Friday, May 17, 2013

The Affidavit of Richard E. Giles

As part of Josh Duckett's attempts to have the Injunction for Protection removed from the court because it was prohibiting him from persuing a career in LE (he's a pest control employee) he asked lead detective (and family friend on facebook) to write a statement for the judge's approval.

This affidavit was part of the complete Injunction for Protection file. Here it is below with my notes:

Since the "post" was NOT a "post" but a PRIVATE MESSAGE that could only be seen on MySpace by the sender and the recipient (all of us who have Facebook and MySpace are familiar with messages as opposed to posts), I can't help but wonder...
How in Hell was Josh Duckett notified at his place of employment by a friend when the POST APPEARED ON THE NETWORK???????????

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Maytruthprevail said...

Things to consider:
1. The private message was sent at 8:15PM July 3, 2006 which was a Monday night before the holiday.

2.So Josh was "at work"? at 8:15 PM?

3.And his work was his mother's flower shop in Bushnell. And he testified that the only computer he had was the one at his mother's flower shop under the name of Laverne Fort.

4. At 8:26 PM Josh's friend Cierra Bacon got a post - NOT a private message - from Josh's MySpace Fuckface account that said "Hey Bitch what's up".

5. So then, was it Cierra Bacon who "notified" Josh that the "private message was done".

6. And one month later Cierra Bacon posts on Josh's new myspace account : Any news about the Bitch?"

7. this was a couple days after Josh visited his father in jail and was concerned about the email.