Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Window - Someone Didn't Do Their Homework

From the airing of the Nancy Grace show Sept 27, 2006 http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0609/27/ng.01.html

"GRACE: Trenton reportedly went missing. Steph, what have you learned?

STEPH WATTS, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: Well, Nancy, a couple of interesting things. The first thing is, as I was at the house today, I wanted to tell you that it`s really the perfect place to commit a crime, but it`s also the perfect place to stage a crime. And I`ll tell you why.

The window was about chest height for me. So somebody could actually get in and out of the window. And there`s an empty parking lot or an empty lot right beside the house. And one thing I want to clear up is, it`s not an apartment, Nancy. It`s a condominium. It`s a single-story dwelling at the end of the row of units, so there`s a lot of privacy. And the garbage can is about 100 feet in the front of the house where they found some of Trenton`s items.

GRACE: Steph Watts is with us. He is one of our show`s producers. Steph, tell me about this window. How far up off the ground is it?

WATTS: Well, Nancy, it`s about chest height on me. I`m about 5`10", so it would be about I would say about five feet off the ground. But there is an air-conditioner right beside the window that`s about two feet off the ground. So you could get up on the air-conditioner and see right in the window or get in the window.

But the window is right beside the sliding glass doors into the living room. So it`s unlikely that you would be up on the air-conditioner or in that window without hearing it in the living room because it`s a small unit."

Sorry, Steph Watts, but you get an F on your homework.
That was Melinda's bedroom not Trenton's.

First of all the aparment complex is made up of "five" plexes, not a condominium which here in Florida would normally be a "high rise" consisting of 100 units where people own their own apartment.

Secondly, and most important is you were peering into Melinda's bedroom at the back of the complex. Trenton's bedroom is in the front on the right of the front door.  There is no airconditioning unit in the front and the glass sliding doors are to the living room in the back.

You were right about being able to access the bedroom through the window, but you wouldn't need an airconditioner unit to stand on. You could simply stand on a "friend's" knee. or a 6"4" - 8" person could lean in through the 10" x 32" opening and pull Trenton out.

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princess_azure said...

This is exactly why Nancy Grace doesn't want cameras in her depostion. Because she would be exposed for the hack that she is.