Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brief Summary of a Nightmare

Meet Nancy and Bill Eubank, Melinda's grandparents and Trenton's Nanny and Poppy. Here is Bill's Brief Summary of a Nightmare. He began writing it on August 13, 2006, (same month and date as I started this blog). Never knowing the tragedy to come. There's nothing to say. He says it all.


Jazmine said...

Who in Melinda Eubanks family molested her at the age of 6 years old? No one has ever thought to start asking questions about the Eubanks have they? Why was the person not prosocuted for such a horrible thing ? Why are the Eubanks not telling about Melinda being a self cutter and how Poppy removed hundreds of razor blades out of her room? Also why are they not telling the truth on why Melinda moved to Florida at 17 years old. Due to the fact she was out of controll her parents could not deal with her, and how Nanny sent her a phone without them knowing. Why don't they tell about all the holidays that the Eubanks spent at the Duckett home, and about the Thank you cards they sent to Joshua's mom. All the special birthday parties for Melinda and special cakes made like Cinderella her favorite!! How about when Melinda threaten to commit suicide when she was 4months pregnant with Trenton and there was an APB put out from Sumter to Lake County. Why would Melinda have GUNS in her car that were loaded and ready to be used at any time?As for Mr Vaughn someone needs to check into the fact he lost his job as a Bushnell PD for the exchange of police repots to Melinda for sex favors

Glenn's Cult? said...

Well if you Jazmine want to point out all of Melinda's shortcomings, wouldn't it be fair to also point out Joshua's? Let's see from Lake County - he had two domestic cases (DV Injunctions). But he did not live in Lake County for long, so let's check out Sumter County. Hmmm and what is it that Petunia discovers?

FIVE Domestic cases. Eight traffic violations ranging from speeding (2), seatbelt, improper/unsafe equipment (2), driving on the wrong side of the road, insurance, and no eye protection on motorcycle.

And now the clinher!!!!! DRIVING W/LICENSE SUSP./REV. 1ST CONVICTION and POSSESSION AND OR USE OF PARAPHERNALIA. Hmmmmmmm this is a man who should be caring for a child?

And now to address what you have said Jazmine (since you seem to like attacking the deceased who are unable to defend themselves and it is left to their family and friends to do so).

If Melinda was molested, is this her fault? And she was 21 so the alleged molestation happened 15 years ago - which would place it approximately in early 90's. I can tell you from experience that the early 90's still did not treat child sexual abuse victims fairly. The system still does not treat them fairly - often sending them to live with an abuser.

As far as being a cutter, this is something a person does to themselves, NEVER to another human. In fact cutters are very often more concerned with protecting others than themselves, so this proves NOTHING as far as her ability to care for Trenton - even if it is true.

Many children rebel against their parents when they are 15, 16, 17. This again has ABSOLUTELY no bearing on Melinda's ability to care for Trenton 4 years later.

The Eubanks might very well have spent a holiday with the Duckett's due to their child/grandchild being in a relationship with Joshua but this has absolutely no bearing on Melinda's ability to care for Trenton.

Where are the reports from Lake County regarding this ALLEGED suicide threat? And here again you are ATTACKING the deceased (how nasty of you).

And again, you ALLEGE Melinda had guns in her car. How are we to know those guns were not placed there by Joshua or another party - unknown to Melinda?

Okay now, too bad we cannot hear from Melinda and Mr. Vaughn. Melinda is DECEASED so she cannot answer. Mr. Vaughn has probably been advised to remain quiet on this matter as it will likely pertain to the case the Eubanks have pending.

And since we are on that note, why not find out exactly what happened when nobody was around. You see JAZMINE (UNBELIEVER and ATTACKER of the DECEASED), this is generally when domestic violence happens - when nobody is looking. DV THRIVES in isolation and is only killed off when exposed. MTP!!!!! KEEP EXPOSING!!!!!

MTP good job as usual!!!! Can't wait for the next segment. Please tell the Eubanks that Petunia prays for THEIR family every night and morning. You see I still have not been able in my own heart of hearts to forgive the people who have done this to their precious child and grandchild. I also pray for Trenton and that he is returned and able to continue to know his mother even though she is no longer here.

Oh and there are many out there watching. Watching and waiting to see what is released next. I hope that the guilty will be discovered and prsecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Too bad there is no law about pushing someone so hard that they see no end in sight and kill themselves. Then that same guilty party would not only be held accountable for Trenton's disappearance, but also Melinda's death.

My best to you MTP and to the Eubanks.

Justice said...

Jazmine: What does any of what you said have to do with Trenton's disappearance? The NY Eubanks are in NY, had never even met Trenton, so I don't think they are suspected in Trenton's disappearance. Teenagers who are in pain, and don't have any outward way to show their pain, tend to cut, so maybe this was Melinda's way of escaping her pain (if she in fact did cut). As far as the supposed molestation, do you have documents stating that in fact, Melinda was molested? If she was, it's none of our business. But if you'd read up on child molestation, the molesters are usually family members, or close personal friends, and many families choose not to prosecute, because of this. And IF Melinda was molested, she was a child, and it wasn't her fault, so why even bring that up here? It doesn't mean she wasn't a loving mother to Trenton, if fact, the opposite is often the case, with the mother going to extremes to make sure her own children are protected from these monsters.

You said Melinda threatened to committ suicide when she was 4 mths pregnant, do you have proof of that? Hormones run pretty crazy during pregnancy, and it doesn't take much to upset someone in the early stages of pregnancy. Could something Melinda said have been misinterrupted, IF she in fact did threaten suicide. And far as Melinda having guns, lots of people collect guns, but especially those who are going to persue Law Enforcement careers, as has been said by Melinda's friends. Where I come from, even teenagers have guns, for hunting purposes. From what I understand about Melinda having a gun, she either kept it locked up in some sort of safe in her home, or locked in her trunk, which would be appropriate, since she had a small child.

But back to my 1st statement, what in the heck does ANY of this have to do with Trenton's disappearance? It is hearsay allegations that have been floating around the net every since the beginning of this case, and has no bearings whatsoever to Trenton's disappearance, IF, any of it's true.