Friday, February 26, 2010

Biological Psychological Evaluation Requested by DCF for Joshua Duckett

Earlier on this website, I posted the article The Mall Incident, which you can view here

Below is the Lady Lake Police Report regarding this incident as to when Josh Duckett came to take Trenton once again from Melinda. This time, after having gone to the day care center with no luck, he went to the police station in Lady Lake and made a statement that Melinda threatened to harm Trenton, that she grabbed the child by the neck and threatened to break it. He said that the only place Trenton would be other than the daycare was at the grandparents home.

Also note that in this report, the police found NOTHING. They notated bruises on Melinda's arm and NO marks on Trenton. They also took pictures as did the Eubanks. Once again, Josh lied.

DCF stated to the detective in this report that the mother (Melinda Duckett) MUST take anger management classes and the father (Joshua Duckett) MUST take a BIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION.

Where is THIS EVALUATION?  What mental issues does Joshua Duckett have that has been kept hidden?  It seems it's alright for Melinda's evaluations to be spread all over, but NOT Josh's? Sounds like he and Nancy Grace have a lot in common. It's okay for everyone else to be embarrassed...just not them.


Maytruthprevail said...

While I have no proof of this, it is just common sense of what went on. Joshua Duckett left Melinda so he had no place to live. Remember that he filed a restraining order against his mother Carla Massero August 5, 2005. So I imagine he wasn't on good terms with her. According to Laurie Konnerth's posts her husband picked up Joshua and brought them to their house. Josh used Laurie's address as his own on some public documents reqarding DCF so I assume this is true.
I can just hear Carla saying, "If you want to come back here, you better have Trenton with you."

I think this is a pretty good guess of what happened.

Maytruthprevail said...

I just realized that Josh went to the daycare center, no police escort, he went there to TAKE TRENTON. Just like he did before when he was MAD at Melinda. He'd take Trenton and go home to Mommy. - HIS mommy. He probably wouldn't have said anything to them, just pick Trenton up.

So again, I ask. Since the history of this case shows that Josh has taken Trenton from Melinda so many times, why is it hard to believe that Trenton was abducted because history was repeating itself?

There is a definite PATTERN of Behavior here.

Anonymous said...

You are right on target Maytruth-prevail! I am a psychologist and, upon becoming interested in this case, have studied Melinda's psy-chological her poems..her school records, etc..and
these all bear witness to the fact that there is no way that this mother harmed her son. I have also studied the Ducketts' MO in all of this and everything within the scheme of logic points to the fact that it was Josh, and his mom, who had the motivation to abduct Trenton! Because our God is a vindicator of truth, Maytruthpre-vail, I firmly believe that He is going to honor all the hours, months, and years that you have given of your precious life time in your heart's desire that His truth prevail! If, in fact, Josh and his mother played a part in the crime that "murdered" Melinda, I tremble for them when they have to answer to God FOR this crime! Have you watched Nancy Grace lately
and taken note of how she is spew-
ing her contempt on Misty Croslin and, yet, people will call in to tell her that she is an "angel"?
They don't have a clue as to what it means to be an "angel"..because an angel is "a messenger of God" and there is no way that Nancy Grace is a messenger of God because
a messenger of God loves like He loves and His love ALWAYS loves the sinner while it hates the sinner's sin..a reality thast is foreign to Nancy Grace...and tragically so because Melinda Duckett would not be dead if, in fact, she'd been interviewed by one of His messengers..His "angels"
...Thanks Maytruthprevail for being
one of His messengers of truth...
Thanks for being TRULY one of His angels!