Monday, September 7, 2009

Home At Last

Below is a portion of a letter Bill Eubank handed to Josh Duckett in a meeting with him and his attorney in March 2008 (the same month that Josh's other son's mother filed for child support in Sumter County)

Here is an excerpt from the letter:
"I wish those who reap pleasure from hurting others could walk into a closet and see what Melinda's grandmother saw." - Billy F. Eubank


Anonymous said...

I only hope that Josh and his mother can see the pain and torture they have caused, and one day karma will come and bite them both.

Josh you have another precious child. Help that mom care for that child. Stop being abusive (and yes I KNOW you are an abuser - don't ask how, just know that I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT) and allow this BABY to be with the mother. Babies need mothers for nurturing as they need fathers for strength. DO NOT LET YOUR MOTHER HURT THIS BABY or mother.


Justice said...

Today is the anniversary of Melinda's last day on this earth. 3 years ago, Melinda could no longer handle the stress of the prior 2+ years of abuse and harassment, and the final straw, the abduction of her son Trenton and her being blamed for disappearing him. And all because she loved her son more than herself and would protect him no matter what.

Rest in peace Melinda. You may no longer be here to defend yourself against all the lies and all the harassment, but rest assured, there are those of us who will never give up looking for the truth, and we promise, we will find out what happened. We know so many of the whys of everything, and the pieces of the puzzle are slowly fitting together. One day soon, the missing pieces will finally be known to the whole world, and those who did this to you, will be outed for the monsters that they really are, and they will pay for their crimes, if not in this world, then the next.

Your memory will live on forever, and hopefully, when Trenton is found, he will know who the real culprits were and what they did to you. I can't wait for that day to get here, for only then, will "real justice" be served!!! I long for the day when you,Trenton, get to look them all in the eyes and ask for yourself, "Was It Really Worth It"......

Justice said...

Anonymous, I hope you'll continue to come back and post. You seem to know some things, and we'd love you to share anything that you know. It will only be thru people like you, who know firsthand info, that the final pieces of the puzzle can be put into place and the whole truth is finally revealed.

Keep talking, and never be afraid of telling the truth!!!

Nobody said...

The usual from the forums:
Originally posted by Pruddennce

too bad MD didnt know how to deliver such information about her own son....tell us what Trenton is like, she is asked. 'loves people, loves to play with kids EVEN....'' duhhhh

MD wouldnt talk about her son. she was more concerned with sticking to her 6:30-9pm timeframe.

IMO, no mystery as to why.

and its not about who Trenton 'loved'....its about where Trenton is. dead or alive......

this is a two year old, not a 6 year old kid. love for a parent by a toddler of 2 years old is more accurately described as dependancy.

if Trenton was given away and is being nutured, he is well past "I want my mommy'. his memory of MD as his mother has all but faded now.

best regards,

Tell me, does it bother you that Trenton loved his Mommy. He really did. Abused children don’t climb into their mother’s lap, or cry when they leave. Abused, unloved, unwanted children don’t display the behavior that Trenton showed.

That’s why DCF found nothing and closed the case 5 times. That’s why DCF awarded sole custody to Melinda in May, one year ago.

This is about Trenton loving his mother and she loving him. It’s about that someone related to them couldn’t stand it. They wanted the world to believe that Melinda was a monster, a mother who tortured her child by squeezing his chest until he screamed, by holding a knife to his leg, by dangling him over water. That ‘s the picture they wanted us to see. Because it was really them that was the abuser. They took a happy child from a happy home and made DCF the villain, when it was for their own personal gain. They wanted custody. They filed for it April 28th and child support from Melinda. That’s why they had her baker acted to get custody. Then when the lies were recanted and an affidavit filed with the court recanting those lies, that was an admission of purgury. Then later when they recanted the recant, that was purgury.

Melinda did not hand Trenton off to someone. He was snatched from her. Just like the police snatched Trenton from her car when they handcuffed her and baker acted her.

Melinda was used to having Trenton snatched from her. Every time Josh got angry, he would stomp off with Trenton in tow to his moms. When Melinda had her state trooper friend come to the Bushnell apartment to confront Josh, the next day he filed the first allegation with DCF stating that she threatened to harm Trenton. Melinda filed for child support the first time April 18th. That was rebutted by Josh filing for custody, and child support on April 28th the day before she was set up for the baker act (Josh’s own words to Nicey Martin, the case worker of DCF).

So this is about loving Trenton.

Do you think it was a loving thing to do by Trenton’s father and grandmother to call DCF and have Trenton taken from his loving mother? And for 5 months and 8 days to be jostled around from foster home, to Josh, to the grandparents to landladies all because they didn’t want Melinda to have him?

It sounds to me like the story of Solomon and the two women claimed that the live baby belonged to them. When Solomon said he would cut the baby in half and that way each could have him, the real mother cried out and said, no let her have him I cannot bear to see him dead. And the fake mother said, yeah kill him, that would be fair.

And I suppose after they trashed Melinda to the public and now she will only be a faded memory to Trenton… Trenton will be found and returned to his “loving” family.

Too bad, they didn’t count on one thing. Trenton will grow up and he’ll discover the truth and then he’ll hate them for it.

Best regards,



princess_azure said...

There are some really ugly rumors that Melinda sold Trenton , again unfounded. Is it just me or it seems like these are same person/people posting these kinds of comments? To anonymous , I hope that you come back to out these monsters.

I suspect that Prudence is Carla

Maytruthprevail said...

I meant to comment on this earlier...many nyms were used on forums to make it appear like so many people have the same opinion about Melinda being crazy, etc. When in fact (and this has been admitted to gleefully by Laurie Konnerth)that it was only a handful of people, taking on different personalities to harass those of us who believe in Melinda's innocence. Again, driving this campaign from "every" angle. Why didn't these handful of people just let true evidence point to Melinda. Oh yeah, I forgot. There is no evidence. Zilch. Just smoke and mirrors.