Monday, February 7, 2011

FDLE Interview - Jason West

As of February/March 2006, Jason West was the only guy Melinda Duckett thought seriously about having a relationship with since Josh Duckett.

This is her comment from her "list of relationships with the men in her life"

After Jason decided to "dump" Melinda, she was a little upset at being rejected. She made comments on some of Jason's girlfriend's myspace pages which didn't make Jason too happy about it.

Here is the interview from the public records from FDLE. There were many rumors flying around at that time and it's my opinion that it tainted the investigation.


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Anonymous said...

Out of the last four interviews you have posted, Jason West's is the only one I tend to believe. He seemed to try not to listen to the rumors. And he wasn't ready to throw her under the bus.

Did you notice where he says something about how he didn't understand how Cara knew Melinda was dead but that she had called him; even though the media was saying a "body" was found. Hinky!

And it's very simple for Josh to pass a PG if he wasn't the one that physically wrote that email or the one who took Trent out of the window. What is wrong with these detectives?