Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vanished Episode 5 - Trenton Duckett Video

click here  This is the episode on Vanished hosted by Beth Holloway aired June 13, 2011 about Trenton Duckett.

After watching this video, please note the discrepancies. The main one is that Melinda and Josh Duckett were fighting for complete custody. They were NOT fighting. Melinda had SOLE CUSTODY in May 2006. Josh had standard visitation.

The other interesting item is the appearance of Cierra Bacon on the show. She is the person who was sent the message from Josh's Fuckface myspace account minutes after the threatening myspace email was sent to Melinda. 

 Why haven't the investigators looked into this. It is very suspicious that a friend of Cierra Bacon was the "someone that knew both of them". Perhaps that person was Amanda Scott, the very same one who was the last comment on Josh's Fuckface Myspace and the one who commented on Josh's picture on June 18, 2006 "Always gota be flicking someone off".

Another interesting statement made on the show by Josh was his whereabouts the night that Trenton went missing... he was with friends in Tampa.  Also Carla Massero also stated that they were all asleep when the police came. Here is what Josh had to say from the Nancy Grace transcripts:

Josh Duckett’s comments on Nancy Grace Show Sept 8, 2006

Welcome, Josh. Thank you for being with us. You just told us that you cooperated with police and they checked everything out, and they clarified and cleared where you were that night. Where were you?

JOSH DUCKETT, MISSING BOY`S FATHER: I was actually in Bushnell with some friends. And all of the friends that I have, they`ve got contact numbers, names of every person that I was with throughout the night. And then I was back home before 9:00 o`clock.

GRACE: When did you learn Trenton had been taken?

JOSH DUCKETT: Around 9:45 -- between 9:45 and 10:00.

GRACE: That evening?

JOSH DUCKETT: Yes. Sunday evening.

GRACE: Now, on a Sunday evening -- what did do you when you first learned he was gone?

JOSH DUCKETT: I immediately started asking questions, and the officer that notified me had no information to give me, so I got dressed and left straight from my house and went straight to the Leesburg Police Department.

GRACE: You got dressed. Why were you undressed?

JOSH DUCKETT: I was in bed. I mean, I was ready for bed.

GRACE: Where do you work?


GRACE: Where do you work?

JOSH DUCKETT: I work for Doneright (ph) Electric in Wildwood (ph).

GRACE: Do you get up early in the morning to go to work?


GRACE: What time do you get up in the morning?
JOSH DUCKETT: I normally leave my house by at the latest 6:00 o`clock."
The other thing that Josh said that just made me think of him as another Casey Anthony was when he stated that he watched Trenton 24 hours a day because Melinda worked away from the house.



princess_azure said...

I wonder if anyone noticed Carla's behavior on this show. When talking about Melinda's suicide she looks like she's trying to keep from laughing but under the guise of crying (note how you never see any tears). I was creeped out by Brian Cash too; What on Earth was he smiling about?

Josh Duckett & Casey Anthony are a match made in hell.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the Vanished show on DVR. Have always believed there's 2 sides to every story & the show was decidedly 1 sided.

Guess my main question initially is about the investigator's statement that there's nothing to go on but Melinda's statements...

I know nothing about this case - but why couldn't the investigators at least use cell phone records to see what towers the signal was bouncing off of/store receipts/surveillance video to prove the timeline of Melinda's movements that Sunday? or was this ever as much in question as we were led to believe by the tv show?

i am especially curious about the cell phone records because i know the technology at least existed at the time.

I got the feeling that the investigators sort of took everything at face value & threw up their hands like "well we did all we could."

Maytruthprevail said...


You will find the cell phone "pings" in this article.

I guess I aptly titled the article Why didn't LE believe Melinda. Tunnel vision.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking they checked the wrong person's cell phone pings? What a load a bull-larky that segment of that episode was! When the heck are we going to see a show that documents the "actual" events in the Trenton Duckett case???

Maytruthprevail said...
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Maytruthprevail said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maytruthprevail said...

I have permission from the author to post this comment on her behalf regarding the show Vanished with Josh Duckett.

"Ok, so I finally got to see the "vanished" episode.
Here are my notes that are in addition to what you all have noted:
1. Carla and Josh suggest that when Trenton 1st goes missing that Melinda & Josh worked side by side to find him- handing out posters together- we know that isn't true.

2. Carla FAKE CRIES just like Casey Anthony- NO TEARS, NO FLUSHING, NOTHING

3. Carla acts like she was supportive of the marriage, the couple, their new family and family arrangements.

4. The Police "video of questioning Josh" is fake that is not him. We know that Florida video records all interviews with the words transcribed and these are re-enactments not the actual tapes...WHY?

5. They have some re-enactment clips about Melinda, too YET THEY USED THE REAL CLOSET PICTURES, WHY?

6. Josh shakes his head "No" when he is referring to the time he spent with Trenton and he closes his eyes and looks to the left a lot.

7. All of the pictures show that Trenton was a happy baby. Seems they have changed there direction from portraying Melinda as crazy and maybe even abusive to she just didn't want Josh to have any contact with Trenton. The three people interviewed are all portraying Josh & Melinda as having had a better relationship than they actually had.

8. The pictures used at the beginning of this episode do not show the real bedroom of Trenton. They show a different bed, with different bedding and different toys. The bed, in these pictures is right under the window.

Then when you see the real crime scene photos, you see the bed is 1.5 feet away from the window and up against the interior wall.

Also, since Brian Cash did none of the interviews with Melinda, why is he the one commenting on this case. Why not The two main detectives who interviewed everyone and even Rockefeller?

The whole show was complete and utter BS...just a new way to get sympathy, tips and DONATIONS!!! Sickening!

Please feel free to add all of this to your list and post as your own."

princess_azure said...

They used a reenactment because Josh was never questioned. Why is that? It may have had something to do with Laurie's er....close friendship with Rich Giles.

cloud9 said...

THANK YOU for posting this. First, in my opinion, Beth Holloway should be home asking herself why the most important thing about her daughter's trip to Aruba was which bikini to buy!
Second, how much MONEY did Beth, Carla, Josh, etc. make off of Melinda's tragedy??? I could truly puke!

Anonymous said...

Stupid me, I did not even think about them making money off of Melinda with this!!! Arrrgh!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so severely annoyed with this episode. The last thing i wanted to see was my childhood friend's suicide photos. Thanks a lot Beth for that painful image that you have imprinted on my brain.

I hate how everyone interviewed seemed to smirk or smile through the entire thing. Josh and Carla you KNOW the relationship wasn't good. As as for Brian Cash....GRRRR! Melinda was not even convicted of a crime!

Anonymous said...

I didn't see the vanished episode, but I wanted to. But reading the comments, I have to say "puke", I hate how everyone assumes they know what happened, when there is no evidence, and they try to make themselves look better, shows like that are prerecorded and they probably did multiple takes to get the right ones. And as for the comment that someone made of there always being "2 sides to every story", yes and no! My cousin's husband always says, there are 3 sides to every story...in this case, there is the Josh Duckett and Carla side, and then there is the Melinda side (which can never be portrayed because she is gone) and then there is the truth of what happened. All sides regardless of guilt or not, will be different. I am not a very religious person, but the only side to know the truth is the 3rd side (god's side). Unless the boy is found or someone comes forward and confesses to everything. I am just saddened that there is not much shown anymore about this little boy. I remember the story and everything about it for weeks, and then it just disappeared, and when I ask people "whatever happened with that story" they don't even remember it. It is sad. This boy may be long gone. I just hope that it can become a story like the one recently where the girl was found some years later (what was it like 15 or 18) when she's an adult and accidentally was found and reunited with her family. Sadly these kinds of things rarely happen. I just wish that I didn't have to be on the FBI most wanted site, and look under missing children to find that this boy is still missing, there should be more out there, and I love that this blog keeps posting things. I just wish more people could see it and follow it. I have been doing google searches to see outcomes of some of these things. Example. the Natalee Halloway thing, I had to do google searches to find out more details, and find out that the guy was arrested in what was it Chile for yet another girl he attacked. And his father is no longer there to help him out. bummer for him.
If it weren't for her parents STILL trying to find information Morgan Harrington case would probably be on the wayside as well. But her parents are dead set to find information on her, there was even a show on the discovery channel within the last few months about her disappearance. And they are an example of people using the donation money for a useful cause. They are rich doctors, but they are taking the donations and building schools in underdeveloped countries because her daughter would have wanted to do that, and using their money to help other families with missing children, and getting people together to help search for other missing children, even though their daughter was found dead.

Krista Baker said...

I would really like to see this episode, but I can't seem to locate it anywhere online. Do you have any tips on where I can locate it?

Maytruthprevail said...


The tv shows only make the links available for a specified time. Sometimes a person will put it on youTube but I haven't seen it. I screen captured it as much as I could so I could have a record of it.