Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Words of Encouragement - God Sent

I have received a lot of emails that have encouraged me as I continue to write this blog. Some have thanked me for finally hearing what they have determined to be Melinda Duckett's voice in all this tragedy.

But earlier today I received the following email and I take it as words of encouragement...God sent.  What's even more amazing about the timing of this email, is tomorrow is Bill and Nancy Eubank's 57th wedding anniversary. I am happy to share this with you.

"Because I am a personal friend of Nancy Eubank's, I want to thank you for not only posting this beautiful picture of Nancy with her grand daughter but for also posting with it the beautiful poem that Melinda wrote about who her grandmother "is"...I so appreciate the fact that you did this because I don't know of a godlier woman than Nancy Eubank!

Her husband, Billy, is as godly a man as Nancy is a godly woman, and, together, they make one of THE most godliest couples I've ever had the privilege of meeting because their love for one another is the very kind that Christ intended should exist between a husband and a wife...and the reason that Nancy and Billy share this kind of Christ-like marriage is because they are both in love with Jesus Christ...which is the only kind of self-less love a marriage can be built on if it wants to be a godly marriage that bears witness to the fact that one's marriage is "in Him"....

I firmly believe that, had it not been for Nancy and Billy's faith, they never would have been able to deal with not only their heart wrenching loss of their grand-daughter, but with what was also the trauma of their nightmare of having to visually "see" their "slaughtered" loved one when they opened their closet!

Maytruthprevail, I appreciate all the work you have done, on behalf of vindicating Melinda and on behalf of endeavoring to make her death be a little less in vain by trying to make others aware of the fact of the very real crime that was committed against Melinda by her husband, and mother-in-law, and by Nancy Grace.

It tore my heart out to see the picture of the closet that Nancy and Billy so often speak of, but I am glad that you have posted it on your web because, just maybe, if others' hearts are as broken, as mine was, upon having to "look upon" the tragic way Melinda died they may be moved to try and take a stand against what caused her tragic death!"

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cloud9 said...

I love this picture! MTP, you are Melinda's voice and the guardian of all she was. I'm so glad you put up this blog.

God bless you!