Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Witch Hunt Trials: Speculation NOT Evidence

"The witch trials have become a symbol of what can go wrong when mobs of ignorant people go crazy, especially when egged on by just as ignorant and/or power hungry leaders" from this article by Austin Cline.
I know of 12 people who agree with me, that there was no conclusive evidence to support the charges against Casey Anthony. There was plenty of speculation but no real "without a doubt" evidence. The jury did their job.
A trial is not a popularity contest. Just because someone perceives something or someone in a particular light does not make it so. The fact is that Caylee Anthony died. But, the prosecution did not prove how, when, where, what or who killed Caylee. It is very possible that this was a tragic accident. There are many tragic accidents involving children that are just that...accidents. Casey has paid the ultimate price. She no longer has her child, and according to most witnesses in this case, Casey loved her child. 
Why are we as the public so eager to condemn mothers of children who have died or are missing when the truth is unknown? Is every mother likened to Susan Smith? The mother who confessed to strapping her young sons in their carseats and letting the  car roll into their watery grave while she watched?
The State of Florida prosecution looked only at Casey. They never checked the cell phone records of George Anthony - why not? It was stated that Casey didn't report her child missing for 31 days. Caylee wasn't missing she was dead. Did George lose it because he didn't want Cindy to find out? Then hid Caylee's body (prepared for burial like he did his family pets)?  "It was an accident that snowballed out of control".
They had money problems - George lost thousands on a Nigerian scam. George didn't have a job. Missing children bring in donations.
People who believed that the prosecution in this case didn't show any proof of Casey being guilty have been afraid to open their mouth - for fear of the mob mentallity prevelant in this case. Nancy Grace stated that the jury was "kooky". So I suppose not only does she want to be "Judge" and don robes, but now she wants to be the jury as well.
Speculation- NOT evidence - is what the prosecuting attorney presented to the jury. There was absolutely no evidence showing who, what, where and how Caylee died. I am ashamed of the lynchmob drooling to string up Casey. I am proud to be an American who lives in a country that guarantees the accused to be held innocent until PROVEN guilty by a jury of his/her peers. God bless the jury and God bless America.


Maytruthprevail said...

Just listening to Tim Miller of Equisearch state that he wants to sue the Anthonys for lyihng to him that Caylee was missing and his organization spent $112,000 looking for Caylee. He also stated that George called him a "clown". If he is successful then maybe the Eubanks can sue the Ducketts for lying to DCF and recoup their $16,000 in expenses to defend Melinda.

Anonymous said...

The good thing about living in America is that I don't have to agree with you or the author of that article. I have my own mind, I saw the evidence and I agree with the State of Florida. Commonsense says that Casey killed her child. Melinda didn't go out partying after Trenton went missing did she? She didn't NOT report her child missing, she called the police POST HASTE!!! Melinda did everything that a LOVING mother would do and she is still looked at as a CRIMINAL! It's embarrassing to live in a country who thnink that 1 + 1 doesn't equal 2. YOU cannot have it both ways!

Tim DESERVES his money back as does the Eubanks, but the sad part about that is a jury of idiots haven't found the Ducketts liable for Trent's disappearance.

Anonymous said...

Really? You're joking, right? The evidence, as circumstantial as it was, showed she was guilty. What mother parties for 31 days, while her child is supposedly missing????

I am not one of those "quick to judge" people. I am a Mom myself. And I KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, if my child were missing, I would NOT be out sleeping around and partying. I wouldn't be entering a "hot body" contest and I certainly wouldn't have gotten the TATTOO she got. How anyone can think she doesn't have involvement in her daughter's death is blind. Wow. Just wow.

Anonymous said...

Casey compared to Melinda???
PUHLEEZE!!! 180 out!!!

Maytruthprevail said...

Here's a link to Juror #3's statement about the verdict:

And this is partly what was said:
"Ford told Moran she thought Casey Anthony's claim that her 2-year-old daughter accidentally drowned and she lied for three years was more believable than the evidence the prosecution presented.

"I'm not saying I believe the defense," she said. "Obviously, it wasn't proven so I'm not taking that and speculating at all. But it's easier for me logically to get from point A to point B" via the defense argument.

Ford said that she couldn't make out "logically" the prosecution's argument because there were too many unanswered questions about how Caylee died, including how Casey Anthony would have used chloroform to smother her 2-year-old daughter, then put her in the trunk of her car without anyone seeing her.

"If there was a dead child in that trunk, does that prove how she died? No idea, still no idea." Ford told Moran. "If you're going to charge someone with murder, don't you have to know how they killed someone or why they might have killed someone, or have something where, when, why, how? Those are important questions. They were not answered."

Anonymous said...

Juror #3 was PAID for her response. Unbelievable. WHERE is the EVIDENCE that Casey did NOT murder her daughter????? The prosecution went in methodical order as to when, where and HOW Caylee was murdered by her "mother". I won't comment about Casey anymore here because this is a blog for Melinda, but you are WAY off about Casey and the "circumstantial evidence - witch hunt" deelio. You really can't have it both ways Truth. UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!

Maytruthprevail said...

The burden of proof lies with the prosecution. Where is the evidence that Casey did NOT murder her daughter? That would be the burden of proof put on the defense. So not only was there NO evidence of an accident, there was NO evidence of a murder. Even the coroner said Unknown cause of death. It's unknown. Not proven. You can't convict a person because you "think" they did it. You weren't there to see it happen, so you don't "know" what happened. This all comes down to reasonable doubt. I think one way, you think another. I found the accident theory more believeable. You find murder more believeable, but it wasn't up to us to decide. It was the decision of 12 chosen people, not the media and not the "talking heads" not Nancy Grace, the 12 members of the jury. NOT GUILTY by reasonable doubt.

Anonymous said...

LAST post about this, I promise: Scott Peterson's trial had way less circumstantial evidence than this case did and the jury found him guilty of murder - with not knowing a cause of death. I'm sure that when Drew Peterson is brought to trial there will be 12 jurors that will find him guilty of murdering his wife as well. The jurors in this case DID NOT do their jobs. You cannot go through 322 pieces of evidence in 10 hours. I am sorry, but HOW many murderers do you know that MURDERED infront of a witness. Your argument is baseless. I value your time and effort regarding Melinda, you say and think she had nothing to do with Trent's disappearance - ON WHAT EVIDENCE are you basing that on?? There is no evidence she did or didn't but you stand here staunchly that she was innocent - YOU CANNOT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!

Anonymous said...

And BTW, I never watched one television show about Caylee's murder. I read ONLY the documents put forth by the OSCO. And I didn't go around the blogs either - I made up my LOGICAL mind through the evidence. The ME is 100% correct when she says that 100% of the time when a child has an accident 911 is called. She was 100% correct when she said that there is NEVER a plausible reason to find duct tape on a child's face while the body is in two trash bags and a laundry bag and then thrown in a swamp. Sorry Truth, the jurors did NOT do their job thoroughly.

Anonymous said...

So Casey leaves the house in the afternoon & goes to Blockbuster with Tony that night. Where is Caylee? And for the next 30 days.

The jury took 10 1/2 hrs. They took few notes, looked bored, tapped their pencils. Several stated they did not want to judge or be on the jury or believe in the DP. They didn't want to be sequestered, they had vacations planned. But the judge rushed selection along and this is what happened. I never want to be on a jury.

Jacqueline said...

Fitting picture! Good blog post! I agree with you! #TeamCasey

Forgiveness said...

PS: Anonymous. For someone who didn't read blogs and such - you SURE hold alot of opinions that the media holds eg HOW the HECK do you know what the jury was doing during the trial??? Yeah, I thought so - gotcha - you been reading TMZ and Nancy Grace!

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that I don't blame the jury for the not guilty, however if it were me, I would have said guilty. She may or may not have killed her daughter Caylee, but my point is that she should have ATLEAST gotten guilty for child neglect. I am not a mother, but I know that if my child were "missing" I would report it right away (not 31 days later), and even if it was an accident, I would not hide it and bury my daughter in trashbags with duct tape on her. If it's an accident, come forth that it was an accident, call 911 right away, and suffer the consequences, because I can guarantee they would be alot more lenient on someone for coming forth about an accident than trying to cover it up. And I personally would want my child to have a proper burial, if I were a real loving mother. I would want the body preserved and not decomposed. I am appalled by Casey Anthony only receiving guilty on 4 counts of lying to police, and her time served counting towards that sentence. I don't think the prosecution did a good enough job to fully show 100% that Casey would be guilty of Murder, even though personally I believe she did it because things just don't add up, but it could have very well been an accident and she panicked. But how could she be out partying for that long after the daughter was gone, whether it was accident or not. And I also don't see how this can in anyway be compared to Melinda. I personally do not know whether Melinda Duckett really did something wtih Trenton or not, the more I read your blog, the more I believe that it was not her. But as soon as she notices he is missing, she calls and reports it. And as for Nancy Grace, that woman appalls me! I can not stand her, because she gets set in her opinion and will not listen to reason. She believed 100% that Melinda was responsible for Trenton's disappearance, and never gave Melinda a chance to really tell her side, or even take it into consideration, and if it she really did kill herself, that is definitely not proof that she had something to do with it as Nancy says, because if it were me, I would be so grieved over my child, and someone to put that much stress on me trying to make it be my fault, I'd feel guilty that I let my child disappear and kill myself as well, honestly if something happened to my child, I wouldn't want to go on, whether it was my fault or not. Maybe that is why I am almost 30 and have not been blessed to have children, because they would consume my life in every aspect and if anything ever happened to them, I wouldn't want to go on. The ONLY thing that I will give Nancy Grace credit on, is when there is a child missing, she will plaster their picture on her show every minute of it, every day... Three cases from my hometown = Aveion Lewis, Morgan Harrington and Brittany Smith (with Jeff Easly), and I think because of her, someone found Brittany safe, and I only regret that she couldn't have helped in finding Morgan, may she r.i.p.
either way, my points are...casey should have atleast been found guilty of child neglect or something other than lying to police on 4 counts. I would have personally said guilty of murder, and the jurors should have definitely taken longer and looked at everything more, but I can see where they would say that she was innocent, because the defense did a dang good job at showing it. I knew she would walk on the murder charge. And my other point is don't compare the two, in fact you can't compare any two cases to eachother, they are all different in one way or another. It is very very hard to prove a parent responsible, in most cases. It just makes me sick that regardless whether she did it or not, there is a huge profit being made on that little girl dying, and that makes me sick!

Maytruthprevail said...

I just heard the media/newscasters say that they should have "professional jurors" so they know how to look at evidence and take the stress in high profile cases. Professional jurors? They really have those? And now they don't want Casey to profit from this travesty. She was found not guilty. Even the guilty in prison profit from their stories.

Who are these "outraged" people? Are these the same people who are NOT outraged by abortions? Are these the same people who put things out in the media that are absolutely false and prey on the public? Communism of old did that.

I thought I lived in America. Well I'll tell you one thing. There are PLENTY of people in America who believe someone is innocent until proven guilty.

The very reason I started this blog was because of all the haters out there. Just like this post I didn't publish, but I will post it here to expose the hater. This is the same kind of rubbish people post on forums. Name calling, everyone is smarter than everyone else.

Here's what this lovely person from New Jersey had to say about Melinda:
"Melinda Duckett is a filthy asian child killing whore who would suck a cock for a nickel and a pat on the head. She is burning in the hottest corners in the firey cauldrons of hell as we speak.
By Anonymous on Vanished Episode 5 - Trenton Duckett Video on 7/2/11"

Trenton is Asian so I guess he is filthy too according to you. People like you make me sick.

Anonymous said...

I find it sickening that the American public has no better understanding of its Constitution than these posters do. I am sorry we share the same air. No evidence no conviction. Simple. Prosecutors hurried to judgment and this is the verdict. Live with it , move on. I'm sure the forefathers are rolling over in their graves over this lynch mob mentality. Sad , just plain sad that these people are educated in this country and still don't understand the justice system and how it works.

Anonymous said...

I think the jury made the correct decision. I realize people seem to think they chose the easy route with the not guilty verdict, but I disagree. I doubt life has been anything but easy for any of them since the trial. Death threats, intimidation, public cries for their names and addresses so they could be threatened personally. All for doing their civic duty. Those people who want to cause harm or distress to the jury should be held accountable for their actions, and I sincerely hope LE everywhere makes sure that happens.

It was obvious to me, watching the trial, how desperate the state was to make a case against Casey with very little substantial evidence to back it up. They were all over the place with their motive and cause of death. Now, LL claims they were "just about" to hand over discovery related to the computer searches just as the jury was returning with a verdict. What? Really? What if she had been found guilty?

Great blog too by the way. I haven't finished reading the entire thing but I hope to now that the Casey Anthony trial is over.