stunt again.

For once in his life Joshua should take responsiblity for his actions. Carla isn't doing him any favors by coddling him.

princess_azure said...

Josh is claiming that Melinda and her attorney coerced him into signing this. Josh is the one whose story kept changing yet he was seen as more credible? Where's the justice?

Anonymous said...

It's really scary that the system can be so easily manipulated. The level of inconsistencies in the husband's stories over the years is troubling.

Anonymous said...

Josh is a idot he says one thing and does something completly different. He actually trys the samethings and says the samethings with my wife (who is the mother of his second son) that he did with melinda. He won't let her bring her son up to georgia where we live cause I'm in the military and its where I'm stationed. And when he supposably has their son everytime she calls her son is always with joshs mom carla. So if I had to say anything I. Belive that he had somethin to do with it

princess_azure said...

@ Anonymous , has Josh called DCF on you and your wife? Be on your guard because these people are tricky.

Glenn's Cult? said...

Yeah and if you are anywhere near Lake County and they are the ones to investigate please be extra careful anon. I know a very good mother who was investigated by DCF multiple times due to allegations by her abusive ex-husband. They have ignored her pleas and forced her and the child involved to undergo major trauma. The child more so than the mother, but your toes would curl if you knew what they has gone through.

Lets just say that the worst of all the calls was when this poor little girl was forced to strip completely naked at her father's house in front of strangers, spread her legs and photographed nude by the investigator. The mother wants to know where these photos are? Are they part of the collection of one of the many pedophiles who work with DCF?

Is the father pleased with himself?

And will DCF do anything about this?