Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Last Birthday Party

Melinda Marie Eubank Duckett died at the age of 21. Her last birthday party was celebrated August 14, 2006. She was so excited. Finally she had sole custody of her son Trenton. She planned this great celebration August 3, 2006. She planned a combined birthday party for Trenton who turned two and herself.  She was looking forward to a new life with Trenton. She had many plans for their life.

This is the invitation she posted on her MySpace:

Here are some random pictures taken at the party:


Melinda wrote to James Duckett and included pictures of Trenton's birthday party. Here is James
Duckett's reply concerning the pictures:

Does this sound like Melinda Duckett was planning to hand Trenton off? That she was going to murder him to keep him away from Josh?

Here is your answer in the picture below.  This is the couch in Melinda's bedroom at her grandparents home. Look at all the toys next to where she "laid down for a quick nap". You can see the birthday balloon on top.  And the toys.  What you can't see is Melinda's body totally disfigured by a shotgun  blast to her face on the floor of her closet.

Of all the pictures I have, this one picture says it all. She had a life, Trenton had a life with his mother and someone stole it from her.  The Thief comes to steal, kill and destroy.

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