Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rest In Peace Melinda Duckett

Peacefully asleep as a family


Melinda Duckett's blood on the Bible above her slain body
May God forgive those who had a hand in destroying this family, who were maliciously obsessed with taking Trenton away from his mother, and blaming Melinda for what they did.

Was It Really Worth It?


Craig said...

Hi. This is all new to me and I still have a bit of reading to do. I just wanted to applaud your carrying the torch for all this time. I sincerely hope the truth comes out some day for all to see.

fromthesouth said...

All your research makes perfect sense except one thing. In order to believe this, I have to give Josh, his mother and everyone involved credit for doing this. For some reason, that's very difficult. It's hard to imagine these leeches actually pulling off murder and their influence over the LE investigation.

The retired officer's letter to help Josh was UNREAL! I'd be packing up my things and getting the hell out of that town real fast.

preesi said...

Liz Lennon NEEDS to write a letter and summary to NANCY GRACE about what she has learned here. Nancy has a vested interest in all this stuff being true, as it will prove Nancys actions did not cause Melinda to kill herself.
There needs to be CREATIVE brainstorming in ways to get these fact out in the media and BROADCASTING it.
Something just doesnt FEEL right. As if theres a LARGER picture/plot here.

Nancy was told from the beginning, by the cops, that there was ONLY a 10 inch slit in the window screen ONLY at the bottom, not up the two sides...That lead Nancy to believe that it was a staged SLIT and Melinda had to be guilty. BUT a year later the Detectives brought the screen out on Nancys show on satellite hook up from the police dept and CLEARLY showed a LARGE U shaped slit! I still see NANCYS face as they showed her the screen.
I think the key to this is getting Nancy Grace on board...